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>>> welcome to week 14 of football in georgia, and it's the quarterfinal rounds of the gbs playoffs. we're in archer where the hawks take on the tigers. >> i'll let you know how you can get involved, coming up. >>> i'm matt stewart.

coming up in our college football hall of fame recruitment, if you haven't seen him yet, you're going to want to. >> and i'll tell you what offense is described as a needle in a hay stack. all of that coming up in our

next report. >> it's the indians and the archer tigers. coming up next live on gpb! >>> hi again and welcome to football friday and georgia's all access pass. it's quarterfinal round of the gps playoffs.

tonight we're at hallford stadium where the tigers are on a winning streak and they'll take on the indians way spot in the semifinals, the final 4 on the line. i'm mark harmon. >> both of these teams like it put it in the end zone, so we'll

see a lot of that action on the scoreboard tonight. what they had to mean we're going to make sure you have the full show on instagram and twitter, like i told you. we'll have the whole game documented with videos of the fan performances.

speaking of the quarterfinals, it's playoff time and you can find brackets for every classification make sure to download that. this is the time of the season where scores really, really and make it unique. the powder springs community

where mckee is based, every year the african-american community have made powder springs home, and every year there are players on the roster from nigeria and other countries in africa, and they've made it a special part of the football program. >> mckeecher football, a program

steeped in tradition, submitted by consistency and enriched by diversity. each year guys like brian, josh, michael and chuma play key roles on the indians roster united by their love of the game and their nigerian descent. >> i've known him since like

birth. my mom and his mom went to school together back at home in nigeria, so we've known each other pretty much since we were born in nigeria. >> culture is one of the things that we teach them. if i do something wrong, my

parents are always on me. >> this isn't the first time nigerian culture has had a large presence on the field with blue and gold. hoffman says the powder springs area has long been a place nigerian immigrants call home. >> we would not be where we are

today without their great influence. >> when all is said and done for the day on the field, mckeecher's football player to this tropical area where they can grab a piece of their heritage. let's check it out.

>> this was a flag given to us. >> i've been coming here since i was three or four years old. >> after the shopping trip is fulfilled, it's part of that nigerian workout they bring to the field. >> we'll real hard workers, you know.

we always get the job done. try to always get the job done. >> they have a great work ethic. it spreads throughout the team. it's part of who we are as a team and it's pretty neat. >> speaking of what the players ate for their thanksgiving meal, i saw an offensive lineman's

twitter feed that he had some of that foo-foo soup. and they say they've shared some of the delicious eats and treats with other players that are not from africa, they're from america, and they've totally enjoyed them and eaten some up. i'm sure they had some today to

get ready for the game. mike? >> both of these teams are tough and talented on both sides of the football. time now for our broadcasting feed, a little shock talk, what we call the extra point. >> let's take a look at our

extra point. we'll start with mckeechen on defense. >> the tucker double wing is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. that's how detailed it is. you have to adjust, because the fullback is key.

he is the needle, and you have to make the proper adjustments and execute, because eventually they'll use all kinds of weapons off that double wing. >> mckeechen's offense has to keeped lead out with jonathan ledbetter. >> he is tough, he is fast, he

is physical. they'll have to double team him. they'll use combination blocks in this game and those are double teamed because that's what you're going to have if you want to get the lead out. >> he had two touchdowns this year, including with last week's

greyson. >> it's going to be one of the top playmakers of the game. you got duke shelly. they'll have to understand when it's zoned and when it's manned, because mckeechen loves to go deep. >> bailey hawken had five

touchdown passes last week, and maintain their blocks against the physical mckeecher defensive line. >> they get after it. those guards, i love the way they pull, matt. >> rochester dug some good old guys up front.

>> organized sports like football are a great way to learn many of life's lessons. joining me now for tonight's signature moment is the president and general manager of cigna. this is mr. rich novak. rich, thank you for being here.

>> clair, it's good to be here. thank you. >> we're talking about how sports with enrich everyone's lives, and one of the big things is you can't always take it so seriously, right? >> you don't want to take sports too seriously.

first rule is you want to have fun. every level, every stage, boy, girl, youth, middle school, high school. even at the collegiate and pro level, you want to have fun. that's the most important thing. >> we obviously are watching

guys on the field tonight, but it's just as important for girls. >> it's just as important for there is a lot of things that the boys have learned traditionally, historically, that the girls are learning now. there is a lot of great studies

out there, too, about girls and sports and the good things it does for them. the studies will tell that you girls are less apt to be part of any bullying, they stay in school longer, they get better educated, they have a greater chance of going to college, a

lot of great things sports teaches people. >> just a few seconds left in this segment, but you also apply things to your life later on when you're no longer playing organized sports, right? >> absolutely. teamwork, the ability to focus,

the ability to listen to someone else when they give you direction, and overcoming adversity. these are all the things you carry through in life. >> mr. richard novak of cigna, thank you so much for being here.

>> thanks so much, clair. it's great. >>> time to check in with john nelson. john? >> here with coach hawkman, how was the holiday? >> it was nice. i ate too much, but as long as

the guys ate, it doesn't matter what i ate. >> how many times have you seen the delaware wing come at you this year? >> this is number 3. we practice it over the years, but they have their own little wrinkle to it for, but they give

you some problems we'll have to make sure we adjust to. >> is it just a silent football making sure you pursue? you had to use your eyes and have smaller gap control. at the same time, they're a very physical team. >> time for me to play the match

game. for me to beat tucker tonight, i have to do blank. >> just play solid ball, and keep the ball as much as. and if we score higher, that would be nice. >> these are two accomplished coaches.

tonight's game is going to be a lot of fun to watch. >> somebody has to score one more point than the other one. >> that will happen tonight. i'm going to go out on a limb and guarantee that. >> somebody will win. we're getting ready to go on our

all-access pass. we'll be talking a little recruiting and there will be a lot of guys playing at the next level. you're going to watch tonight. >> i'll have more on our stop and drop video contest, and how you could help a talented

student within 25,000 there are. plus, the all-access pass continues right here on gbp. >> we are joined now by our play by play guy matt stewart, and we're going through our hall of fame roundup. we'll start with mckeech on and we'll start with their young

quarterback. >> bailey is the coach's son but he is rated by 2014 sports composite, the number 4 pro quarterback in the entire nation. he's passed for 2137 yards, 36 touchdowns and just five interceptions.

he's had five offers already. remember, he's just a tenth grader. alabama, tennessee among his five offers. last week in their victory against alvareda, he threw many and i emphasize he's only a sophomore.

>> another guy who is a blue chipper is on the line. >> he is five star and rated the number 3 offensive tackle in the entire nation. you see the circle highlight right there. follow him and he opens up the big, big holes.

he caused a stir a couple weeks ago, mark, when he was in attendance for the georgia auburn game. he quickly squashed rumors and speculation that he was going to flip to the bulldogs and reaffirmed his commitment to the trojans.

>> we'll talk about some tucker tigers now. you mention ds the university of georgia. >> he did flip to the georgia bulldogs from alabama, officially doing that in august. he is rated the number 6 defensive end in the entire

country. he has returned three fumbles for touchdowns this season, including last week in the second round victory against he's been playing inside tucker all season long. he'll play outside for defensive end position for georgia.

he doesn't have a lot of big time stats, but he is, rest assured, a big time play maker. >> another player for tucker, duke shelly, which is like watching a highlight film. >> he's just now coming back from a sprained ankle. you remember, he suffered that

injury going up against lovejoy on halloween night. he is just now returning to full health. they'll use him on offense, they'll use him on defense, they like to use him on the jet sweep which you just saw right there. he's a 24/7 sports composite,

3-star, and number 4 ranked that was one of his three interceptions this season. he also had a 191 kickoff in this season. he is the highest ranked player in the kansas state wildlife class, one of four who have committed to the program this

season. >> no one knows football like matt stewart, and this is our college football hall of fame recruiting roundup. >> hey, guys. if you are watching this right now, chances are you'll be referring to.

>> thank you, clair. matt just told us about some of the top notch athletes you'll see tonight. they -- here's a tweet from tucker. he's quite popular on twitter. he says, match-up of the year. so he's been pretty

straightbarred, on the union's football fan page, it's gameday. then we also have one final post i found on facebook. this is from jeremy marlow. he said mckeechon's spirit from way back in 1994 when they built march yet ta. it's nice to get some former

mckeechon players in the house. mark? >> one of the things we have on fridays is to help raise flood every year. now it is your time to get involved. we want you to go on line and vote for this year's winner, and

this is how you do it. voting for the contest is open now through sunday, november 7. to watch all the top 10 videos, you see on your screen, watch all the contestants from our website. that will take you to the youtube page for that.

liking the video, and we'll take home this year as grand prize this hourks. >> uf to have in order of that to count bichlt the way, the gpb against the they all have a lot of work behind them, a lot of great stuff from those students. >> i thought our top 10 last

year were really, really good. this year beth. we have some where we've got great acting from students and all of them have great futures in this business if they want and to rachel freeman of the t of a. wand erv this year and please --

it's your time to get the signature. >> we're happy to be here tonight and receive a check for $1,000. >> thank you for all you do for high school football. >> there we go. once again, mark, it's tucker's

time. we'll send is back over to you. >> all right, we're getting closer and closer to kickoff. >> i can't wait. this one will be huge. >> johnson visited the texas head quart, brian. .

>>> welcome back to gpb's the archer tigers get ready to host the mckeecher indians in a matchup. >> seven classifications with a final four in each class going to be decided tonight. a total of 28 teams and over 400 teams started that road, 28 will

remain after tonight. we now offer in the author of forbes books, john nelson brought to you by -- >> georgia's gmc. >> where did you travel this week? >> went to tucker, home of matthews' cafeteria, copa

brothers furniture, everything that makes tucker tucker, and we found out what tucker had to do to get to this point in the so everyone welcome tucker to 6a in 2014, and the tigers have responded by practicing thanksgiving week all over again.

for them, not a surprise, even if they started out the week in the gym. >> then they score more than 50 points a game for the next five straight weeks, including a 51-0 win on football's friday against mlk. >> and it is picked up by

peterson and he is going to go. tovarius peterson waltzes in for a touchdown. >> we're just trying to get better. in the off-season we lost a lot of good players and we didn't focus too much on the classification.

we felt going in that our 5a region was tougher than our 6a region, but that we would have challenges getting into the playoffs early on. if we wanted a region, we felt a four-season 6a would be tougher than a five-season 5a. >> only twice since the year

2000 has tucker not won in double digits and this is an expected time and place for the tigers, they're just not done yet. >> we come for 5a, but we play tucker football week in, week out, so we're going to keep doing the things we're doing.

>> a lot of people say we have a lot of young guys coming back, but throughout the year, we've been doing better. >> he shot out of a cannon. one man to beat, and he will outrun shonzi jackson for a touchdown! >> we spent time there because

of their relationship with tucker high school. we have a playoff game going on right this very second. looks like they're heading to o.t. >> it's john's georgia brought to you by -- >> georgia gmc.

>> tucker won ten in a row, and i talked to the top tiger, head coach brian lamar. >> mckeecher is an outstanding continue team. they have a rich history and tradition of long playoff runs. we're going to have our hands full.

hopefully our guys will be up to the test. >> talk about this year's tucker tigers. you're on a 10-game winning streak. you've won a couple playoffs and they've been heartstoppers. >> it's scratch and survive,

just find a way to get on to the next round. we have some trying to gain experience. we have a couple who have been around the block on the most part. you go through the regular season and you hit the playoffs,

so they're trying to get that playoff experience and hope the wheels sharpen tonight. >> you were in 5a, you moved up to 6a. >> no matter what classification you get in, once you reach this point you'll be playing a darn good football team.

mckeechen is that, so we'll try to find a way to win tonight. >> what are you going to tell your tigers before they hit the turf tonight. go out and the play together, play hard and have fun. hopefully the chips fall where they may and we come out

victorious. >> all right. the coach knows. three more wins is he's a state champion. >> we are now closing in on kickoff time, but our social media correspondent has been talking to people all week long

about this matchup, and she wants to share what some fans have had to say. >> wow, we have some fireworks going on behind us and everyone is cheering. but let's get back to the social media. twitter and facebook are a great

way for fan bases and programs to show their team support, and i have seen a ton of that all week long. the first tweet is from the tucker tigers twitter account. they say, we are tucker, we are hungry for another victory, here we go.

we have another one from a fan named morgan who says it's game day third round. leave it all on the field. i'll be cheering and making noise. let's go, indians. i found a third tweet who says, mckeechen hasn't seen a heavy

team this year like tucker will offer. tucker has thrown it well this year and we know tucker runs that offense, so that's something they don't handle well. i would love for you to weigh in with me on social media, and let

me know what you think. and make sure to download the football app is the best way to keep track of your scores on here and all the same information is available. >> it is the quarterfinals. >> it is the quarterfinals, but it's also thanksgiving weekend

and there's something i have to be thankful for. the last two and a half years, this young lady has been my co-host for basketball, football and everything else going on. she is moving on to other things. we're so glad to see you go and

you will be missed big time. >> you made me cry. i wasn't expecting that. thank you very much. >> she has done a good job on the drop segments. i think you should take some of the credit. >> well, i will, but i'll give

it to the students, too. it's really their hard work that pays off. >> there's no need for crying because everyone knows there's no crying in football. time now, though, for some football. we have the mckeechen indians.

>> and the tucker tigers. >> but it's game time on football friday with georgia, live on gpb. mceachern got here by beating two teams in a combined 50 points. tucker's road has been more difficult, nipping cliff county

and grayson by a combined 5 chuck, what a ball game we have for this weekend. a matchup of two of the most talented high schools in the state and meeting for the first time ever. >> you're talking about two proud traditions and both these

teams early in the season had some attrition, they struggled, but they have persevered and that's why they're here now. >> both teams started 0-2. mceachern loves to throw the ball. why not? the coach's son bailey hochman

is one of the highest rated sophomore quarterbacks in the he's thrown 36 touchdowns and just 5 interceptions. >> the way to describe him is his arm. it's a cannon. if he gets the ball out with his arm, he can throw.

him and his dad, it's a father-son duo. he goes home every night and dad probably breaks down the a. >> protecting bailey hochman and that big mceachern offensive they have one of the top-rated defensive linemen in the >> he's disruptive and that's

what you want from your defensive line. he gets up field, it's a wide body. he is definitely one to watch tonight. >> he's taken four fumbles, four touchdowns this season. in what turned out to be the

most -- takes them to a dramatic 23-26 victory. he's going to be updating you on scores throughout the night. jon? >> thank you very much, matt. thank you for accessing us however you were doing so. whether it's the gpb sports app.

this game, i'm fairly sure a lot of you had in your brackets. but what about teams like maize, uton, three teams from central georgia in one region making it all the way at this point, west llorens appearing in their first semiquarterfinal has pretty much been thrown into the garbage.

this matchup, we know what we're expecting. it's not like the very cold candle at memorial, guys. >> he's the head coach in the seventh season, followed by the footsteps of jerry dorcy. trying to get to the semis for a second consecutive season and

brian le march pointing to two state titles. le march has. he got the tigers to the state championship a way brl. >> time now for our go. >> learn a skill, build a career, do it now at goville, norj norj.com.

taken at the 17-per-yard line. so the indians will start at their 25-yard. they're 270 yard -- >> that's the great command of this offense. he really understands how to get the ball back. that's going to be key tonight

versus tucker. >> already a rushworth on the one. 38-yard line. starting lineup for the mceachern indians up front. you see way over to the campbell. tyler smith, boyd shaw and the

wide receiver in sam jackson is the running back. so second down and 10. pass is thrown and caught at the 48-yard line, then the ball is out. they're going to rule that a kplegs. t.j. romney, the intended target

right there -- >> tucker starts early. they brought a huge base when it's important. >> i like their huddle coming out trying to up tempo to have a fast start. >> very interesting. they did not practice yesterday.

they went four-hour practices on monday, too and wednesday morning and opted to take thanksgiving day off. sam jackson on the carry. he's got a first down and more. sam jackson is a soom you'll jackson. pitsburgh drawl.

that's what they daul that one. >> jackson gets it again. another big one for sam jackson. he will score! sam jackson takes it in from the 48-yard just 38 seconds into the game, and mceachern has a lead in the game. >> we talked about tucker

sleeping a little bit. any time you're on a roll, the philosophy is start fast. >> he has a zone look. nice job. didn't get touched in the first 10 yards. >> a 7-0 lead for the mceachern indians.

a dog in number 77. broken up a hole for sam just spring the runner on garrett rigsby. a 48-yard touchdown run. >> chandler jones, number 72, also 6'3", 325. >> sam jackson with his ninth touchdown run of the season.

he has taken over this running back position and reports they lost tahj rippen, the star running back, who is the number one all-purpose back in the he was hurt during their season open loss. they started the season 0-2, leaving his election.

you saw us right there, sprinting for a 48-yard touchdown. now duke shellly among those standing deep with peters as >> up tempo. that's the way to go. >> duke shelly a chance to return from the 3.

duke shelly will make it to the 23-yard line. 20-yard return by duke shelly. dillon hamilton and tucker for the first time today, led by their quarterback. rigsby's responsibility much tougher. >> basically he's the magician

at quarterback. he's going to make a decision if they're going to pull it out with this double win. it's really important that he makes the right decisions because this is a tough one. >> he has completed 20% of their passes.

they get the ball to delvin weems as he runs right into number 99. as we take a look at the regent's bank's starting lineup. in the backfield, you got weems and. do you want a. rush broke his leg in a 57-21

win against newton county back in october 3rd and he is just now returning to it is lineup. >> i see mceachern have seven lined up on the front. they're going to try to make tuck earn pass you will and that's healed. he overthrows him in a 3 and out

for tucker in his first possession. >> gets pressure there. an overthrow. didn't have much time. many. >> low developing, pressure to get the ball off when you have someone in your face.

the offense started fast and now you see the defense starting fast. >> romney will pick it up at the 41 and romney will go down immediately. good feel position here for the mckeech on indians in did he say than.

tm. don't be surprised with they keep running that draw play and those inside runs. >> mceacher 5rks had a head to led. the dhilly. but he was out of bounds. >> nice catch.

>> tyler smith is rated the number 8 sophomore athlete in the country. and you saw why on that plain right her. i can see why they're sorch. when you're man to man, they're picking on that fwa. we televised against lough

loughjoy back on halloween night. sam jackson -- nope. by bailey hochman, and hochman gets down to the the zd zd ever? amazing. >> jack erik ray -- third down and one. the jets got blown off by elijah

sullivan. and that's the young man who is going to go play for the auburn tigers, and he was not fooled. >> he does a great job shooting the gap on the fire zone. they start out with a three-man look with three linebackers. that's what this defense wants

to do. they want to mask it in disguise. you think it's three but it's really six. nice play by sullivan. >> tyler smith got crushed on that play, and now it's going to be fourth down and 6.

>> nice time on the blitz. i'm surprised we hold up the big hit. >> bailey hochman also punched for mceach earn. they get on top of that thing on the 2.5-yard line. a great punt by bailey hochman. >> that's a great punt.

>> a huge bounce. tucker is going to be on the 2-yard line. >> tucker is going to have to make a few plays with their arm. rigsby is going to have to make some plays with their arm because there's seven guys, a wall right there.

they have to figure out how to break through. we'll have to do it with this arm a little to try and loosen up the defense a little bit. >> tucker finished the season 8-2. champs of the region. they're 5-1 against the playoff

field. airing it out for duke shelly and she's not going to be able to run under it. take a look in the regents bank. mceachern defense. mills demosimo and mcgee are the line backers. hayward in the second.

>> there's daddy rochester. auburn and georgia recruits earlier, but they are the best in the country. >> he's a big man. >> he is. he took him and tossed him around like a rag doll. >> big daddy.

>> second down. >> 6'5", 290 junior. >> that is a big man in high an nfl player or college guy. big boy. >> a penalty goes against mceachern. no running room right there as they run right into the arms of

arthur tarber. sullivan doesn't get very far. >> he does a good job striking blocks, makes the play in the backfield. right now mceachern, they're playing fast, they're playing quick and they're playing confident.

right now they're winning the field position here. >> third down and 5 with the ball at the 7. they're going to have to try something different. running against this defensive line will be very difficult. remember, chuck, that's one of

the things we talked about in the pregame show, tucker's ability to block this line from >> i like what the defense is doing, he's challenging them saying, you know what, you like the run? we're going to stop the run and see where you go from there.

>> joshua van, the freshman punter, 35-yard kick average. line drive kick taken by romney, goes the wrong way and loses yards in one play. romney is back at the 41-yard line as maurice williams makes the tackle down field from but again, mceachern has great

field position for their >> if you don't understand what the positions are about, it gives you a short feel. that's what made that point so effective, now the offense is playing way short feud. you can take more chances here when it comes to taking shots

downfield. it wouldn't surprise me if mceachern tries to take another shot here. single high safety. >> first and 10 from the 48. there's the shot down field. it is caught, and romney is into the end zone or out at the 1.

they took the shot and romney burned them. >> what you see here is you got man-to-man coverage, guys. they have a single high safety. he don't get over the top because the quarterback gets the ball out of his hands so well. you got to take those shots any

time you get man to man, particularly when you have the great receivers that mceachern has. >> goal to goal for the indians. and mceachern has taken a 13-0 lead. >> bailey hoffman is -- >> he's the real deal.

>> we talked about him described as an armed cannon. he puts it out there. there's a touchdown here. physical play. jonathan ledbetter booted him out of there. nice blocking. >> he goes on to the b.a.t., he

pops it through, and mceachern has taken a two-touchdown lead, and we are not even halfway through the first quarter. bailey hochman with his arms and then with his legs puts the indians on top by two scores. >> coach, people are seeing this quarterback for the first time

ever. it is apparent to those watching, he throws a pretty >> a cannon. he's accurate. he sets his feet, gets it out of his hands, he follows through. you couldn't float it any better to a receiver.

excellent job. sets his feet, follows through. that's what you look for in a that's great technique. you can tell he's being well coached. >> his dad, kyle, the head coach, says they tried to scale back the recruiting here during

the playoffs and shut it down so he can focus on winning these football games and get back to the recruiting when it's appropriate. >> it could become a nuisance. you got people calling you all day, all night, showing up at the school.

i can understand what his dad is trying to do. let him play ball, because the offers will be there, believe me. >> there's going to be a lot of them. there will be a lot of them before he's done with his high

school career. duke shelly will come back and take it. >> shelly still on his feet and finally goes under at the 31-yard line. a nice 30-yard return by duke shelly will get hamilton in on that.

a little bit better field position for the tucker tigers, but they have to figure out some offense here. >> they have to figure out a way to get mceachern out of that seven-man front. the commitment from mceachern is stop the run, what they do best,

and when you're on defense, that's the mind frame you have to have. take away what they do best. let's see if they have the recipe to make the proper adjustments. >> not much running room for rigby right there.

rigby rushed for 66 yards and two carries a week ago. they took advantage that they gave them on defense and rigby took advantage of that against their leading rusher last night. >> we all know if you don't have the right scenes and they don't have the right rhythm, it's

tough to be on the same page, especially with the running games not working. >> rigby has averaged 8.2 yards. duke shelly picks up the first down. that's what they'll have to do, get duke shelly in there. >> tucker two-way player duke

shelley. we've seen him on defense and special teams tonight. he was on airwaves on gpb when he got an ankle strain. he was out for three weeks and his dad told me he had never been laid out on a field and had to be carted off.

pretty scary. duke told me he went to therapy every day, just taking appropriate measures, icing and medication. he says he's not 100% back yet, but he says tonight there will be no dropoff in his performance.

guys? >> the inside stream right there goes to joakim peters. >> he made the tackle. i think i thought the ball was dropped. nice read on that in a tackle. any time you get to those now, or bubble screens and that, as

soon as you see him step back, there is a responsibility that the man in the corner told him to attack right now. good job. >> i think that was a busted play. duke shelly, that's what play makers do.

when you're planning for an opportunity to play for a championship or get there, you have to have a nice job. spread them out a little bit, they're not trying to bang it in the middle right now. >> first and 10 now as mceachern moves to the 33-yard line.

inside that time with delvin weems under that quickly. looks like it was tavion johnson making the tackle right there. >> inside cross buff, tucker in this double wing. set them up inside to go outside. >> sullivan, flag out.

sullivan did not carry the ball near as much in the regular season as he did a year ago. he's only got 384 yards rushing on the season after rushing for close to 700 yards last season. playing him both ways last year as a junior at linebacker and running back.

they made a conscious decision this year, we're not going to run him as much during the regular season so we can run him more during the playoffs, and he was their leading ball carrier as far as running carries last week. >> he's the closer, he's a big

back and he's a nice counter to some of the smaller squirtbacks that move laterally. he's a big body. big guy. he has some nice running skills to be a linebacker, also. >> holding, offense, 10-yard penalty.

second down. >> that's going to make it >> you don't want long yardage, particularly when you're a running team. >> the ball now at their own 48. they have to get to the mceachern 33. shelley has not played much the

last couple weeks because as grace told you, he suffered that high ankle sprain against lovejoy. we were fearful he had been hurt more seriously than that. he is just now getting close to 100%. >> nice play here.

running away from the throwing motion. excellent job by garrett rigby getting the job downfield. that's what they're going to have to do. they'll have to get them on the corners. i like those kind of plays

early. >> third down and 11. ball is at the 44. he's running for his life. throws downfield, incomplete. running him down and there's a flag on the field. >> that might have been illegal i couldn't see it.

that was a designed screen. good job by mceachern. they did a good job at sniffing out the middle screen. >> fourth down. let's see if tucker punts it here and gets into a field position game. they are finally in the position

where they can flip the field. now pushing across the 50. they've got a chance to pin romney has a hit in front of him and it's down at 21-yard line, so probably not the field position they were hoping for. probably hoping inside the 15. instead it's right around the

22-yard line, and that's where mceachern is back at offense with under four minutes to play here's a look at the commitments and the offers. dolga has been committed to southern cal in april. number one all-purpose back, he's committed to oregon.

bailey hockman, we talked about those guys. romney is going to duke. chandler jones committed to louisville. >> wide open. fight off a big 24-yard chunk and they move close to the 50. >> look at this linebacker.

he's doing an excellent job getting the ball out of his hands. i mean, that's a heck of a play. that extra pass there, it had me fooled. so i know it had you fooled. am i right? >> you bet.

>> romney came in with 56 catches on the season just under 1200 yards receiving. these are high school teams. romney, 1,173 receiving, two 1,000-yard receivers on a high school team. back they go, he is wide open. there goes tyler smith,

[cheers and applause] >> we talked about how that was going to tucker. >> he was in the secondary right now with tucker. excellent job by hockman. when you play man coverage, if you don't cover it, it's a >> 37 touchdowns a season and

tyler smith got 18 of those touchdown receptions. it is 21-0, just nine minutes into this game. >> what he sees here is confusion. there's confusion over here, over here, which you're going to see two people standing there.

that's what the up tempo does. it plays fast, makes i actually saw hockman at the line of scrimmage call inaudible and make a check because he realized what was going on. he had another man-to-man coverage. rolling it in and making a play.

>> quite frankly right now, bailey hockman and the mceachern indians are making the plays look too easy in this semifinal. they played in the state championship last year, albeit 5a, not 6a, but tucker doesn't look like they've played all year.

they've got this all mixed up. >> it looks like some great game planning on the other side. that up-tumble offense that everybody goes to, it's hard for the defense to catch up to them, and they're just executing their game plan, making some nice plays.

>> bad news for tucker is as a wing tee offense, they're not necessarily engineered as a comeback team. duke shelley takes it. shelley with an 18 or 19-yard return up to the 28, 29-yard line, that's where he goes back on offense.

the tigers have to put something together here. the good news for tucker, i mentioned as an off fence, but there are a big play team. they can make big plays defensively and they can hit you with a big cut of my office. >> we stay in your office.

you're the office coordinator. you want to run the ball and, remember, it's a long game. it's a long game. >> it's been a very long game for tucker's defense. >> it has been. >> first and 10, ball at the 29. weems gets the handoff and weems

just not been able to get any kind of ground. williams is a young man that's rushed four. on. >> lost in overtime to central kentucky, 67-66. that was football, not basketball.

>> right. >> off to the races. romney with his first carry in the ball game and it's a good run for the first down. >> they have to get big plays. when you're a running team, you have to get big plays and jumps. that was the inside.

he bounced it outside because there was penetration by he's made a nice play, knows what kind of plays you need, stay on your offense, do what you do. >> this is 5'10", 195. >> they have big lower bodies. >> you see the tucker tigers

lost against two-time state champion norcross, and then lost to miami's booker t. washington, national champions. then rolled on 10 consecutive victories, and in region, man, they just blew through the competition. we saw the big scores, a 51-0

victory over mlt right here on gpb. in fact, they scored in over their ten games they won in a row. all their regular season teens. >> we're coaching tomorrow because we're not talking about the same team.

this is the same team from last there is still a lot of kids really just getting out of there for the first. he will. touchdown for weems! >>. >> stay in the offense. offensive coordinator, staying

in your offense. it's early. >> excellent job by receivers. nice work. >> scores in first touchdown at night in the 15-yard touchdown run by delvin weems to make it 15-7. >> i like when coordinators

execute their game plan, you understand? you don't want to come out here and we're down 21 and we start throwing the ball. you want to be consistent because the players feel that. not being in games like this, and we've seen it, you come out

here and start throwing punches, you don't normally do things do you. >> i like when the snake acts. the defense has given up 30 or 40. so usually -- the defense has to come together and figure it out. it doesn't look like to me

mceachern is going to slow down because they're playing to win. >> we'll see if tucker can regroup on defense and get a stop here. they'll have to get some stops to truly get back in this ball the touchdown was nice, a deficit as a team, but now it

needs to get some stocks. >> he had room on that left side, too. he had a little running room. is there a flag? off sides? >> i'm looking for a flag and i never saw one. now they dropped the flag.

he just forgot to drop the flag. >> delay on the kicking team. sideline penalty. rekick. >> i knew it had something to do with whether it was a delay or being off sides. those are the kind of penalties this time in the season you have

to keep at a minimum. particularly when you're playing against two good teams. >> tucker has had to rebound from an 0-2 start. it was the first time since 1991 that they had started a season 0-2. they have rallied with 10

consecutive victories, laying in -- playing in the state's largest classification for the first time since 1995. moving from 5a to 6a, the ironic thing about the move is they probably played a much tougher schedule in 5a than they did in the tougher classification 6a.

that's why the coach decided to play booker t. washington right off the top, because he knew things would be a lot easier in the region this year than they had been in years back. >> i think that helps, though. when you play tough teams in the beginning, it really measures

you and shows where you are. >> again, the whistle blows, and i think we'll have all sides on tucker again. >> yeah, because that would give mceachern great field position. they would be at the 42-yard line, their own 42. >> kicking team, 5-yard penalty.

>> they're trying to execute a kick to the far side of the field and they're having some difficulty getting that done. >> i was worried about it going out of bounds that time. that sets up something totally different. but, again, you're going

backwards. you're giving explosive offense a short field. every yard counts when you're playing in these playoff games. these are the kind of things at practice that i know coach lamar is over there huffing and puffing a little bit because he

worked these kind of things. when you get in games, sometimes things don't go your way. that was the second penalty. >> now shakiir and the tucker tigers will have to kick off from the 30-yard line. >> yeah. >> taking it at the 34-regard

line and again the play gets blown down. third consecutive penalty in the kickoff. >> delay, kicking team, 5-yard >> does the ball have to get over to 30? i don't know. is it a rule -- i don't even

know what this rule is. >> i need to get josh ali son or grace to tell us what this delay is all about. i don't know exactly what the. have you ever seen this happen ever? >> identify never seen --. >> the tla call, which we've now

seen twice, we've had an encroachment and two delayed calls backing them up to the 25-yard line. >> and it surprised me now if they try another pooch. you're backed up, you want to try to boom it, but obviously they fear the return.

they fear that return. i've nefertiti -- never seen that and this is setting them back, deep. >> taken to the 48 by avery. he gets across midfield and hayward is finally dragged down from behind on the 48-yard line by levon.

let's check in with grace olson. grace, what do you got? >> we just confirmed down here on the field that the ref didn't blow the whistle for the kick to occur, so he went and kicked the ball without the whistle being blown, so that has caused the delay of game.

>> there you go. >> every time? >> he did that twice. >> mceachern has the ball in great field position again. >> you need jonathan ledbetter. they got to step up here for >> mceachern, fortunately for them, got back on top of it.

they never really got their hand on the ball, i don't think. that ball was out of his hand as soon as hockman tried to make the exchange. >> i think a little bit of trace in there. i think we saw a flash of the defender and took his moments

off -- inside the 20! ray holmes was caught from behind by peterson way down at the 10-yard line. >> the ex-receiver out wide ends up running a deep route. nice designed play. no one even there.

you'll see as he's going downfield, the receiver takes both the safety and the corner down to a well-designed play. when you play man, your back is turned to the quarterback so you don't see that. >> oh, my goodness. he just got his dimples

rearranged by maurice williams. >> man. that brought chills down my spine just then. that's the hardest hit i've seen so far this year. >> here's what it sounded like down on the field. that's maurice williams.

he's been offered by troy. that is the end of the first quarter. 12 minutes in the books. mceachern out to a stunning 21-7 lead on state finalist tucker. and they've got the ball down close again when we come back to start

is. >>> welcome back to james r. hallford stadium, the mceachern indians leading the tucker tigers 21-7 at the start of the second quarter. we've been dropping all of our football knowledge on you so far tonight, but we want to know

where some of your football knowledge is, so that's where trivia comes in. we want you to take to twitter or facebook and let us know the answer to our trivia question tonight, which is, what was the last cobb county team to win the state title in the state's

highest classifications? on social media, give us your answer. we'll return later in the game with our trivia winner of the night, guys. >> thanks, grace. 166 yards passing for mceachern in that first quarter.

and chuck, what's going on with the tucker coverage for allowing such gaping holes in their coverage? >> there's two eyes, man eyes and zone eyes. when you're in man-to-man coverage, you're chasing the receiver, so if there's

something happening in that screen pass, you would have your back turned. the zone eyes, you would be facing your quarterback, and everything is in front of you. that's the difference. when they play man eyes, the linebacker has to be cognizant

what's going on because the secondary isn't. >> second down and 9 as we start the second quarter. mceachern going for another six and out of bounds to romney with the catch. that should be setting up a first down and goal to go.

>> you know, they say blitzes and nickel backers, nice route route, nice job, bailey on the run. nice throw. >> they're not even going to measure. they're going to say it's third down -- now they're going to say

it is first and goal to go, which i thought it was from the get-go. >> not letting tucker substitute. >> thurston goal to goal. out of all the plays that they could run, that's probably the least effective one.

hockman taking on four or five guys. >> i think they expected a blitz. they were going to take it to the outside. tucker won that battle. kept those legs down. >> he's a perfect kid for a 10th

grader, 6'3", 195. they actually lost a yard on the all kinds of time for hockman. can't get in again. hockman against these tucker offenders. now it's third down and goal. >> you see there, that's great speed by peters who chases him

i'm thinking he's going to get a touchdown here. nice speed without a touchdown. hockman has to protect himself. >> time out called by hockman. so tucker has done a few things down here. once they got 1st and goal to go at the 1 and both times they

kind of threw a monkey wrench into when the kitchen office is scored. >> let's check in with john nelson and the sports updates. >> we'll start with the winner of this one gets the winner of milt on and pockwit. passing one to make it 14-7.

right now it's 14-13 colquitt. that one is in the second let's let you know what's going on with newton. newt an had an 8-0 lead. but tyree devason, touchdown. now on top 14-8 in the second more guys upstairs. if it's where it was in

mceachern, they will be on the road with whoever wins, and if tucker wins, they would point talk the winner to determine who wants to play with his seat bob. >> he's a runner, he's one of the top line bad news for tucker's defense they're going to go against their own

goalpost, keith, we're hockman. >> before that ball was out, i think. he was not, that ball was out. >> actually, it was a quarterback sneak. excellent job by jonathan you can't tell from right there, but hockman took a vicious hit.

4th and goal, the someone it was a fulz to himself. mckeech earn anti-cold one number 32 comes in there like a rocket to make that. we saw three plays, quarterbacks keeping to that. ment. >> let's see if tucker can build

off of that. ven durnl walking with the trainers and metro staff. he was working on his. they're going to assess his knee in the locker room and see what happens after that. >> i think. we got a 40-yard carrier right

there to rid knee. second ball and. so it was the light. >> he guts on the. you don't have to tell the snl two line backers, they have nine men within three yards of the bowl. you're not supposed to hit a run

against that. that is a good play by tucker. >> first and 10 from the 13. >> weems on the carry. first time they shake him loose a little bit. tarber making the tackle. 53 on the season coming in >> jonathan ledbetter and that

right tackle doing a great job. extra blocker. another top player starting at 15 games in 2013. they're starting to put bodies and bodies out there. >> second down and 2. it's fumbled. and rush is able to get back on

top of that. >> opened up the defense again. took his eye off the ball. looked up for one second. >> they're really disciplined to they're not chasing it down because they know there is an opportunity for the ball to come back.

>> shelley trying to get it off to the edge and then picks up a first down. >> did an extra job on nick atwater. we talked about it earlier, they were down by 21. stay in your offense. >> at the 25.

rigby running option here. it looks like demossimo has gotten it covered. >> he got his hand in there and got the ball out. excellent placement. he reaches out there and cuts back, gets his arm out there and gets the ball.

that's all he could grab at that point. he couldn't make a secure tackle until he got his hands out there, and nice play, huge momentum swing after you just had a big goal line stand-by, the against tries to underline what we tell you.

>> there's the shot. and it's caught at the 10 by robbie. spin move, touchdown! >> mceachern does go up 27-7. >> they've got man coverage. there's nobody behind him but end zone. excellent job by the

quarterback, gets the ball out of his hands and taking a shot. number 10, bailey hockman. you know, what happens is, when you have an impact play like that turnover that just happened for tucker, it shocked you as a team. so right then you're loading up.

the tucker defense goes out there a little numb, and when you're offense, you have to be sharp. >> mceachern turns the turnover and the points and they're back up three touchdowns. >> mceachern with a stunning 28-7 lead with tucker just four

minutes into the second quarter. t.j. rahming, four catches for 1:16. just had a one-handed touchdown catch, 6'2", 211, in the first six minutes of the second >> how do you respond to defense? the off fence, like i said, they

are sharks. when they feel that, they're going to take a shot, and that's what they do. >> grace, down on the sideline. >> we've seen bailey connecting here a couple times tonight, some big passes, big plays on one thing coach hockman, his

dad, tells us, as he's emerged as starting quarterback on the field, he's learned how to communicate with his wide receivers. that's something that even when you have the athletic talent and the ability, you learn communication and how to be a

great leader. interestingly enough, coach hockman told us how he'sie -- emerged as a coach, he's also gotten better with communication. >> i think they're all on the same page.

they have really been putting it on in the playoffs so far. they beat east couey 23-3, now they're beating tucker 28-7 here in the second quarter. >> that was really a good job by the kicker, dominguez. dominguez cut off the sideline and made him cut back in.

and shelley came back in limping. that is terrible news for remember, he suffered that sprained ankle over the halloween game. >> he's been making plays. we hope he's healthy, you know. i talked to the trainer.

they said it was the turf that saved him possibly from being out even longer on that injury we saw. >> hopefully he's okay. they're working on that ankle posthaste right now. he goes down at the 47. >> those are zone eyes.

they were playing the zone. you can see in the pocket, everybody just wants to play some coverage. you can lose some ground playing in the zone and there was only one receiver route. good work, mceachern. >> second down and three.

first down gary. by woodley inside the first >> he came in with 489 yards rushing on the season. had two big runs of 79 yards here tonight. tucker has nothing doing for weems right there. >> ten defenders in the box.

ten defenders planning to run one receiver out. they're going to force him to throw the ball. tucker is going to have to make some plays, he's going to have to make some plays with his arm for tucker to have any success against this defense.

>> second down and 10. >> mceachern might have it. i tend to think they do. >> mceachern is like a pack of wolves right now. i'm telling you, a pack of wolves that are hunting. they'll put ten guys literally playing a run.

they got one receiver out, and they're not even thinking to pass. they're playing one. >> alan cooper, a linebacker, comes up with a fumble recovery. let's see what separated him from the ball. it looked like it was demassimo.

demassimo forced the fumble and alan cooper recovered it. >> it's like being in a pinball machine. that ball runs around, ding, ding, ding, without getting hit. >> every time they try to get the ball, there's that big force fumble.

every time they've gotten the ball back. this time they hand off to shane jackson who already has a 48-yard touchdown run in this game picks up about five in the john nelson with the scoreboard watch. >> okay.

i'm going to bring up a bracket real quick. what surprises you more, is it this game or this run of scores? touchdown 7-0, touchdown 14-0, double pass to make it 21-0. 28-0. randy nails the score. it is 56-0, archer over

hillgrove, as they head to the half. >> that archer team, and we saw them blast this year. but that archer team is playing as well as anybody on my feet. >> this is a good team that i've seen in a long, long time. these two teams are some serious

talent right now still in these playoffs. >> that's just a stunning score. we saw archer down in the last county of the board, and this time we're seeing, theblgd beat the mceachern team you're watching here tonight, 43-7 right here on f dx.

>> tyler smith on the catch. and tyler smith fwets knocked out of downs. notice we're never backed up in. second down, handoff goes to aunt jackson. >> we said it earlier in this quarter, this tiger team has big playability, especially teams on

offense, and yes, own defense. for the second consecutive week, they've done it again. >> they scored earlier this weekend. the ball gets knocked out of >> joakim peters gets tucker back on the board. >> and it is 28-14.

>> excellent job by jonathan that's what created an entire i like the scoop and score. scoop it up and go. scoop, score. that was textbook there. this game is about momentum. football is all about momentum. when you can make big plays and

do what tucker does, you're never out of a game. the key is you can't give up explosive plays on defense. tucker struggled. >> last week it was ledbetter who scooped and scored against grayson. and this week ledbetter forces

the fumble that leads to the scoop and score by akeem peters. you see the tucker tigers state champions in 2011 -- 2007 and 8. 16 regional titles, including this year, and eight regular seasons since 2001. they have been one of the premiere teams in the state

since 2000. >> let's see if we can get this kickoff without a penalty here. >> taken by tyler smith at the 32. williams drops it. they actually lost about five yards. >> kyle is into it now.

he's on his feet and getting after them a little bit. starting to feel that momentum swinging now. if you swing, like i'm doing something from a negative standpoint? you want to stay office. things like, what's going to

happen? tucker the championship followed the team also. let's see how ms. mc. >>> romney still running. finally steps out of the 26-yard that's how they respond. >> hasn't changed, man. it's something else, i tell you.

>> 46 yards on the pass play. >> no one is covering him. he's on the same route. no one is covering him. >> hockman gets it in there in a hurry, too. >> he knows this offense. you can tell he has a huge, huge investment in this outcome.

>> tyler smith making the catch by brooks on the 20-yard line. tackle for brooks. >> you can see he's been in this offense for a long time. his dad has been the head coach. there is a special bond when your dad is the head coach. you can see here this guy is

special. >> his dad said one of the things that just impresses him about his son that he hasn't seen in many quarterbacks that he has coached over the years is his son's ability to see all the at seemingly the same time. >> i can see it from up here.

>> running throwing, hits the grid. >> he got the ball out of his hands, though. >> third down and 5. kyle spent all those years growing up on the sideline with his dad. never watched the game from the

stands, always down on the sideline with his dad even when he was a little kid. >> nice play by maurice williams. if you can't get to the quarterback, get your hands up. make them have to throw out of your realm.

>> fourth and 4, chuck, they're going to go for it. >> let's see. they can call a timeout here or change the play? i think they'll change the play and stay on the field. there they go. that's what they wanted.

they wanted the penalty on >> he's looking at his slot receiver to the right. there is nothing worse than having fourth and fourmt many. >> you can finally draw the defense off the side. he kept trying and sdplz i'm going to step out of bound.

you had a quarterback ripping you apart. >> yes. >> you could tell ledbetter and them guys were just, can i get a good show for you. >> he's so smart if we had just noticed that, we wouldn't be doing this.

>> please doing the drives. jump ball, flag out. we added to that stupid score just moments ago. >> the only thing i'll say about that, the only thing they would be backing. that's the only thing to me they might say.

>> there is no foul only. >>, he was out of bounds, anyway. he was mike -- he was out of bounds. shoved or not, he was out of so second down and goal from 5. bailey hockman is split out, and tyler smith lines up and gets

shocked down. if baby holy man would. if you're running that to the right, you need to fake it to the left. >> thefr squawking de. they can run it inside, it's. now hackman will line up status. thaet it, raert.

>> be many. touchdown mceachern. ♪♪ >> the roster says ellerbee with the touchdown catch. and the bat is good, 514. >> well, you know, tucker was a team that likes to generate. now we have.

i've always been a big believer that if rush, particularly in the red zone a lot of the time, if you have too much times it going to be a lot of pressure on a lot of quarterbacks take off and run. ♪ snend.

>> trying to get an idea on the player. the roster says hand. 27 is actually the number on our depth chart. he will catch the season in his second touchdown. >> great job by chandler jones, mckeech on.

four june yorz, one senior. it goes away, belly, as reason. >> so hockman has three touchdown passes in a touchdown run. shelley is back in there on the it goes to peters instead. and peters still stumbling forward lungs forward to the

>> shelley came off the field 10 or 12 minutes ago hobbling on that ankle he saw it, it looked like a number of eacher and said, i'm going back in. i'm sure they could use the spark he brings to the game. woodley on the tackle and demassa.

there will be three and a half minutes to play in the first mckeecher that fompl well with the lip back erd jez going to have. >> they have not been able to free up weems the entire ball >> that pin ball machine, it's the guy that liftz -- which to

me, though. you're going to have to hear his name tonight. you'll have to hear some of the they'll have a tonight a. van has seven, peters has 11, shelly has 3. >> make me know where to go. the 35 points of a.

>> well, it tells you. >> tucker's defense starts with the creativeness of the after residence with. they're playing man and they got earlier with a vouch maria bartiromo snachblt. right now you just see, man, this offense right now.

of course he is. john melts, what i've got is quantity. let's see the upper left. right now sandy creek leading 17-14 in the second, and they will play down in the lower left-hand of your bracket. the mayer school thaz a

three-loading breed. >> i wouldn't fill out any of these brackets, especially not of. i don't think temperature plays a part. >> mceachern beat one of the best teams in the beginning 27-20.

romney, and he goes all the way! >> holy cow. 80-yard punt return. >> i want to see the replay. it looks like cover team, way too many players on the right, not enough in the middle. >> 42-14 mceachern. and we still have two minutes

left in the half as we take a look at our gpsb touchdown replay. >> there weren't enough bodies on that left side, on the side he wanted this touchdown to. everyone is on the right. he stutter steps and gets he does a good job, man.

great playmaker. speed, good blocking. >> i'm just stunned, stunned at how mceachern is just beating them in phases of the game you look at mceachern's resume. they've won 14 championships, four of them coming under hockman, including their

co-championship this year. sixth straight playoff appearances under hockman, hockman following in the footsteps of dorsey who won 219 games in his tenure there at mceachern, including leading the indians to their only state finals appearance in 1998 when

they lost to valdosta 21-7. mceachern looks like they're well on their way to the fifth state appearance ever and back to back in program history. >> when you can make big plays like we've seen from mceachern, you're going to be in a lot of ball games, you're going to win

a lot of ball games. when you think about what's happened today so far, it's explosive plays by mceachern. >> shelley on the 15. tucker down four touchdowns in this game. he would probably like you to take over right about now.

i'll just go on home. you go ahead. you take the headset. you can have the job right now. >> man, no, no, no, because i don't want to go in at half time and listen to coach lamar. i know there will be some conversations going on.

here you got to put the ball in the air and try to make some >> you still got three-time mounts. you got to get in and get out. >> rigby rolling to his right and out of bounds. like a little cheerleader. third down and 1.

>> four deep, nothing on top. they got three under. it's going to be tough. four deep, three under in the zone. got three backers playing anything that's crossing. the challenge when you're a quarterback like garrett rigby

who plays in this type of offense, he's not a traditional passer, he doesn't have the speed to get downfield. >> first down, and he's going! hands on and finally dragged down by dillon hamilton. another run for the tigers and a first goal to go.

>> blocking inside. think about mceachern. they're thinking pass. nice job on the other side that caught him off guard. that's a big play going into the >> i was getting ready to say, i don't want to sound crazy or anything, if they get a

touchdown they still have a chance in the second half. >> tucker with their big playability not out of the gate. >> you're exactly right, you're exactly right. i believe at some point, if they are to get close, just to keep them off balance, you can't run

every time. what did they do? they ran a couple passes in that you have to have balance if you're going to have a chance to get those long runs. they turn the ball over so they're kind of shooting themselves in the foot.

they could actually have more points than they do now. >> they're not down three touchdowns because they haven't been able to move the ball. they're able to move the ball. >> they run pretty effectively when they show the ability to get the quarterback to even act

like he's going to throw a pass. they've at least shown the pass. >> here's a look at the tucker recruiting class. jonathan ledbetter committed to georgia, four-star defensive end duke shelley committed to kansas state. tovarious peterson, weems

committed to marshall and maurice williams has been offered by troy. >> i met tovarious peterson. i walked up on him. man, he is just put together. great-looking kid, great body. the prototype defensive end that you look for.

he'll have lots of offers. good player. >> he's just now getting started. a 6'2", 220 junior. the number 28 junior defensive end in the country. >> now, you got a minute here, mceachern isn't going to sit on

the ball. they'll have to come out and score but they're going to take some shots. >> tries to get around the edge and he gets robbed at the 25, 26-yard line. i think shaw making a special teams tackle there for the

>> that was close. that was very close. if he would have got to that corner, he had a chance to take it the distance. >> tucker goes back on defense. tucker has some remaining time as well if they want to try to get the ball back.

i'm guessing tucker just wants to get damage done. >> romney, the slot has been open all day. >> takes possession for the indians in this half. no running there for barra. barra tackled by brandon meeks. >> it's kind of interesting that

if they run this next play again, they're looking to go again and take the lead and kind of regroup and come back out. but it wouldn't surprise me to see this offense come out and try to take a shot. >> offense, 5-yard penalty. >> back them up five yards, i

might have been more inclined just to take the play and make it a second down with the clock stopped. but that's just me. >> at the 37-yard line and a >> now he's covered to the zone and that's why that play would go for that time.

they each have one-third of the field here. >> the ball is nearly picked off. there is a flag down on the shelley nearly had the kickoff. probably got holding against if shelley could have come up with that thing, tucker would

have gotten the ball back. >> i like the counter move by the tucker defense and coach lamar going to play the zone, giving his team a chance. you knew at that point they were going to take a shot. they were trying to go deep with mceachern, but i like the

adjustment that coach lamar made playing the cover, too, because there wouldn't be a reason to pressure then. >> you got here -- >> holding, offense. >> everybody is playing a zone. their eyes are on the >> so now mceachern will just

down the ball in the half. >> the first 24 minutes for the mceachern indians. they will head to the locker room with a 42-21 lead on the tucker tigers. bailey hockman with 343 yards passing in the first half. 300 touchdown passes and a

touchdown run. he's got to be getting close. he's got to be on pace for some kind of state record. john nelson would know that and we'll send him to the archives after he gets finished talking to bailey's dad. >> let's talk to bailey's dad

for a little bit. at the scoreboard, if i would have told you you would be this far ahead, what would you have said? it's obviously about making things happen after big events. tucker got on the board and you snapped back and put them back

down to be up 21. >> they're a darn good team. they're going to continue to fight. i'm disappointed we gave up that trap. i'm proud of our guys, but we're definitely going to go in like it's 0-0 and play our butt off

in the second half. >> thanks, coach. let's send it over to the set because the half time show starts right now. >> all right, coming up on the gpb football friday's georgia half time show, we'll have a lot of scores and a lot of brackets

coming your way. >> john nelson is going to take us behind the scenes of last week's cobb county comeback over to kuela. grace is going to join us by social media. she's going to introduce us to some very proud parents.

that's coming up on the half time show. don't go away. >>> let's go to john nelson who is having a whole lot of fun. is that john nelson, the conductor? >> i grew up in dekalb county, so i knew all about the

reputation, high powered and high octane, and to get the chance to conduct that band on friday nights in georgia, are you kidding me? to climb on a ladder and get them through in one piece, it the coolest thing i've got the chance to do here on the gpb.

i can't wait to see what the next season brings. >> welcome back to the half time show as the quarter round matchup of the mceachern indians and the tucker tigers so far. the scoreboard getting heavy usage here. >> so has the on-line world.

i know i've been tweeting a lot about this game, and so have fans across the state. let's check in with media correspondent grace olson who is standing by with some tucker grace? >> they are incredible tweeters her at tucker, and i'm also

standing by with the tiger mascot. these guys say it's a tradition to have this thing here. i've never seen it before. >> it's a tradition. we've had it at every game we win. it's been here for decades,

actually. >> you say your great-grandfather went to tucker? >> i think back in 1953, and this guy is still here. >> they have their own cart they trail him around in and everything, so this tying ser

living in the lap of luxury. dry clean it, they say. this game is not necessarily going the way you want it right now, but gu to school with some top recruits. what's it like to be friends with those guys and go to school with them?

>> well, everyone at tucker is -- we're all like a big family, so the whole senior class, everyone knows each other, everyone is cool with each other, and the football players are like a big part of our school. so everyone is behind them 100%

all the time. i don't know, we just all rally together, and they are really like -- on game day that's what our school spirit is completely behind the football team, so everyone is just a big family, and that's really what we need. >> all right, well, they sound

like a big family over here. they sure arehuddling this cold, braving the cold. back to you guys. >> i love the fact that grace found that tiger that's 60 or 70 years old. that's fantastic. >> i don't know if i believe

i want to go back to the archives and see photo evidence. >> if the great uncle was there in 1953, i can't do all the math, but that's 65 years ago or something. >> good thing they get it dry cleaned. >> let's check with john nelson.

he's in the principal's office. he's also going to have brackets for us. >> it is time to go to the principal's office, a place where i spent a lot of my time growing up in dekalb county. what's it like for mceachern over the holidays?

>> it's been a great holiday. we're getting ready for the new georgia milestones and the new teacher evaluation system. but in this season of thanksgiving, we're just grateful, number one, to be here, and we're grateful for our staff and our community and most

of all, my students. >> that's what's going on at it's time to play the game, are you smarter. i have not seen the question, therefore, i do not know the question until i read it right now. what singer was confirmed as

this year's super bowl half-time performer? was it, a, k.c. and the sunshine band. b, jazzy jeff, c, was can perry. >> katy perry? i think they're paid now as half time guests, so she's getting

paid seven figures. >> i guess she can afford to do >> she's definitely smarter than i and we've got brackets we're going to in just a sec. let's go to brackets and we'll see what's going on. let's start in the upper left-hand corner as we see the

brackets as we speak. in that upper left-hand corner, it is etawa and newton, both three seats, so you'll talk about newton and etawa right that is at the half. and then also you've got hillgrove and archer, the biggest surprise right there in

the low left part of the brackets. 56-0. no one expected archer to beat hillgrove 56-0 at the break. now, you know what this particular bracket is and you've seen how it is developed. the winner of this game,

mceachern and tucker, goes down to the low right-hand, and they will play the winner of colquitt and milt on. and right now at the half, that one is 21-13. colquitt is beating milton. the winner of this one gets the winner of colquitt and milton.

that's the 6a bracket. we'll have a lot more brackets as we go. download the app and all that other kind of stuff. we're going to send it back to the set and catch our breath. >> looking ahead in our post-game show, we're going to

have all the brackets. john is going to go 6a to find out how they line up. there will be a final four left in each division. kochling up on the gpb division in georgia's half time show, john is going to take a look at the exciting, come from behind,

last-minute victory last week in the playoffs. >> and grace olson is going to on the sidelines. we'll have scores from around the state from the final round of the gps final playoffs when the playoffs continue right here on gpb.

>>> welcome back to football friday's georgia half time show. we're live where archer tigers are hosting the mceachern they are ahead 42-21 at the break. >> we're going to have people from all over the state, but first it's time to go back to

the principal's office. john just can't stay out of trouble. >> yeah, he's a troublemaker. >> it's time for me to head back into the principal's office with mr. jackson. what's going on in tucker these days?

>> georgia power gives us about $20,000 a year that we use for senior dinners and scholarships and things of that nature. they have really been a blessing to the school and to our kids. >> all right, time to play the game, are you smarter? and i just dropped it.

let's try that again, grace. are you smarter, number 2. scientists in california recently captured what may be the only video footage of the angler fish. that sounds like a fisherman trying to catch a fish by himself.

but what unflattering nickname is this fish known? fatty the fish, c, the black seadevil or the black revenge? >> i'll go with c. >> thanks for playing and thanks for being a great host. time to go to 5a brackets right now and we're going to start in

the upper right corner. this is a big story with mays. at the break, right now jones county is leading at lakewood stadium 27-25. now, going down to the low part of the bracket, houseton county out of that same region. they're playing at stockton in

tiger stadium. houseton county making a great they're leading stockbridge 24-14. let's go to the right-hand side. upper right-hand bracket. warner robbins is playing glen academy. this game is being played in

fort valley because of the field conditions in talbert. robbins leading 14-7. if you go to the low part of the bracket, the other team going on as i turn my pages, gainesville and altoona. that game is 17-14 last time we heard with gainesville leading

altoona up there in cobb county. we'll have 4, 3, 2 and 1. we'll have scores as we go into the second half. i'm going to send it over to the set because i have to run over to the set. we'll see you in a sec. >> you know, clair, in august

there were more than 400 schools playing football in the state of georgia, and at the end of tonight, there will be 28 schools still playing. that's it. >> those are the cream of the crop, really. i know we only got seven

champions at the end of the year, but these 28 teams have to be very proud of what they've accomplished so far this season. >> very proud, and they're on the road to the georgia dome. here are some scores from the top teams around georgia. let's start out in moultry.

the only undefeated team in 6a, they lead milton 21-13 at the archer all over hillgrove 56-0 at the half, and newton leads. jones county leads 27-25 now at the half. it is buford over maris over half time. 27-14 in the second.

washington county top ranked 3a leads pierce county 28-13. blessed trinity over jefferson 21-7, and jac leads vidalia by 21 at the half. go to your app store and buy all it's blogs, videos and so much more and it is absolutely free. if you want to stay up to date

you need this gpb sports app. >> now it's time to look at the football fridays in georgia's schedule. next week it is the semifinals, and the teams that are able to go on from there will punch their ticket to the georgia dome.

the georgia high school association championships will be taking place live here on gpb on december 12 and 13th. you're going to see on friday the public championship game, along with the aaa and 5a title then on saturday we kick things off at 10:00 a.m. and have

championship football all day long, so make sure you check us out at gpb.org/sports for next week's game selection information, because we are going to post that as soon as we make a decision tomorrow. remember, gpb is your home for high school football because no

one covers high school sports like gpb. >> all right, john nelson joins us for backfields. >> the natural choice for >> we have action from moultrie last week and it is exciting. >> you know what's going on with moultrie and their back and

forth with milton. we're going to take you back a week to show you a record-setting performance by one of the most talented running backs in the state. take you to the hog pen where tequelah scores first of two touchdowns.

20-15 at the break, but the rest was all packers. the pitch goes awry from left to right. 23-21, chase parrish will toss a two-point conversion to tie at 23. cobb county off the punt return. he'll take it deep into tequelah

territory. watch it bounce to the outside, though. great presence of mind there. 30-23 at that point. another fumble created by going into the pile. great defense there. the next play, king will score.

you're going to see a trend here into the end zone to make it 37-23. then since it's the fourth quarter, it's right to left this time, king first play in the 4th. six touchdowns in a game, school record.

four in the second half and king also now has the school record of 52 scores for a career. rush probst was confident. >> i have to give you a lot of credit. you got to give them -- i thought coach jones had them well prepared.

they came down here ready to they were not intimidated by us. they got up 23-7. we just hung tough with them and, you know, knew we could do some things, but they're a good football team, very good. i mean, that's the reason they're ranked the top five in

the state. that's why they're 10-1. we knew they were going to be tough, but we got the job done tonight and we just have to move >> and mark, they have moved on. the biggest debate right now, player of the year, a.j. gray washington county or sighing

king. >> it's the back roads and back wheels brought to you by the georgia county commission. clair? >> it's time to check in with grace olson and another rendition of rent check. >> rencheck where we check in

with the parents to see how much they've learned over the 16, 18 years, whatever it is. i have the parents of wide receiver tyler smith here these guys are like grown men on the field tonight, but they were kids once. cute kid he was.

>> yes, he was. >> he's always been an athlete. played running back then, i'm told. what was his favorite route to run? >> i would say his favorite route was the post route. >> mom, what was the toughest

competition he's faced all season long that's been the toughest? >> i would say probably the toughest game was the booker t. washington game. >> right on, right on. that was a hard one, i know. dad, which db does he most like

to go up against in practice to get that competition in before the game? >> i would say duke shelley, probably, because he always talks about trying to get their scales together before the game. >> exactly, duke shelley, man, he's a great competitor.

and mom, favorite part of his thanksgiving meal this year. >> i would have to say probably spending time with family because we're really close knit. >> did he tell you guys the answers? >> no. >> you got them spot on.

congratulations, great job. these guys deserve these t-shirts like crazy. thank you for joining us on rent check and enjoy the rest of the >> thank you. >> now it's time for our career play of the game brought by the technical college system of

as environmental awareness continues to grow, so do green industries. green industries are careers in sustainable technology like solar power. other careers include energy auditing, historic preservation and sustainable construction.

experts predict a 23% increase in green jobs over the next decade. that means there's plenty of green in these careers for skilled workers. that's why the field of green industries is tonight's career play of the game.

this message is brought to you by the technical college of >> you ready for the second half? >> i'm ready. i cannot wait to see if tucker continues their momentum or if mceachern is able to keep them at bay.

>> let's send it back to chuck and matt for the second half. take it away, guys. >> all right, it is mceachern with a 42-21 lead on the tucker when we come back, we'll take a look at first half highlights and we'll find out from chuck how tucker can get back in this

ball game. that's right after the timeout. >>> welcome back. start of the third quarter. mceachern leading tucker 42-21. matt stewart and chuck smith with you upstairs. we saw them give away those football fridays and georgia

t-shirts. they need to give away football fridays and georgia parkas. it is 35 degrees here. it is cold. let's check out those highlights and find out what coach brian lamar has to say. >> good evening, matt.

it was a unique situation where you had them out here to give them a talk. what was the tone and what did you tell them? >> we're not going to get 20 points back in one possession. we just have to do what we can do.

get a stop and go from there. >> i know over the top, they were getting you early. >> we had some busted coverages, mistackles, busted assignments, and they missed some plays, too. a combination of those, a couple turnovers offensively, it got us in a bad situation.

>> good luck in the second half. i like your idea, matt, about giving away the football fridays and georgia parkas. >> we need to give away parkas, scarves, gloves, toboggans. after a 48-yard touchdown run by sam jackson in the first minute of the ball game right here, the

7-0. >> inside zone does a good job getting downhill. >> one-yard touchdown run from hockman after the big pass to romney got them up close. then the 55-yard touchdown pass from hockman to tyler smith. >> busted coverage.

you heard coach lamar say that was one of the busted coverages. >> tucker got back in the ball game by delbert weems. it was 21-7 after one quarter, then hockman to romney, 35 yards later it's 28-7. >> he makes a nice play but you got to make that tackle also.

this was a big play here also. good job by jonathan ledbetter. >> team peters, the score cut it to 28-14, and then t.j. rahming, 80 yards on the punt return. >> he does a good job making the excellent blocking by mceachern. one of too many explosive plays. if you're tucker, lots of

explosive plays if you're mceachern, and that's why they're leading on that scoreboard. >> once again, time possession is one of the most overrated things in football. tucker had the football, and because the indians have 396

yards in total offense and 301 in the air. >> i mean, what else can you say? this mceachern offense is as good as advertised, and they've gotten better from earlier in the year and they're just making plays when they need to.

but it doesn't help if you're tucker when you're busting assignments. you know, you're already going against one of the top young quarterbacks in the country. you can't give -- you got to make them earn it, and also you got to be able to go when you're

to me it seems like mceachern will continue to do what they they'll continue taking shots because that's the tendency. >> time for our go bill georgia do it now at gobillgeorgia.com. you saw that tucker has 189 yards of rushing. they've got a couple stops.

they can get back in this ball game in the second half. >> and they can't have a lot of penalties. >> they nearly turned it over. let's see if mceachern has it. barra comes up with the still no indication from the officials yet.

barra was the guy who had the football in his hands and still nothing from the officials. that's because we also have a mceachern player who is hurt at the 20-yard line. the officials still have yet to indicate who has possession of >> let's take another look at

it. we can see, number one, who got the football, and number two, who is hurt down on the field. that's akeem peters trying to recover the ball. you see barra comes away with it, and i believe number 25, there was a helmet-to-helmet

hit. >> right here. >> a violent collision, and that is malik jordan, number 25, who is still down on the field. and hopefully he's okay, because that was a violent collision with akeem peters, helmet to helmet.

and malik jordan still has not been able to get up off the ground yet. >> when you're moving so fast, the speed of the game, this isn't your daddy's high school these kids are bigger, stronger and faster. you just hope he's going to be

okay. >> they got him sitting up now, which is a good sign. >> have they decided possession yet? >> barra clearly got the football, but there is still no indication from the officials yet as to who got the ball.

they now signalled that mceachern has it at the 20-yard >> that's disastrous if you're tucker coming out of the half. you're motivated, you want to make a play. that's turnover number 3 now. tough break. you should make your own breaks.

>> don't be surprised if mceachern throws the ball into the end zone in this very first snap. >> jeremiah shaw the intended target. first time they've gone his direction tonight. >> spreading out, going back to

what they do best. it's an interesting strategy now tucker is playing. they're seeing the pressure in the quarter now. to the outside, he's got a first down inside the 10-yard line. finally tackled by john meeks. another nice run by sam jackson.

>> now you have -- what you see here is they're expecting a pass, tucker is expecting a pass, and that's why the draw is affected. >> six carries, 90 yards for of course, he had a 48-yard touchdown run back in the first this time jackson gets blown up

by ledbetter. that's why barra is getting the carry. first carry of the night for wad barra and ledbetter gets his first of the ball game. >> this is ledbetter making a big play. big play right here.

>> big play. hockman to the air inside. they go to tyler smith and he's down to the 3. strosier the linebacker making a stop. now it's going to be third and goal to go from the 3-yard line. >> getting his ball out of his

hands quick, trying to let the playmaker make a play. nice tackle there by strosier. >> every play is a big play. they can't afford to give up any they can't afford to give up points right now. tucker has to find a way. >> pass incomplete.

barra the target. i believe they'll bring out caesar dementigales. >> it's interesting, if tucker is able to come back in this game and make a game of it, we'll look back at that play when you have a chance to really put the pedal to the metal and

take a pretty demanding lead. >> a 20-yard kick by dominguez is good. mceachern up their lead to 45-21. mceachern, last five playoff appearances under coach kyle hockman lost in the semifinals to north gwinette and had prior

losses in the final four seasons. they'll make it to semifinals barring a comeback here by tucker who made it to the state championship game losing to creekside. state champions in '11 and 2008 made it to the semifinals as

well and 2010. that's what they're trying to get to with a win tonight, but they have a big hill to climb. now down 24 with 22-plus minutes to play. >> realistically now, it's a 20-point conversion game. that's highly unlikely and that

was a really important field goal for this mceachern offense. it makes it tough on tucker when you look at it from a scoring standpoint. >> it does, indeed. >> see, tucker now is going to have to take some chances. that's one of the challenges

when you play in the traditional true running game where you don't have a lot of passes, when you spread the receivers out. so they're going to have to figure out a way to generate some big yards, and hopefully they can get big runs by running the ball, but i don't see that

happening versus mceachern enough to win a game. they'll have to throw something. >> the kick is going to sail out of bounds, so the penalty here against mceachern will give tucker the ball at the 35-yard >> let's see what malone does my philosophy was stay where you

are. >> he's agreed to take it to the 10 at the 45-yard line. >> you have to get out of your comfort zone. you have to take some risks here if you're going to think about getting in this game. i don't believe they can run

enough long runs versus the defense to get back in it. >> rigby is 3 of 7 for 17 yards in this game. so i agree. i believe that tucker can make a comeback running the ball, but they're also going to have to mix in the pass just a little

bit. that was broadwater on the he's been their most effective running back tonight. broadwater now with 130 yards rushing on six carries. >> he's having a great game. he's running hard, getting after it and he's made some big runs.

they're going to need him to make a few more. >> seniors playing in their final game unless tucker can rally and win this game. >> false start, offense, 5-yard penalty, second down. >> we talked about untimely when you're running offense, you

can't afford to be sent back, and that's just another penalty that just keeps setting them back, you know? gets you out of your rhythm. offense is about rhythm. they want to get into a rhythm and get going. that was actually a good play.

it's going to be a counter play to the boundary where they had some space, but a penalty negated it. >> second down and 10 now. frosty night in clarkston, georgia here in dekalb county. happy thanksgiving to all. hope you're enjoying your

thanksgiving and football woodley, the corner, was the first guy to hit him and blow up the play. and now it's going to be third down and long. >> man, nice leverage on the ball right here. watch every one of these guys,

how they run laterally. they are going right to that ball, run it. they're leveraging the ball. there is no running lanes for duke to run. each one of the players has a great responsibility. we talked about that before the

game, finding that needle in a haystack, and they're finding that needle now. >> time-out called by tucker facing third down and 10 here at the 35-yard line. let's take a look at your tucker tigers playing next level there's a bunch of them, and

there will be a bunch of them off this year's team that will join that list next season and the seasons ahead. james botters at stanford. i believe the cardinals came out with a big win against ucla. it looked like stanford was going to win that game.

aaron epps against louisville. they got the iron bowl tomorrow against alabama. three players at the university of georgia led by josh dawson, dominic sanders. davon williams at oregon. elijah shaw never played at alabama.

alabama honored a scholarship after he suffered a career-ending neck injury. and mceachern, mark, roberts and darius english. copia meachie losing in south florida. winding up and throwing downfield and it was merely

caught on a second ricochet. >> he went up to try to get it. good throw by the quarterback giving him a chance. sets his feet, cocks back, nice throwing motion. oh, nice job for the defender. >> hayward nearly tipped that to tyler tunes.

we saw grace olson visiting with tyler's parents there at half now it's fourth down and tucker has to punt. and the punt is blocked. and still loose, scooped up and a score for mceachern. brandon mcgee picks up the ball laying on the ground, and a drop

punt scoop and score touchdown by mcgee. it is 48-21. >> the explosive indians are making explosive big plays at the right moment. >> wow. >> he was unblocked. he was unblocked.

no one blocked him. good job scrapping for it. gets a nice roll. >> punt blocked by quan daniels. so sequan daniels gets the block, mcgee picks it up and runs it in, and mceachern leads by 31! >>> 52-21 mceachern with 10 more

points here in the opening few minutes in the fourth quarter. sequan daniels, number 26, with a blocked punt. >> sequan is here, and he's supposed to get down and block him. doesn't block him. >> cameron mcgee, christmas!

and you thought christmas was four weeks away. cameron mcgee just found it there sitting on the ground. 52-31. 52-21, pardon me. >> any time you want punt protection, you got to make sure you protect first.

and then you go downfield and -- there was a flaw there, obviously, in the protection. but that's what happens. two teams when you're struggling, all the little things start to break down. but when you're wing, everything seems to go your way.

that was one guy on the punt block. they weren't even trying to block the punt. he was the guy trying to force the punt and actually missed a >> but when you go unblocked -- >> yeah, that helps. >> tevarius peterson making the

catch at the 35-yard line. tucker goes back on offense. now what do you do, chuck? you've gotten into a situation where, you know, outside of just an apocalyptic collapse by mceachern, it's almost become mathematically impossible for you to win the game.

>> two ways you look at it, you're either going to try to play to win and come out here and throw it, or you're going to run it and save face and say let's get out of here with some dignity. but if you decide to throw it, this score could become --

>> it could mushroom. >> delvin weems on the run. and weems gets eight yards on the carry. they had spotted it at the 32, not the 35, so an eight-yard carry for weems up to the 40-yard line. >> also what coach lamar is

looking at from tucker's standpoint, you can only coach and you can get out of the guys what they can do. you know, if you run a team, you can't come out here and all of a sudden put big points up because it's not in your dna, it's not what you are.

>> on that play, they didn't have any wide receivers. >> so they're staying with the offense. they're going to stay where they are and fight the fight with i understand that. because i also understand if you get out here and throw and you

don't throw, we're going to be talking about a 70-point night for mceachern if that were to happen, if they come out here and just try to air it out. >> again, only one wide receiver this time and we split to the bottom of your screen. i think that's courtland rogers.

i can't quite tell. i think that's number 8. it is. we've had a hard time getting broadwater on the ground, and mceachern brings him down on the >> i like the way he's competing. one thing i like is seeing young

men, he does an excellent job inside zone play. your philosophy, i'm going to bang it on the center, bounce it outside the guard. >> broadwater gets it again. actually, i don't think that was broadwater that time. >> no, he was --

>> no, that was delvin weems, pardon me. >> he was on a knee. >> delvin weems got the carry that time inside the 5-yard i was busy looking at the stats over here. broadwater has eight carries for 169 and his team is losing by

31. >> but let's talk about what does garrett rigby have right now in the quarterback position? how many receiving yards? >> he's thrown 17 yards passing. >> and the other guy has thrown for 300? 306.

>> yeah, that's not a good recipe. >> that's a mismatch. delvin weems gets into the end that's weems' third touchdown of the night. >> it's a good effort by tucker. good effort. you take the personality of your

head coach and they're continuing the fight. and that's really, to me, is indicative of the kind of program they have at tucker. you continue to fight, do what you do best, but never, ever, ever tap out and quit, ever. that's what coach lamar

preaches. >> so 52-28. your tcsg touchdown replay on the touchdown run by delvin weems capping a five-play, 68-yard drive. let's check in with john nelson. >> let's start off with the winner of this one playing the

winner of low right. we are seven minutes to go to regulation. they gave him a 35-28 lead with 37.5 to go. the game is tied at 35. we are under seven minutes to go go to the upper left bracket in 6a with newton and ettinga with

the 2 and 3 seat going at it there. ettinga leads with four minutes to go in that one. they will play the winner of the one below them and that is archer. archer a dominating performance in the first half.

in the first 20 minutes they won 26-13, so archer will play the winner of etuwa. >> is that con secutive wins for archer? >> what about milton? what did you say that score was? >> tied with 7 minutes to go. >> how would that be for milton

if they won? >> i believe that would be bold face type. >> they have never won a regional title until this year. >> it goes back to '52, right, when it was class b? now they're about to go to the semi finals if they can pull off

a big upset. a fair catch on the 36-yard jonathan duru a touchdown catch earlier in this ball game from that guy, bailey hockman. >> john, as far as rush probst down at colquitt, how much pressure is on him to win a state championship?

>> let's see, he's in his seventh season, and i don't think there's anyone who puts more pressure on himself to win a state title than rush, and think about what he's been building over the last five or six years or so. the way they are about football

in moultrie, they are amazingly faithful to their teams and incredibly faithful to the packers. and going back to the jim hughes era at colquitt county, you had jim hughes taking them to title games, now you have rush taking them to title games.

in colquitt county, they have really turned themselves back into the power that we all knew from the '90s. this year rush was having eighth graders practicing with the varsity just so kids are getting reps and kids are getting familiar with the system and

getting familiar with that monday through friday that you know about. >> that's right. that's good coaching. good program. >> second down and 8. pass complete with tyler smith. now, a few moments ago, i don't

know if we can go back and see that replay, maurice williams had his second bone-shattering hit of the ball game. >> a bh? the big hit? >> he had a big hit t. man, he's rattled the cage there on sam >> some big hitters at tucker.

these guys are laying the wood. >> he's been offered by troy, whoever the new coach down there at troy is going to be, might want to continue recruiting him. >> larry blakeny hanging it up after a long career with the they'll play tomorrow with louisiana lafayette.

>> samuel jackson? nope, not going anywhere. that was ledbetter with his third tackle of the night. >> energy now here from the tucker defense. it's interesting, after half time we talked about playing right now to tucker defense,

they're playing a zone defense right now. >> here's that play i was talking about a couple minutes ago. watch maurice williams. >> that's a ooey. >> that guy brings it. >> yeah, he does.

both of these teams are being real physical tonight. >> second down and 11, ball at the 46. heavy rush. they complete the pass to sam strosier finally catches up with him but not until jackson picks up a first down.

>> great blitz pickup that time in recognition by the mceachern i'm going to tell you, nice job by bailey hockman. that quarterback picks it up and realizes peterson is right in front of him. we talked about when they send pressure, they're playing a man

coverage, and when they're playing man, the defensive backs' backs are turned, so that's what's giving him long yardage. took a risk and got burned. >> handoff goes to jackson. sam jackson. another first down for jackson.

looks like he stepped out about a yard shy of the first down at the 23-yard line. jackson now at 98 yards rushing on nine carries tonight. >> yeah, jackson is taking over. remember, we saw him back mid-season against north cobb, he was actually the number 2

running back behind barra. but over the back half of the season, jackson really emerged. he's getting close to a thousand yards on the season. his 98 tonight gives him 987 for the season. >> he's got a great -- he gets downhill really fast.

don't do that to me, bailey. he left him out there in a big rahming takes a big hit from garrett rigby, the quarterback. he's also a free safety. >> little screen, nice hit. >> you remember, chuck, what coach lamar has told us, that garrett rigby, their

quarterback, is actually a better free safety than a that's a compliment to him, not a knock against his quarterbacking skills. >> it shows the kind of athlete he is to be able to do both. he's a big time prospect. >> third down and 1, jackson

stops, changes direction, picks up the first down. >> he's got quick little feet. i like jackson. >> trying to make the argument that he had fumbled the ball at the end of the play and he's not going to win the argument as jackson picks up the first half.

>> i describe him as little feet because when they move fast, you can't hardly see him. they look small. you can't see them because they're moving fast. >> yep. he's quick. first and 10, ball at the

19-yard line. >> still spreading them out >> hockman going for the touchdown, and broken up last nice play by peters. peters and rigby on the double coverage there. the target was rahming. and now it's going to be second

down and 10. >> i want our viewers to understand the importance of when i'm talking about man eyes when you play zone, now you have help, you got -- nothing can get over your head so it's harder to throw deep passes, and that's what tucker decided to do.

they're playing zone now to give the guys a chance, because really mostly the big plays have become deep throws from this mceachern offense. >> it may be a little late to make that adjustment. >> that's what zone does again. they're not playing man

you got guys in front sending a little pressure. tucker is still competing. >> holmes the intended target. and that was anton coleman with the big hit to separate clay holmes from the ball. now it's third down and 10. the clock ticks close to four

and a half minutes to play in this third quarter. >> now it looks like they're in man coverage. a little pressure. yep. the coach called it. he saw they didn't have the right play in the offense.

bailey hockman number 10 decided to go over and talk to dad. kyle hockman doing a good job making sure his team is in the right place because they were going to get a six-man pressure from tucker. some more score updates. >> let's take to you the lower

part of the bracket. we have an update from moultrie. under three minutes to go right touchdown king makes it 42-35 colquitt county, and they are leading, so we got 2:37 to go colquitt up seven in a game that's gone back and forth. >> what a game going on down

there in south georgia. >> they're going goo goo-gaga over it. when you're playing colquitt county down south, it's going to be a barroom brawl. >> only briefly as tucker been able to cut it to two scores since.

mceachern has led by as many as 31 points in this game. bailey hockman has been the story. i mean, this guy is going to be a huge story in the state for the next two years. just a sophomore rated by the sports composite rankings as the

number one pro quarterback in the class of 2017 and looking every bit of that here tonight. >> running room for barra tackled by peterson. third tackle for peterson tevarius peterson a jr. you were talking about him earlier, chuck.

a defensive end just now getting into the recruiting process as they bring out dominguez for another field goal attempt. >> i like that kid. he plays hard, gets after it, has a great frame. he can put on some weight, end up being a defensive end, could

end up being a linebacker at the next level in college. >> dominguez six for seven on already hit one tonight. this one is on its way. this one is good. caesar dominguez with a 38-yard kick. >> and mceachern takes a 55-28

>> grace, what you got down there? >> we talked about kyle hockman, bailey hockman, we've seen a lot from him on the field tonight. but coach kyle hockman, he's seen his own playing days. he had a great career on the football field himself.

he didn't play quarterback, he played tight end at bowling green university, which is his dad's alma mater. he is a hall of fame coach in the state of ohio, so kyle hockman spent many days out there on the field and he was named all mid-american

conference two times. he was a stellar titan in his crew of 110 receptions, 89 coming in his senior year. guys, not only that, he was also a star on the baseball team conference on the baseball team as well and earning mvp honors his junior year.

he comes from a football-playing family. we've talked to his father ken before, who was actually on his staff as an assistant coach until this past season, the first year his dad ken has not been on his staff, a legendary high school football coach

himself in the hall of fame in the state of ohio. and kyle, of course, has gone on to great things. his brother was a quarterback at kentucky, and of course his son is going to be a big time somewhere along the way once he gets done with what's going to

turn out to be an incredible high school career as this sophomore season. 36 touchdown passes and just five interceptions coming into tonight's game. he's thrown three more touchdown passes tonight. >> yeah, he's looking pretty

good, man, and maybe in two years he'll look pretty good and end up in knoxville. about that time we should be rolling! we'll just turn things around i got to imagine georgia, everybody -- he's a leftie, too. there's nothing sweeter than a

left-handed quarterback that can throw that ball. >> weems! hamilton finally catches up with him downfield at the 17-yard that's a 33-yard run by delvin weems. >> nice job by weems just fighting for every inch, still

playing hard. >> i think we might get 100 points tonight total. >> something you said earlier about the offense, about are they going to take a risk, they come out here to throw the ball. >> they can run the ball. >> yes, they can.

>> the problem is they can't stop mceachern. >> right now they're literally in -- >> there's not a wide receiver. i mean, that's -- nine guys on the line of scrimmage bunched together. >> that's all about attitude.

>> that's newt rockney football >> when you see that, they literally had a couple tackles in, wide receiver. that's old school. >> look at this. they finally break one guy out. >> and they're going to throw it to courtland rogers, and

actually, that's rogers that came out of the backfield. rogers was the wide receiver. he went into the end zone which opened up rush underneath, and he makes the pass catch at the 2-yard line for a down. >> nice play, nice catch, nice throw.

>> rush, a completion for rigby tonight for 39 yards. it gives him a first goal to go at the 2. now back to that nine-man punt. right at the television, my friend. you shouldn't have done that. that's going to be an ejection

you saw malik just throw a punt right there in your living room. >> well, you don't want the last game of the year possibly. he's a junior, malik, he'll have another opportunity. that's one of the things when you look back, you got to remember, you got your folks

here, you got your family, your friends, you don't want to embarrass your family now. >> i'm sure there were some things done to malik that weren't right, like that, but you can't do that. you cannot do that. threw a punch right at joshua

honu, the defensive tackle. josh kind of pushed him in the back of the helmet, which probably wasn't a nice and kindly thing to do. >> matt, who is the guy that gets called? >> the guy who throws the punch last, and malik clearly threw a

punch at him. >> that wasn't like a punch, that was like ali. that was like a knockout punch. >> he got his money's worth, that's for sure. >> yeah, he did. >> unfortunately for joshua honu, he is wearing a helmet so

nobody gets hurt. now, 37 josh ohonu, he's going to start pushing malik in the back of the helmet. he didn't like it. there you go. >> yeah, we want to make sure we go do it the right way. >> personal foul, defense.

after the play, personal foul, by rule these fouls will offset. >> the first guy who took a swing, who was that? >> ohonu kind of pushed him in the back of the head. >> that was still a personal foul. the other personal foul was a

foul and a pile-pile. >> malik is still getting the play, so i would count that as an early christmas gift for malik watts. i've seen players get ejected for less than that. >> it looks bad, but again, i played the game, and i've --

it's really not all that bad. >> rigby cut down before he could get to the end zone. woodley, the cornerback, making the tackle. nice open field tackle by tyler woodley, who has been offered by georgia state. that's his sixth tackle tonight.

>> nice play, good effort, good job. running to the sidelines. quarterback keeper. takes a run to the right. i want to see rigby on that one. garrett. go downhill, don't go sideways. >> he did not get in.

did he fumble the ball, too? >> it looks like he was down. fourth down. >> that was fourth down. he didn't get in. >> was that fourth down? >> the yard marker says it's third down, the scoreboard says it's fourth down.

now, which one is it? it is fourth down. >> the ref had it as fourth >> it is fourth down now. >> nice penetration by a plethora of indians. >> half the distance of about six inches or less. not much of a penalty here

against mceachern. >> the nose of the ball is literally touching the goal you can't get any closer. but what you're seeing is a submarine move by mceachern. >> goal line for mceachern. >> submarine technique, old school, like a '64 impala.

old school. that's been around forever. >> it all goes over and down. rigby never really got the handle on that, and the ball goes over inside the 1-yard rigby has a hard snap maybe from donovan carpenter. i know rigby had some words for

him there at the end of that >> josh ohonu, number 37, what happens is he's getting off from the ball so quick. the center is basically struggling to get the ball to the quarterback. before the ball can get to the quarterback, he's knocking them

>> so mceachern goes on offense now from their 99.5 yards away yard line. they're inside the 1. >> they need to run it here. i've seen crazier things. >> i wouldn't doubt if they take a shot right here. >> that's what i was thinking.

i didn't want to say it because at this point in the game, the game -- >> ball short, offense, passing distance to the goal. >> i don't think you could do a passing distance to the goal. there's not a passing distance >> you never know.

when backed up like this, this is another tendency when offensive coordinators have, to run the ball. >> holmes on the carry. tevarius and rigby making the that was probably the final play of the third quarter. >> let the clock run out.

>> that will bring the third quarter to a close. so 12 minutes away from mceachern making their second consecutive appearance in the semifinals. daniel has got the block, mcgee got a scoop and score, one of the many highlights for the

indians in that third quarter. >>> it's a crisp night here at hallford stadium, mceachern leading 55-28. we asked a trivia question earlier in the game. we asked what was the last cobb county team to win the state title in the state's highest

classification? the answer is marietta in 1967, and the winner is ball coach. coach, you sure do know your you'll be getting football fridays and georgia t-shirt so we'll send it your way. >> i believe that was 1967 marietta won the state title.

and i don't know, we would have to call in our historian john nelson to truly answer this question. i don't know that that counts as a state championship for cobb county. and, of course, marietta is in cobb county, but marietta is a

separate school system unto itself and not part of the cobb county school system. so technically a cobb county school system team has never won the state title, if i'm correct. >> you're getting real technical. real technical.

>> it was 1967. >> they get -- here we go up top from the 1. that's going to be a 99-yard if they don't catch rahming and they're not going to catch rahming. actually, it's going to be 97. >> fourth touchdown pass for

bailey hockman. >> i'm ready to hear, matt, what his total is now when it comes to total passing yards. offensive coordinator vance expense has caught a wonderful, masterful game today putting this quarterback in position to make some plays.

>> 435. 435. >> 62-28. he's not even breathing hard. >>> mceachern with a 62-28 lead on tucker here early in the fourth quarter, and this is a 97-yard touchdown pass from bailey hockman to t.j. rahming.

>> i mean, how about -- and rahming is going to go to duke, by the way. that's where he's committed. he's had a 97-yard touchdown catch in this ball game, a 35-yard touchdown catch and an 80-yard punt return for a >> he's had a heck of a day.

he's balling, man. we talked about it tonight. you live and die with your fire zones and blitzes, and on that play they sent six or seven blitzers and duke shelly was in man to man coverage, and when you began mannized, what's behind you if you don't make the

play? the end zone. nevertheless, to me, they've gotten what they wanted in the game at this point, run the clock out, and let this tucker team finish with a little there's no need in my opinion for another pass at this point,

especially from the quarterback who has been out there throwing all the touchdowns. >> you start thinking about going to colquitt. >> i believe it gives them a heck of a chance because you can't throw the ball that way. one of the things you see in

south georgia, you don't see the that's one of the advantages georgia has had in the last few years with some of the teams that are down south. >> so we know where the two 6a semifinals will be. one will be in moultrie and one will be at john nelson freezing

on the sideline. >> let's go to the final score from the colquitt game. milton was driving and they had a third down and a fourth down. there's your final right there, colquitt holds on 42-35 over milton. etua beat newton so etua

advances, and there are a couple games other than this one that are in play. everything else, we'll be letting you know about the final scores as we go into the fourth and the post-game show. >> john, i want you to elaborate on what i just said.

nobody knows football about the evolution of the passing game when it relates to south georgia and north georgia. >> when you're thinking of running games, i think probably the last five to seven years is probably when you saw all of the four and five wides and when it

became vogue in college, then you have the trickle-down to where, okay, we have to get the athletes ready for the college game, so we'll try to do the same things in high schools. then you have the 7 on 7 tournaments and everything to when you can protect the craft

12 months out of the year. and now, i mean, the only way that i can really describe what we're seeing is it's arena if your defense can stop the other guy once, you have an instant advantage because you're going to have these games that are going to have 49-45 final,

52 points up on the board, that kind of stuff. >> you're absolutely right. that's the definition of arena football, is that a good defense is the defense that can come up with a stop. just one stop and the game is on >> i'm amazed at watching these

last two weeks, watching archer, they're running at very detailed, sophisticated offenses. >> congratulations to etua. etua gets to the state semifinals for the first time. that's the good news. the bad news is you've got to go

play at archer and face an archer tigers team that scored 112 points the last two games. >> rigby on the run. a lot of hitting going on down the ball came out afterwards. >> this next game for the university of georgia if he stays true to that commitment.

there's ledbetter running it right there after rigby had fumbled. >> i like rigby's movement in that two-piece. a little of this, a little of >> that is andrew tarver, i believe. stop and drop is a preventive

for high school dropouts. we've asked students to present a 30-second speech that tells all about it. now you go to the website and vote for the psa you think is best, and the best psa wins a $2500 scholarship. you can go to gpb.com right

now/stop the drop and vote for the best psa. so andrew tarver finally helped up to his feet. >> i'm giving up on trying to predict what i thought was a great ball game. i thought we had an evenly matched contest here tonight.

that has not been the case. >> turnovers were the key, turnovers in the big plays really hurt this tucker team and mceachern, what else can you say about the explosiveness of the they took advantage of everything that tucker gave them tonight and then some more.

>> this is time when you put the youngsters to get a little action. there's some substitutions in here now. >> i wonder how many jv players these two programs brought along. i mean, it is thanksgiving

they might have let some of those jv players have the weekend off. >> the young guys all get in groups. get a shot of the sideline, you can find all the jv and freshman they're all piled trying to stay warm.

i've been there. look, look. i told you, man. >> they've got hoodies on and everything. >> they're all just sitting here just waiting for the game to end. trying to stay warm.

>> get close together, body heat, try to stay warm. >> look. it's cold out here. >> stand in front of the jet heater. penalty here against tucker. negate that run by weems. >> offense.

10-yard penalty, second down. >> right now you might be wondering why we don't have a running clock in the fourth it has to be a 30-point or more lead at the start of the fourth of course, it was not quite it was 27 points at the start of the fourth quarter, mceachern

having added another touchdown but too late for the running clock to take effect. >> this is a special time in these young men's careers and lives, and i just always remember back when we were -- every year when we were in high school when i was -- from the

ninth grade at clark central, we wanted to be the state champion. it started when i was in the sixth grade watching the big guys of the then you get to the eighth grade, you get to the ninth grade, you get close, you get close. this is an unbelievable journey

that really brings so much energy to your community, and that's what it's going to do for this mceachern cobb county community. and all the teams that are still playing, it just really brings together the community. and when we won that

championship, i mean, it was nothing like it for our community and the kids, and to this day, that's one of the all-time great moments that i remember and all the guys on the team and what it was like growing up in athens and being a state champion.

and we were 4a back then. that was the highest >> mceachern is trying to get there for the first time. they've only played in one state final. this is their 55th season of they've been playing football since 1960.

they got to the state finals in 1998. when a.j.suggs was their quarterback, he finished, was then under head coach jimmy dorsey. kyle hockman replaced jimmy dorsey as head coach seven years now mceachern is one step

closer. they'll be in the semifinals next week with one win to go to be in the state finals again. >> let's go to the 5a. chuck, you better warm up your phone and get in touch can cory jarvis. mays with no time left on the

clock. they were down 45-38. instead of kicking a field goal, they went for the touchdown and got it. they won 44-41. they advance. lower part of the bracket in 5a goes to stockbridge.

they were down 20-0 at one point, they outscored houseton county 42-2 from that point. they won 42-22. more in a sec. >> mceachern back on offense and with a new quarterback in there. cedric lee takes over at quarterback, number 12, a

junior. he probably had no idea he would be in the ball game tonight. >> i'm going to text jarvis. he's a good friend and i'm happy for the mays family. >> john may be able to answer this. who was the last city atlanta

team to make it to a state final? was that brown? brown made it to a state final, i think? brown no longer exists as a high >> now you'll have my frozen fingers working all the sources that i know.

>> grady got close. grady got to the semifinals. >> don't think they ever got >> wasn't grady the last city of atlanta champion when russell was coach? >> that was back in 1953. certainly there's been a city of atlanta champion since then.

>> i was doing a grady tangent. we have to get interwebbed. >> we do. kyle on the carry. but i think brown might be the last atlanta city school to make it to the finals. you're allowed to check that. all right, let's get back to 5a

here on the right-hand side of the bracket. we talked about the success in central georgia. upper right, we can advance. north side warner robbins great season at glen academy. northside wins 31-27. that was held in north valley,

and they will play the winter games in altoona, and we can advance the bucks. the first time ever in a final four for gary varner and his squad. great job that he's done there. they beat gainesville 24-17, so it's going to be northside and

altoona on the right-hand side of the bracket in 5a. >> altoona is still unbeaten. there's not a whole lot of unbeaten teams left. altoona is still undefeated. they're 13-0 headed to the mceachern is going to go back to the semifinals.

second consecutive year in the final four for the first time in school history. we'll get to the final 6:26 in a moment. >>> 28-point lead on the tucker let's go to john nelson. >> this is probably one of the toughest brackets i've ever

seen. upper left, we're advancing cartersville. cartersville comes from behind to beat sandy creek 35-31 at wyman stadium. great first year for jerry king, the head coach that took over for frank barden.

30-6 was your final score there, so it's going to be cartersville and buford, left-hand side of the coin flip. >> that's big for cartersville. >> it's been a while for the purple hurricanes. >> all right, guys, let's go to the right-hand side of the

bracket and let you know what happened in quad a, upper right. wes lawrence made his first trip to the quarters in 20 years. didn't end up successful. st. pius answers winning 31-13 over west llorens and st. pius plays woodward academy. woodward academy was in a

backward matchup. woodward 35-32 over north aconi. so it's st. pius and woodward next time. >> that might be the deepest the war eagles have advanced since the days of graham hickson. >> first day of the semis since 1980.

>> what is the box t offense? goes it was an old school -- >> think of wing t except in a square. >> that's exactly what it was. i think -- didn't notre dame or -- >> the notre dame box. >> graham hickson ran that thing

back in the day. >> elijah holyfield had a big i think he had one game where he had seven touchdowns and he had 124 yards last week when they beat burke county. >> has he had a lot of offers, >> not yet. but i think after this season

the numbers will go to what we refer to as the increase. >> broadwater gets hurt at the end of the play. been a big final play for nick broadwater, the senior who came in with 489 yards rushing on the broadwater here tonight. 172 on the ground on just 11

carries. so that's going to put him up -- >> that's a nice average. >> it's going to put him up over 650 yards here in his senior >> of course, the tucker tigers sent a lot of guys on to play in the national football league. i bet you might have played with

some of these guys, chuck, as we take a look at their list. dwayne harris watched them yesterday, returning kicks for the dallas cowboys. a.j.bourre. those were before your day. >> i didn't play with any of those guys, but all of them are

great players. i'm old school, man. >> i was trying to think if you might have played with patrick >> probably. >> he was with the patriots. >> he started winning super bowls in 2002. >> you want to talk about a

football as a rule tour? -- vulture? patrick pass. he retired in 2002, around that >> that was the year they beat the greatest show on tour? yeah, that super bowl was the greatest show on turf. >> they beat the titans.

>> actually, my buddy, a former tennessee titan great, was in he's in town from nashville, and when i realized how tight the booth was going to be at the game, he said, i'm going to sit this one out. he's probably watching right now, but he's down for

thanksgiving, him and his family, enjoying the atlanta lovely cold weather. >> tommy renfroe takes it in for the touchdown, so congratulations to tommy renfroe, the senior running back, third touchdown of the night, what will be the final

game of his high school football career. he gets a touchdown to cap it >> i think we have an answer to our question. >> about the city of atlanta school? gpb's own sam crenshaw. southwest atlanta was the last

aps school to win the state title. >> really. there's the two-point conversion pass complete tevarius peterson, and that makes it 62-36. southwest atlanta, yeah. i think brown might be the last team to have played in the state

that was the point i was trying to make. i know brown didn't win it about 20, 25 years ago. but south atlanta, that was back in the 1970s when tony flanagan played quarterback for southwest atlanta and went on to play for south georgia.

>> nice job, sam crenshaw. >> more work for you to do, sam. sam will be joining us on state championship weekend, the seven title days. >> what is sam's homework assignment? >> my fingers are frozen and i can't work the iphone anymore.

but sam, who was the last city that atlanta played in a final? i think it was brown. i'm guessing it was brown. >> 1990, 42-8. does that sound right? >> that could be it. i knew it was about 20 or 25 years ago.

>> let me know when you guys we can do that, too. >> you can go ahead. it's not like it's a close game or anything. >> let's let him kick it off. >> we can kind of see what's going on. >> you just keep talking.

if something big happens, we'll let everybody know. it's 62-36. >> let's go to aaa, shall we? we'll start things off in the upper left-hand bracket. here's washington county. it's a big night for the house of pain.

washington county, it was 14-13 at one point. waco, final score 55-27 as a.j. gray is making his statement for player of the year in the state of georgia. lower bracket, jefferson advances in overtime. >> the dragons.

>> that's blessed trinity that wins. i gave the wrong information. that's completely my fault. blessed trinity wins 28-21 in overtime. washington county and blessed trinity next week. that's what i get for reading

the wrong circle on my piece of paper in cold weather. >> your eyes are frozen. >> on-side kick attempt fails. there's the blessed trinity. blessed trinity 28-21 in that's a final. right-hand side of the bracket, if i can read my handwriting --

>> calhoun. >> -- calhoun beat elbert county 19-17 at the reed tonight, and they get westminster. westminster makes it through by beating hart county by a score of 14-0. it was 7-0 at the half. 14-0 final.

so westminster's last trip to the semis, 1996. 1996. >> congratulations to -- >> where were you, dr. rush, in 1996? >> i was on the falcons. >> matt and i were on the sidelines and up in the booth

doing stuff. we were probably talking about you on saturdays and sundays. >> i was probably mad in 1996. that was not a great year. >> was that the -- >> i don't remember, did we go to playoffs that year? we lost to green bay, or was

that in '95? that was '97. it was '96. >> you and june didn't quite see eye to eye on some things. >> no, no, no, no. >> you're going to straighten us >> i didn't see eye to eye what gene was doing.

he was cool with me. >> it was jeff george who didn't see eye to eye. >> gene was cool. i got a chance to see gene before he left smu and we did a few clinics together, and he'll be talking about the in tri intricacies of his running

shoot. what did ryan call it, the chuck and duck? you look at all the teams now putting four and five wides out. gene was a little ahead of his >> you want to talk about aa? >> now, this is the backup quarterback who is down on the

field from mceachern. watch how he gets hurt. this is cedric lee. that's a non-contact injury. >> was it in the plan on that right leg? >> he's calling a timeout. >> hopefully he's okay, but he came running into the huddle.

it looked like his -- >> his knee buckled a little his ankle got twisted or knee. he tried to slam on the brakes as he came to the huddle and his leg just gave out on him. >> i hate to see that. no one even hit him. it was non-contact.

>> i want to catch everyone up on aa. we'll start in the upper left bracket while we're waiting to see what's going on on the we have brooks county beating herd county. they were down 34-28 late. benedictine beat savannah 28-10.

right here atlanta christian beat vidalia. they were up 20-0 and won 34-22. fitzgerald, no problem with pace great run with pace academy coming up 27-5. brooks county, benedictine on the left, bca fitzgerald on the >> they're helping cedric lee

off the field. hopefully he's okay. i've never seen a player get hurt running into the huddle. it's been a crazy night. >> it's kind of cold out here. >> kind of? >> then you got your winters here in class a and public

private. marion county won. the first game of the day actually kicked off at 5:00. hawkinsville beat charlton county in overtime, 12-6. they shut out calhoun county. nobles get a big win tonight beating doolin county.

aquinas won 21-6. prince avenue christian beat eagles landing, christian 47-17. 35-14 over savannah christian. demetrius robinson about come back for his final season. and we'll discuss this deep and in depth in the post-game. >> now on front for mceachern.

>> i've got a question for you guys after this play. >> mceachern just got rough, so they'll get the ball back. unnecessary. >> totally unnecessary. he didn't even try to put his arms out to block it. >> no, it's like, i'm going to

take my frustrations out on the punter. >> who is hotter on 6a? let's watch a replay real quick and show what happened. i'm just going to knock down the punter because i'm mad and we're losing 62-36. >> so who is hotter in 6a,

mceachern or archer? >> that's a good question. >> archer because they're back in their locker room already. their game ended about an hour and a half ago, so they're definitely hotter than mceachern because it's 34-3. >> 15 yards, automatic first

>> both teams have good quarterbacks now. both of them. i don't know if that's a good call, though. archer is hot. when you put up a number like this, you can't -- >> two weeks in a row.

>> that's true. but no one has done what mceachern is doing here to tucker when it comes to defense. their defense hardly gave up anything all year. >> what tucker did coming into 6a, scheduling the weak zero matchup with norcross, and then

playing miami booker t. on this field to get ready for life in 6a, in the region they were in to play a team like lovejoy and getting ready for 6a football, that's what you have a lot of copies doing these days is that non-region schedule, get you set up for seasons 2 and 3 and brian

lamar has done a great job with this team his first year in 6a. >> when you realize he only returned four stars, young team. he's doing a good job, no question about that. >> jeffrey young, who is in there as running back, taking the handoff from t.j. rahming,

just fumbled the ball, so tucker gets it back. if you think back to our pre-season poll, mceachern and archer were all ranked in the top three of our pre-season poll in the gpb 6a top 10. of course, mceachern dropped quickly because they lost their

first two games, archer lost their first three games, but both of those teams had returned really to the level that we anticipated they would be at when -- way back in august when we started voting on these >> and with the health that archer was having, the health

issues that archer was having to go through early on, and i'm sure a lot of people sat there and said, okay, you've got three losses coming out of the blocks, and your three losses and they just kind of let you go, and all of a sudden you're helping and you see what ends up happening.

>> it says a lot about the coaches also, the kind of coaches they have that, you know, teams, their mind frames, when you come out 0-2, 0-3, it affects your mind. it can affect your team and it's something to be said about the management of the coaches

managing these players, and keeping them focused because when you start 0-2, remember, you're going to school the next day, it's nobody saying you're going to win a state championship when you start 0-2. >> chuck, let me ask you this. as a high school athlete, a

college athlete or a pro athlete, when you've been 0-2, 0-3, the conversations in the locker room amongst the players, amongst the coaches and all that stuff, what's that like? >> it depends who your coach is, but most coaches who i've been around, they're always talking

about really you can only worry about winning the next game because you can't control what happens behind you. and, you know, any coach i have, particularly i would say using my high school coach billy henderson, even though we never started 0-2, the point is with

most coaches, you got to remember, these teams, there are lots of different personalities on the team. you got to learn to manage lots of different personalities from different backgrounds, but most of them were that one game philosophy that's been around a

long time. focus on one game at a time. one game. >> well, i was trying to figure out what happened here while you guys were talking. tucker called a timeout with 1:47 to play, down 36 points. and all the mceachern players,

they spread out a little bit more but for a moment there, they were all like gathered together like a herd of elephants over there. the whole team, like, packed in together in about a 10-yard frame. >> that's called we're cold.

the game is over. everybody here, look how close they are. they're cold. >> usually they're spread out over about 35, 40 yards. i mean, everybody is all packed in there together. they're ready to get on the bus

and get out of here. and i think kyle hockman was probably a little perturbed that tucker used the time-out there. this game long since decided. everybody gets three time-outs and the game is 48 minutes long. you got to play it out to the >> yeah, and a lot of guys over

there talking about the excitement, what's going to happen when we get back. they're probably hungry, too. there's a lot of energy out first thing you do, get those showers over with, get on that bus and get the snack. >> it's about three and a half

hours running now. >> oh, and sam crenshaw apparently has an answer to our trivia question. 1973 is when all that stuff was that we were talking about. thank you, sam. see you at the georgia dome in a couple of weeks.

sam bryant on the carry right of this ball game. and the mceachern indians, it looks like tucker wants to run one more. >> better get it off. >> and that is going to finally be the end of the game. mceachern 62-36.

indians advance to the state semifinals for the second consecutive season under kyle hockman, first time in program history, the 55-history of the school they made it back to back final fours. indians have now won 10 of their last 11 games.

they are 10-3. they will play at colquitt county in the state semifinals next friday night. >> bailey hockman is here to stay. he is a playmaker and he's going to be one of the top players in >> congratulations to the

mceachern indians big night for bailey hockman who goes for 435 yards and four touchdowns and mceachern marches on. tucker has their season come to a close at 10-3 stopped here in the quarterfinals tonight. now down to john nelson. to the colder climbs, big night

for the quarterback, 45 and 4 is the numbers they're using upstairs of the great win for you tonight. >> some really good players helps a lot. it was a good night. defense played well except for a couple big plays and special

teams, got some scores on special teams, and took care of the ball for the most part, and, you know, bailey played well, and obviously t.j. and tyler is pretty special. i got a lot of good players. i'm just very blessed, and i just want to praise jesus.

>> i was going to say, when you have all of these tremendous athletes on one side of the ball who are as talented as they are, how special a team is this and how special a team could it be? >> you know, we'll find out here next week, you know. we're in the semifinals, so it's

a pretty darn good team, so, you know, we'll let that take care of itself. you know, you got good players, it takes more than just three or four good players. you got to have a whole team at every position, whether it's kickers and all, the whole

facet. we'll find out, but i'm very proud of our guys. well, go celebrate and we'll catch up with you down the road. >> we'll send it over to mark and clair because the postgame show starts right now. >> the postgame show does indeed

kick off right now. >> get me over the top. we've been doing it really well what was the conversation like in the huddle? >> just trying to make a play. i talked to billy and he said let's go for it. the quarter ended and we talked

about it for a minute. i told bailey, throw it out there and i'm going to go get >> do you guys draw stuff up in the huddle and say go for the car and turn left at the bumper like we used to do in the street? >> the coach comes out with a

game plan and we just execute >> let's talk about the execution of the game plan. you're going on the road next you're going to colquitt. i know you've had about seven seconds to process that, but what's this ride been like for you this past week?

>> we're such a good team. that's what i think carries us the farthest. we're such a good team and we work so well together. >> one last question. coming off the start to where you are now, what's that ride been like from the beginning to

now heading to a semifinal? >> we only get better and just keep going right to the top. >> now, t.j. is going to keep running. i know bailey is going to walk. go celebrate, guys, get warm. we'll send it back to the set. >> mceachern has won 10 of their

last 11. they're going to colquitt county, the only undefeated team in 6a. >> their fans are very proud of that fact. we'll see if they can keep the record going next week. >> mceachern and tucker, let's

check out early on. the handoff goes to number 1 and sam jackson goes 48 yards, puts the mceachern indians on top 7-0 and they were on top to stay. later, bailey hockman hits tyler smith. that's t.j. rahming right there with the touchdown.

a little later we have tucker handing the ball off. delvin weems, he makes it 21-7. bailey finds t. v. rahmen on this one. he makes the catch. stops, spins around, finds the touchdown, makes it 28-7. tucker played great all day long

defensively. they tried hard. here's the fumble. scooped up there by akeem peters. he rambles in. this cuts the lead 28-14 at the the special teams play, blocked punt, cameron mcgee scoops it up

for mceachern. they go on to win this game 62-36. colquitt county remaining undefeated beating milton 42-35. archer all over hillgrove 56-13. etua advancing over newton 43-29. beating gainesville 24-17.

jones county losing to mays. mays back to win it 48-41. it is buford. the wolves are up defeated beating merrick. larson county over pierce and gac undefeated. they beat vidalia 34-22 and john nelson is going to have more

scores and all the brackets coming up in just a second. so there we have it right there. how about that? >> that was a lot of scores. >> and john has more coming up. >> and now joining us is our social media correspondent grace olson, and grace, people are

fired up on line. what are they talking about? >> there is a lot going on on line just like with john and his i'm going to continue the social media coverage. we always tell you about the gpb football app you can download. it's free and it has a lot of

dandy things you can do on if you go to the game you're interested in it automatically includes the hash tags of those teams. we have the northside warner robbins game. a fan tweeted this photo of getting ready to go.

we want you to do the same. next week is the semifinals like we've been talking about. we want you to tweet your photos from wherever you are or just your messages for how your games are going or your updates because we share those back with everybody throughout our games.

and next week's game will be on social media tomorrow on facebook and on twitter. as soon as we confirm which game will be broadcasting, we will let you know because we know everyone is excited to find out which game will be on tv, so make sure to follow us on

twitter and like us on facebook for that information because it's bound to be a good one coming up next. thanks so much, grace. we're going to let you get back to checking out the ipad. >> i'll have more to come, hopefully.

>> sounds good. >> we had 98 scores in this our gpb play of the night. he hauls it in on his own 20-yard line and then streaking down the sideline, 80 yards for the punt return to make it 42-14 and blow the game completely open.

another look, t.j. rahmen, number 21, he goes 80 yards for the touchdown on a punt return. and that is our gpb post-game ready to take it to john nelson. >> john, you've got scores, you've got brackets, you've got big chuck smith. take it away.

>> the only thing i'm missing is oxygen. >> he's still burning. he's burning up. >> dr. rush told me to breathe through my nose. so i'm breathing through my nose to try to get my wind here. let's go to 6a and we'll go

through them real quick to let you know who the winners are and we'll have dr. rush give his on etua gets through, etua ends up with the win 43-29 tonight. they will play the winner of hillgrove and archer, and we've seen archer dominating archer and etua, next round.

>> archer will be hard to slow down, but etua plays some good >> mceachern, 62 points tonight. they get colquitt county and that's going to be a great game and a big road trip for mceachern to have to go to mac clark to play them. >> it will be an experience like

they've never seen down there in colquitt county, because they are going to pack that place and be loud and rowdy. >> loud and rowdy is how they are in moultrie. 5a, jones county and mays. you got to talk to your guy cory driver.

43-41. mays and stockbridge, two teams i don't think anybody outside mays and stockbridge thought they would make it to the semis. >> coach jarvis works all day and night, one of the best coaches i've been around and a good friend.

the kids love him at mays. >> right-hand side, north side warner robbins advances. they beat glenn academy. great win for hidalgo. region 2 goes on to play altoona. the surprise there, the big running game, josh batista and

josh allman. next week north side and that's going to be a big matchup the biggest issue now with northside warner robbins is going to be the turf. is the turf going to be ready or the grass going to be ready because they had to play tonight

in fort valley. in 5a, i'm going to still catch my breath here, so pardon me. quad a top left, cartersville comes from behind to beat sandy creek 35-31. great first year for joey king and the purple hurricanes. they play buford, and this is a

coin flip match s up, cartersville and buford. >> buford, tough team. they know about championships, it's going to be a great game. >> they've won 38 straight games, buford was. right-hand of the bracket, st. pius beats west llorens.

the program hadn't had a winning season since 2005. great run for west llorens, so st. pius and leveer against woodward academy and their running game. >> there's a guy we heard a few times, holyfield, but if he can keep keep competing like he's

competing, he'll take them far. >> that game will probably be over in an hour and 45 minutes since both sides like to run the aaa, a.j. gray, that game was 14-13 at one point. washington county 55-27. blessed trinity. head coach tim mcfarland.

he's been able to build there with the titans, washington county and blessed trinity on the left-hand side. right-hand side, calhoun, always a tremendous effort from calhoun. they won 19-17. that game was tied at 10 at one

they play westminster. calhoun and westminster. westminster broke a losing streak last week. fourth semifinal since 2003. calhoun and westminster on the right-hand side of that bracket. >> i like westminster. they've done some good things

with that program and they're on the upswing. >> double a. maurice freeman, one of the coolest guys you'll ever meet. loves to bring the hammer. malcolm parrish is at georgia great brooks county effort tonight beating herd county

dunson. brooks county wins 35-34. benedictine, they advance beating lovett. the big road trip, pack a lunch, pack a dinner, having to go to benedict and win. danny and his bunch advancing to the semis.

brooks county and benedictine. winners over vidalia, lowwright fitzgerald. unfortunately, they ran into a buzz saw in fitzgerald tonight 49-21 at j.c. stadium. greater atlanta and fitzgerald. we've seen those two before in that right-hand side.

>> fitzgerald ran a long time. they've got a long tradition at fitzgerald and produced a locality of speed, a lot of fast guys i've known over the years at fitzgerald. >> single a public. marion county advances tonight, winning 53-14 over mt. zion.

that game was tied at seven at one point, marion county making a push for a repeat in single a public. they will play hawkinsville. hawkinsville was the first final that game kicked off at 5:00. sometimes coaches like to do things early because of travel

in high school. that you know about. >> they fumbled in the first play on the top half of the hawkinsville scored. marion and hawkinsville, two of five teams going up in the public part. lower bracket, cna public on the

bottom, you're going to have calhoun county and commerce. calhoun county's victory last week was their first ever in the but commerce comes through. we can advance them. commerce last time that we kind of saw them this deep was the monte williams year.

doing a great job there with the commerce -- now let's go to private real quick and get through those. calvary day, 35-21. that was an m.c. anderson. calvary day made it to the championships last year, so mike stroud and his group making

another run there. they had to shuttle in four quarterbacks last week because their starting quarterback was injured. they had a linebacker taking snaps at the quarterback in the past week. so calvary day gets the win

prince avenue christian, pac advances over eagles landing christian. eagles landing christian had a tremendous non-region schedule. they came into the playoffs at 4-6. now you had calvary day and prince avenue.

>> prince avenue, they've done a magnificent job of building that program up. >> his time at camden county. that's the top half of the private bracket. aquinas, we saw them beat them 21-6. mt. perrin christian.

beating savannah christian 45-17. end of the year for demetrius robinson. you'll have a stout parrish and a running game in st. pius. here's the big overview. what do you take from tonight that you take into tomorrow?

>> i take from tonight that this team right now at mceachern is explosive on both sides of the ball and they have everything it takes to win a state championship. >> that is why he is dr. rush. i hold no such pedigree. i am just john.

we are going to send it downstairs to mark and clair to put a bow on it. >> john nelson telling us calvary day was working with four quarterbacks, one linebacker this week. those are the kind of research these guys are doing for you

viewers out there. >> i've seen it. he spends a lot of time on the internet. watching highlights! >> wait a minute, wait a minute. >> looking at scores! >> just checking. >> it's all for you at home,

that's all i'm saying. he spends the time on the internet so you don't have to. that's the sacrifice he makes for all of you at home. >> and you can get it all on the app, all of this information you can download it on the gpb sports app if you haven't done

so. go to gpb.org/sports, all the information you need. if you don't have the app, you can check it out on the web like those of us on androids. we are working with the android version, but you can go to the app store and get the gpb app.

back downstairs and maybe my lactic acidosis may get better in the next hour. >> we've told you guys the big announcement, twitter and facebook find us, gpb sports as always. that's where it will be official.

when it's official, we will let you know. that's where our crew will be heading next friday, so be sure to check us out. and i have to say if there is any hash tag that's trending right now in southeastern football, those packers are an

excited bunch and they are really just taking up the twitter waves, if you want to call it that right now, and one of them i just have point out a funny one. he goes, bad day to be a dog, great day to be a hog. colquitt county packers.

>> if only the other hawks could have helped us out there. oh, well. >> as we mentioned at the all access pass. this is clair broadcasting with us tonight. we're going to miss her. she's going to other endeavors.

you've done a fantastic job the last two years as one of my co-hosts and one of the leaders here at gpb sports. we're going to miss you. we thank you for all of your contributions and everything you've meant to us and we're going to miss you.

>> i'm going to make it through this one without crying. thank you, guys. >> aww. >> thanks, guys. >> take us home, then. >> that is it for tonight's football fridays and post game show for the mceachern versus

tucker game. >>> next we'll be your home for the big dance, the football fiesta. the gpb championships as we move into the semifinal round. >> after tonight, just 28 teams remain on the road to the georgia dome.

>> for all of us here at gpb sports, we have you covered every single friday night all the way to the championship games in the georgia dome in december. as grace said, we're going to put the game up we're going to have for you as soon as we know

where we're going. you will know on facebook and twitter, right, grace? >> that's right, facebook and twitter. that's the place. >> until next friday night from somewhere in this great state of georgia, have a great week.

thank you, clair sims, and so long, everybody!

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