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Aspen Home Office Furniture

Aspen Home Office Furniture

hi, this is jason with jhe’s log furniture place. come visit us at www.logfurnitureplace.com. today we’re gonna walk out in the factory here and take a look at a nearly finished cedar lake widescreen log tv stand. this tv stand has two of its four coats of clear finish applied.

a solid two inch thick top graces the top of the tv stand. it’s a solid, two inches thick with a natural front edge. the sides are then draw knifed and rounded. two openings for dvd players or receivers are found on the top of the tv stand. under the openings you’ll find four doors.

the doors are flush mounted with european hinges and open up to reveal nice storage space for dvds or other accessories. our naturally aged, hand peeled cedar logs are found on the corners of the widescreen tv stand. the sides are made of a tongue and groove. the tongue and groove

sides add a nice touch and blend in with a lot of cabin interior walls. here’s another look at the tops of the widescreen tv stands. you can find your widescreen tv stand on our website at www.logfurnitureplace.com. feel free to order online or over the phone. our toll free number is 877-564-3876.

Aspen Home Office Furniture

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