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Home Depot Furniture Covers

Home Depot Furniture Covers

welcome to the suntouch mat installation video. this video is intended to give a general overviewof the installation process. please refer to the included installationmanual and local building codes prior to beginning any installation the products you need for this installationare the suntouch mat and suntouch sunstat. additional tools include a multi- meter, staplegun with 3/8ã“ chisel staples, a hot glue gun, scissors, and a hammer and wood chisel. before installing the mat, determine the locationof the sunstat. make sure this location is open and accessibleand not behind a closed door, in a closet,

or in a cabinet. we recommend a dedicated power line be runto this location. be sure to follow all local electrical andbuilding codes when doing this. drill or saw holes for conduit at the bottomwall plate. one hole is for routing the power leads andthe other is for the thermostat sensor. these holes should be directly below the electricalbox used for securing the thermostat. for most installations, we recommend a 4x4electrical box with a single gang mud ring. test the mat to ensure no damage occurredduring shipping by using a digital multi- meter.

set the meter to 200 ohms and connect probesto the power leads. for 120 volt mat connect to the white andblack leads. for 240 volt mat connect to the blue and blackleads. the ohm value measured should match what ison the product tag attached to the electrical lead. record this value in the installation manual. repeat this process for each of the leadsand the ground. these values should read open or infiniteas indicated by an ã’iã“ or a dash on the ohm meter.

next test the thermostat sensor. the sensor is included with the suntouch sunstat. set the multi-meter to 20,000 ohms. connect the probes to the leads of the sensor. this value will vary based on the temperatureof the room. when the sensor measures 75-degrees the resistancereading should be approximately 10,000-ohms. before laying the mat, be sure to thoroughlyclean the floor, removing all debris. feed the power leads from the mat up to thecontrol location. do the same with the sensor.

a factory splice connects the cold lead tothe mat. it is important not to bend this connection. depending on the thickness of the mortar used,it may be necessary to chisel out a portion of the subfloor to recess the factory connection. hot glue this into place. the mat can be manipulated to fit any typeof area using a combination of roll-overs and turns. the wire can also be removed from the meshentirely to cover odd shaped areas using a fill-in technique.

secure the mat in place with the use of astaple gun or hot glue. staple only the orange mesh. do not staple the blue heating wire. do not route mat under vanities or permanentfixtures. stay 4 - 6ã“ away from walls, vents, and thewax ring on toilets. once the end of the mat has been reached,attach the end splice to the floor with hot glue. it may be necessary to chisel a small portionof the floor depending on the thickness of mortar used.

the heating cable can not be cut or shortened. in most cases excess mat can be routed aroundthe perimeter in the 4-6ã“ gap, staying at least 2ã“ away from other installed mat, built-ins,and walls. once the mat is secure, itã•s time to installthe sunstat sensor. position the sensor parallel between the heatingelements. do not cross over the heating wire. hot glue the sensor to the floor. at this time, perform another resistance checkof all components. record these values in the installation manual.

we recommend using a 3/8ã“ thick polymer modifiedthinset. a self-leveling mortar can be used when installingunder laminates, hardwood, carpets etcetera. regardless of the floor covering, the matmust be fully encapsulated in a mortar bed. to install the suntouch sunstat thermostat,first remove the face plate from the base. take caution not to bend the internal connectionpins. it may be necessary to shorten the leads fromthe mat, however, be sure not to remove the id tag. connect the load leads to the mat and theline leads to the power in from the breaker. connect the sensor to the sensor terminals.

be sure that the id tag from the mat is leftin the electrical box for future reference. once all connections are made, secure thebase to the electrical box using the included screws. reattach the face plate to the base, takingcare not to damage the internal connector pins. at this time, briefly turn on the sunstatto test the system. do not leave the thermostat on for an extendedperiod of time. doing so may compromise the thinset duringthe curing process. you have now completed your suntouch electricfloor heating mat installation.

we are confident you will enjoy your new warmfloor for many years to come. to download an installation manual, or anyadditional technical support, please visit our website.

Home Depot Furniture Covers

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