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Home Depot Bathroom Furniture

Home Depot Bathroom Furniture

hi. i’m lorie marrero, creator of the clutterdiet book and on-line program, and today i have for you a master closet makeover. i’mgoing to share with you some tips that are particular to the master closet area of thehouse. but first i want to show you these amazing before and after pictures that wehave. the before you see here was a wire-based shelving system that was put in by the builder.the homeowner had been living with this for many years and it was just kind of okay, butthe contents outgrew the space and certainly outgrew the system that they had. so we rippedout, happily, all of those wire shelving pieces that were really kind of almost falling apartand we patched the walls and we painted the walls a gray color that matched the rest ofthe master suite, so it kind of made the closet

feel more unified with the area of the house,and then it even made this white closet system really pop against the walls. so we’ve beenreally happy to come in here and look at it. it just makes us feel good. so we’ve hada lot of fun with this installation. i used the closetmaid selective line for this closet,and i really like this for having a custom closet look at a diy price. so you can getthis at home depot furnitur. you can go on closetmaid.com and have their designers help you put togethera design with your measurements and then you install it yourself. so you’ve got thisgreat built-in look. you can have drawers here or you can leave this open with shelvesinstead, and you can also put cabinet doors on these pieces. basically this is a floor-basedsystem that you install by just pre-assembling

the cabinet units, like this piece here, andthe corner unit we have. and then you simply place those rested on the floor and they secureagainst the wall. so it feels very sturdy, and again, [pop] looks very built in and nice.so we really had fun with this. i wanted to point out with, you know, mastercloset areas, they’re often connected to the master bathroom. and sometimes the masterbathroom doesn’t have enough linen closet storage and we’re finding ourselves frequentlyoverflowing the linen closet storage into the master closet. so here we just made itofficial. don’t be afraid to do that. if you need linen closet storage, build thatinto your design. so we did here. we’ve got sheets and blankets that needed to bestored here. and we left them here on open

shelves, so that was easy to locate rightoff the bathroom. another thing i wanted to point out aboutmaster closets is that they’re typically walk-in closets. so when you walk into thecloset, don’t forget to turn right back around and look at the door for storage, becausethere’s an entire other wall there. not only the back of the door like we often talkabout on my videos, but the wall around the door. so you can see in this picture we’vegot hats, we’ve got tote bags, and we really maximized that space with just some simplehooks. but don’t forget about that other wall that you can take advantage of. another thing about master closets is thatsince they are typically the largest closet

in the house they often will house a lot ofkeepsakes and memorabilia. so we figured that into the design too. here you can see thatwe have some [pop] heirloom afghan blankets and quilts and baby blankets, and they arestored up high out and away from the rest of the daily flow of getting dressed. butthat is appropriate for a master closet. [pop] there are things that are family heirloomsthat need to stay somewhere safe and they don’t need to be in the garage or some spacewhere they don’t have climate control. so figure that into your design too. ask forexactly what you want and you just might get it. i hope you’ve enjoyed these tips today andi hope you like our little “before and after.”

if you want to see a lot more closet tips,we have a whole play list about closets on our youtube channel. you can see us at clutterdiet.tv.we’d love for you to subscribe, and love for you to comment and interact with us there. we’ll see you next time, and may you alwaysbe happy and grateful for having more than enough for home depot furnitur.

Home Depot Bathroom Furniture
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