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Comfort Home Furniture

Comfort Home Furniture

the slumber air mattress system from la-z-boy is one of the finest upholsteredproducts produced in the north american furniture industry. setting up the slumber air mattresssystem is a straightforward operation that will only take a few minutes andrequires no tools. first remove all loose cushions important do not place water or otherliquids inside the air cushion mattress. the aircushion mattress is intended for air only. do not placehot or sharp objects on top of,

or near the mattress which couldpenetrate the quilting and damage the air cushion mattress. grasp the handle located in the centerof the deck and lift in an upward direction andthen out. step backward and pull the sleeper mechanism out to the first extended position. whenit reaches this position the center support legs of themechanism will be firmly in place on the floor. reach over and grasp the center of theone piece

front leg. pull up and lower the leg tothe floor revealing the full bed surface. plug theslumber air mattress pump into the electrical outlet near yoursleep sofa. unzip the two zippers in the upper right hand corner of the mattressto gain access to the valve. check to make sure the release valve isclosed and locked in place. do this by pushingdown on the outer rim with your thumbs. do not push the middle of the valve, anddo not push it to the side when closing as damage may occur. remove theprotective cap by turning it counterclockwise.

align the mattress pump to the valve andconnect them together do this by turning the pump clockwiseuntil the pump engages. the pump automatically starts when it isfully engaged. hold the pump in this position until themattress is filled with air which should take about 35 seconds. thetone at the pump will change when the mattress is full and no more air is going into themattress. disconnect the pump from the valve by turning the pumpcounterclockwise. replace the protective cap and properlyseal by turning the cap clockwise

until locked into place. zip the twozippers in the upper right-hand corner of the mattress to close the quilting. unplug the cordfrom the electrical outlet. you're now ready to add the bedding oradjust the amount of air into the mattress to accommodate yoursleeping preferences. to soften the slumber air mattressremove the protective cap and release the air likely push down themiddle of the valve with your fingers. to firm the mattress remove theprotective cap and and air connect the mattress airpump to the valve

as described previously and continue tomake adjustments until you reach the desired comfortlevel. of

Comfort Home Furniture

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