Senin, 24 April 2017

Home Depot Furniture

Home Depot Furniture

you can track hurricane danny right here on cbs 4 and in the weather section. it was like a scene from the movie fast and furious, this was not on the open road when a band of thieves rip off a home depot furnitur in fort

lauderdale. the 99 was captured on a cell phone camera. ted scouten is live with details. what a wild scene, this was monday night. this is at the intersection of sun rise boulevard.

the crooks wheeled out $2,000 of power tools and took off. a chaotic scene on a quiet a shopper was rolling during a theft in progress. the crooks jump into the car ready to speed off with hammer drills. people are catching on.

you can tell at this point, the cat was out of the bag, they were still involved with the magazine. a -- merchandise. a customer tries to block them in. a home depot furnitur employee puts a cart behind them.

that doesn't slow them down. the two women and one man take off not worried about anyone who might get in their way. if you were in the way, if i was walking down an aisle you would have been hit and hurt. people were stunned how bold the crew was, they wheeled the

shopping cart to a waiting car and took off. all in just seconds. they didn't bother closing the trunch. the goal was to get out without being caught. i got most of it. i got his face and the girl's

face too. whoa. my hands are shaking. the folks believe they may have hit before, there were two women and one man, one woman

Home Depot Furniture
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