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Grand Home Furniture

Grand Home Furniture

hello sleepyhead's is me brandy at simplysleep! today we're just going to talk about the customizationfeatures of our organic all natural latex mattresses which is perhaps my favorite featurei feel that it's the true sign of luxury. being able to build it the way that you wantit and unlike any other mattress on the market these you can actually see, touch and feel.for example after we've remove the cover which we have already taken the liberty of doingyou'll have three layers of latex your choice of dunlop or talalay available in soft, mediumor firm. so today for demonstration purposes we're going to use our mini mattress if youwill to show you exactly how that works. as i mentioned i've already unzipped the coveron the large mattress and this is exactly

what we encourage you to stop by and do herein our showroom any other mattress that you go and try at best you can lay on it and pressinto it to get a feel for it but these you can actually unzip remove the cover from andfeel what's in it! so these are comprised again three layersof latex this for example is a soft talalay, the next is a medium dunlop a little firmerand then we have a firm dunlop which is much firmer and heavier. i wish that like myself you could see andfeel these because even now there is a difference even before you lay on them you can feel thedifference in them. so we really encourage you to stop by anytimeand just give them a try and see what we're

talking about and then ultimately how thatrelates to the mattress and will definitely help to benefit your sleep. so let's say for example you prefer a firmermattress. we would suggest starting off with a firm dunlop for your base and then fromthere we would suggest perhaps a medium dunlop. you can do two firms but we've never had anyonetry that and actually like it even if they thought so in the beginning because it isbeyond rock hard and then we can do perhaps a soft dunlop. then if you like something on the softer sidemaybe you'll start with the medium dunlop base and build up from there. but that's thebeauty of these mattresses we have as many

layers as you need here in the store to helpyou try as many configurations as necessary to find the one that's just right for youand no longer do you have to settle if you're that person it prefers the pillowy soft feeland your partner prefers the rock hard you can each have your mattress built to yourspecifications even in a queen-size like you see here! so please anytime stop by say hi, touch them,see them, fill them, give them a try and shop us on the web at simplysleephome.com. remember your mattress matters and you deservethe best!

Grand Home Furniture

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