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Home Depot Lawn Furniture

Home Depot Lawn Furniture

my name is eloy i live in florida i built my patio from scratch from the groundup it's been 3 or 4 years since i created this since then the furniture has shown signs ofdamage in florida we get heavy sun just about allyear when there's no sun then it's heavy rain there's a lot of punishment on furniture and everything outside

so i feel it's time to make repairs before the patio furniture is beyond salvation i start with removal of boards that i cansee signs of damage on the rot is very evidanti was hoping to remove the damaged boards in one go but it's not working out that way the front skirt did come off in one piecethough i was hoping to do patch work on the boards

just replacing the sections half way downthe seat planks so i'm using the circular saw to try that at this point i'm thinking i can get awaywith replacing only the damaged sections now that i'm pulling the back rest boardsi'm starting to notice there's also rot damage to the structure i'm starting to think that this is going tobe a bigger job than i expected i'm now going to replace all the boardsi was wishful that i could fix them in sections

but that's not going to work this is a lot of damagewe're going to have a bit of work ahead i'll remove the damaged boards so i canhave a clean area to work with and pick up the mess and toss it in a heavytrash bag let's bust out the saw i have damage to the privacy back supportit's rotted between the seat and base so it's not giving the support it needs i need to cut through all the screwsso i can tear out the vertical support and add a new one

i have more screws on the bottom hereso i'm working on those now once the support was removed i'm painting the exposed wood to protect itfrom the elements i'll paint the new boards with the outdoorpaint i bought at the home center i took a sample piece of wood so they couldmatch the color the color ended up a bit darker than the original but it's close at least in tone

plus i picked semi gloss this time i think it will protect the wood more becauseof the sheen this is the back support 2x4 that will stabilizethe structure now i have to measure and cut new 2x4sand recreate the frame i'll cut the pieces to size and test fit let's remove the remaining boards i keep finding more rot damage to the frame

the back rest on the furniture has an incline i managed to get a full piece off withoutbreaking i'll use it as a template to cut new pieces so i'm drilling holes so i can attach theback boards to the vertical support i don't want the wood to crack or split so it's a good idea to do it this way now we'll assemble the base frame for theseat section and we'll brace the seat frame to the backsupport

the screws that connect this seat frame aresolid i don't want to tear this one apart so i cut out the rotted part so i'm adding extra 2x4s and rebuliding itin this manner i'll build up this end area the same way though there's rot it's pretty solid plus the screws that i would need to removeare not going anywhere so let's add screws and secure the new seatframe

dry testing the seat boards to see if it allfits right this section of the back is rotted but i don't want to remove the whole board so i'll add a patch to it this piece will have a long bolt running throughit and it will brace the furniture to a metalpost i have it'll give the patio furniture more stability this is how it fits and we'll fasten now

it's coming along let's add the seat boards now i'll paint my restored patio furniture and wrap up the project check out the finished results i'll leave links in the discription for the tools i used on this project subscribe for more video's catch you next time

Home Depot Lawn Furniture

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