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Home Elegance Furniture

Home Elegance Furniture

where i livejohn and rue ziegler hi, i'm rue ziegler and i'm john ziegler and this is our home in bunny run vineyard in the napa valley. we bought our property in nineteen ninety and lived abroad for seven years and came back in nineteenninety seven which is when we started to

renovate the existing cottage that was here and we added a guest house and all the gardens by the time we got ready to renovate the property we were trying to decide whether we were going to live here permanently or not and that was an easy decision this was our center of gravity and this is where we ended up. the property really organically, that is we put one thing in place and something else in place

and the garden the grounds began to take shape now we have pretty much everything we were hoping to get a nice mature garden and very livable accommodationsthanks to rue. we have five acres in total here we have two acres of grapes and the restof the acreage we've set aside for the three

buildings we have a garage with an attachedoffice we have the main house and we have the guesthouse and the link between those buildings is the garden it'sa garden that invites you to walk through the paths and to connect between the two buildings. the whole ambience of thehouse took shape in a way that was

beyond my wildest dreams the house, the space, the atmosphere, the high ceilings all give it a sense of openness and airiness and openness to the outdoors which is really the prima donna here in the napa valley, the vineyardsthe hills, and the views. the place where we live all the time is actuallythe kitchen, the kitchen's quite large the kitchen is very open

to the rest of the house it opens up to the entryand it opens out to the family room which opens out to the uh living room so it's very very informal and i wanted it to be a space that we didn't haveto fuss over too much to keep clean or perfect the guest house is my favorite part of the property we actually lived there for a yearwhile the rest of the property

was under renovation. we miss it so much every once in a whilewe'll just go over to stay there as a kind of our own bed and breakfast on the property. we've had a number of pottery barn sheets here and we are sort of fascinated by the process the style of our house is really a verysimple and straightforward american farm house

and pottery barn has clean lines that are very well suited to the architecture we havehere i think it's a very nice marriage with thesetting and the environment with the furniture and the products. i've been very happy with the pottery barn experience here they're like family they come and put out the

furniture and the various ornaments they have in their catalog and it fits in beautifully with our property and our lifestyle. pottery barn

Home Elegance Furniture

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