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Davis Home Furniture

Davis Home Furniture

erika storm wasser: hi, i'merika, comedienne and host of "spacestv." i just movedinto a tribeca loft. but the only reason i was ableto afford it is because it's falling apart. but the place has great bones. it has so much potential. and luckily, i'm always downfor a renovation makeover project, which is why we aregoing room by room, with the help of my friends from"spacestv" and the design

savvy that i've picked up alongthe way, in turning this space from hot mess into aplace i can call home. so the kitchen comes rightoff of the foyer. and it's part of theliving room. so it's the huge thing that yousee, no matter where you are downstairs. and right now, itis pretty ugly. we have these awesome, cheapcabinets with equally as flimsy handles, or hardware,this really odd coppery-red

formica countertop, that'sjust horrendous. i actually like theappliances. i think those lookreally great. but there is no naturallight in here. but overall, we do havea lot of storage, which i really like. i love this counter. this island of copper, ithink, is really cool. when they built it, theymade it really,

really cheap, though. and they put it on, like, justrandom stock plywood. so it takes the entire chicfactor and takes it down. but overall, let'ssort of give this entire room a facelift. good morning. it has been another earlymorning where i have been awoken by the buzzer. but this time, it's not soterrible, because it is the

lovely brian kelsey. [drill whirs] brian kelsey: ready to rock. erika storm wasser: we aredoing the kitchen today. boys, how's it going? -it's going pretty good. erika storm wasser:[laughing]. brian kelsey: yeah. [laughing].

how do you feel? brian kelsey: fan-- [bleep]-- tastic. and that's not the screwdriverstalking. erika storm wasser: oh, isit on, the computer? sorry. brian kelsey: oh, look at it. it's only been inthis obvious-- erika storm wasser: so itis now later in the day.

the lovely brian kelseyis making his way. brian kelsey: where's mycruddy little sister? i mean, nobody is happy whenthey get to my house. brian kelsey: i'm happy. erika storm wasser: briankelsey, so hot right now. brian kelsey: success. erika storm wasser:brian kelsey. brian kelsey: no one'shotter than me. nobody.

erika storm wasser: what? brian kelsey: nobody'shotter than me. ha! erika storm wasser: ha! brian kelsey: ha! what about ryan gosling? do you think ryan gosling? brian kelsey: what's that? erika storm wasser: whatabout ryan gosling?

brian kelsey: uh, as far asdudes go, yeah, he's, uh, you know, he's, uh, you know. brian kelsey: he's anattractive fellow. erika storm wasser: do you knowthat they make chairs with ryan gosling'sface on them? brian kelsey: that's cool. erika storm wasser: peace out,"spacestv." wish us luck. the entire design was actuallyled by kenneth and davis, who also did the foyer, andthe living room,

and one of our bathrooms. so we popped the cabinetdoors off. and then, we power-sandedthem. then, we painted it high-glosswhite from benjamin moore. brian kelsey: now, theseare oversized handles. these are really large-- erika storm wasser: um, hmm. brian kelsey: --for cabinetry. but that puts it into that sortof modern kind of look,

what they were going for. erika storm wasser: and then,the countertops really are what started changingthe entire space. so it's a product calledthe icoat products. and it's a concrete overlay. and we have an entireepisode dedicated just to this process. so if you are as fascinatedas we were-- erika storm wasser: --youwill learn all

about the icoat system. these industrial lightingfixtures-- what we did was we spray-paintedthese white. they were green and dirtyand outdated. honestly-- brian kelsey: um, hmm. erika storm wasser: --itwas five minutes. you just sort of spray it. and boom, you were done.

and then, the floating shelvesis what really was like the final clincher. and we could have put a mirroror something silly. but it wouldn't havebeen usable space. and by putting the floatingshelves there, it was a place where we could accessorize. we could display things. and it sort of just tookthe entire kitchen and finished it.

brian kelsey: yeah, and it's agreat place to store things that are nice to look at. erika storm wasser: yeah. brian kelsey: you know, it'sstill a storage area-- erika storm wasser:definitely. brian kelsey: --but it'sa nice display. erika storm wasser: i love howthis kitchen came out. i can't believe i'm about to saythis, but i actually want to spend time in the kitchen.

thank you so much to kenneth anddavis, who led the design, all of the accessories fromhomegoods and global views. the cabinets-- the paintis high-gloss white from benjamin moore-- amazing. and the countertops-- 10-minute icoat-- i love them so much. make sure to check out thatepisode where we go through

the entire process of justthe countertops. and, of course, theblood, sweat and tears of yours truly. brian kelsey: uh,well, it was. i guided you through the work,and i kind of watched you. erika storm wasser: he gothis hands dirty, and he did all of this. so don't let him tellyou otherwise. thank you very muchfor your help.

brian kelsey: it wasmy pleasure. the only thing i require is,maybe, you could consider, now that you have this fancy newkitchen, you know, make me something, like, i likespaghetti and meatballs-- erika storm wasser:here you go. ok? brian kelsey: --and an apple. erika storm wasser: bye, guys. brian kelsey: thanks.

erika storm wasser: you havebeen watching "it's got potential." we're going to havea new episode every week. so subscribe to "spaces," andsee the entire transformation of my hot mess apartment.

Davis Home Furniture

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