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Comforts Of Home Furniture

Comforts Of Home Furniture

- hi guys and welcome to amanda muse. today i'm gonna bebringing you into my home. although you're always in my home really, let's be honest. but i'm gonna give you a proper tour. i also found some footagefrom before and afters. we bought this house justa little over a year ago, in, end of november of last year. and we did one majorproject where we hired

out some contractors andthe rest has been done 98% by dean, two percent byme, and two percent was like i carried a barn door into the kitchen. that barn door. that one right there. so, unbelievable when i'mlooking at the before and afters it still, it blows my mindhow much we've been able to get done in a year. it's like inviting friendsover when you haven't done a proper cleaning, i'm like(imitates nervousness).

i do not live in themost well manicured home. i love my home it is themost comforting place for me but i am certainly aminimalist in a lot of ways. so, you've been warned. and also there'soccasionally piles of laundry in random places so pleasesubscribe if you're new and hit the bell to getnotified because you know youtube has switched up their algorithms. if you wanna see my videos hit the bell.

that being said i hopeyou enjoy this house tour. and, here you go. so, our basement isunfinished at you can tell. but what we've done iswe've finished it partially. like just to give you reference,last year this time of year to sit in the basement wehad like a heater that we kind of suspended from the ceiling. it was so cold that if youdidn't have the heat blowing directly on you, youcouldn't exist down here.

however, thanks to youtubeand mama havin a job which is thanks to you guys, so thank you. i've been able to makesome upgrades in my house which is amazing so thisis partially finished. dean's gonna be applyingsome river rock, some stone around it but this puppyis on a thermostat and it's always at like, rightnow we have it at 77. so it goes between like74, 77 depending how cold it is outside, andit's just always warm down

here and it's almostheated up the whole place. so half of the basement's unfinished. i'm not gonna take you over there because really, there's just a washing machine and a bunch of shit (laughs) a bunch of stuff. storage area, a pantry,deans tools are everywhere. that's something that i'dlike, that's my next thing. i wanted to get it tohim for christmas but

in the new year i'm gonnaget him a big tool kit area to put all of his tools in. but anyways, we, i'm talkingso fast 'cause i know this video might be very long. but the one thing we did iswe knew we wanted to have this area as a den so deanpainted the walls white. we're leaving the ceilingunfinished because it's quite a low ceiling like, i can touch, i can touch like that so,we're just gonna leave

that unfinished. i don't mind the look kind of rugged. and you can see the wall,how much different it looks. like that's an old creamyyellow and the white. so we've done half. we're gonna do that half later. and then we went and got ... it needs to be mopped a little bit there. but we got these are likerubber flooring that you

would find in a gym. my work space is over herethere is a little crawl space under here we're just storing some of our, what are they called,cushions for our outdoor furniture but the kidssorta play in there. very professional winterhat and glove area and this is quite lovely on the feet. it's warm. we scored this chair second hand.

that's half of our sofa 'causethe other half is upstairs. and it's cozy. got our hammock 'cause mybaby loves his hammock and our tv is suspended from the wall. so we've got some plans here. like, dean built this verycool rugged desk with pipe and wood and he just, i think it looks real cool when it's clean. which, sorry guys, this is real life.

but anyway, he's gonnabe building something very similar in the cornerwith some storage space and underneath here to keep our stuff. but otherwise just, you know. we're having an electrician come in and he's gonna put newoutlets for us in a few places and that is our cozy little area. it's amazing actually thedifference in how cozy it is. like, the kids just gravitate down here.

and like i said, we're gonnabe refinishing the cabinets, getting new hardware,replacing the counter top. getting a new double sink. we're gonna be putting a dishwasher in somewhere over here or over there. were gonna be getting a microwave. so, yes, lots of nice things. and then on this side like,ya know, we're gonna be ripping up the carpetand then were gonna be

taking down the wallpaper and painting. and all the trim that you seethat's wood is gonna be white. i love the detail of this. and super cool, we decided to open up the closet to its max width and were gonna be putting in that barn door and it's gonna look amazing. there's the littlecabinet coming together. (sighs happily) it looks so good!

(cheerful music) kitchen, deans done,he did this barn door. and behind that(toddler chattering) is a pantry that needs cleaning. oh my goodness i don't know. and i out up a mirror imean you guys have seen this kitchen but let me tell you itdid not look like this before and then on this side deanhas redone, like these are the original cupboards but he painted them.

we added like a modern hood,the back splash, what else? oh yeah we added thedishwasher, this used to be more cupboard space, wechanged the counter top. he also built this shelf. so this is that type of shelfwe would put down stairs its got the pipe it'svery steampunk-esque. ya know, with a little, thesefixtures here which don't do anything but they'rejust very cool for appeal. i really like the look of it.

it's very, i don't know veryrustic kind of farm kitchen feel especially with that badass barn door that dean built. that's the kitchen and canyou imagine there used to be carpet in this kitchen.(toddler crying) oh you wanna close it. and what else can i tell ya? then we've got this kind of central hub. we have a bedroom over there which,

it still needs some work. bathroom's on hold only'cause dean just doesn't have a lot of time right now. but how nice did the floor turn out? we've got the wainscoting up. he still has to paint. the electrician's alreadybeen and he's got all of the black splash in and the tub is in. it's the same tub as we haveupstairs so it fit perfectly.

i think it looks amazing so wejust have to get the plumber back in to put in the fixturesand the toilet and paint and fixtures so its reallynot that much left to do. we'll get that done in january. living room, it's pink.that'll be changed. were gonna be gettingpot lights all in here. refinishing this. the floors are beautifulso nothing to do there. christmas trees gonna go there.

i'm so excited. we're gonna take down the wall paper. and our living spaceis a work in progress. this whole wall used to bewallpaper, it's madness. but this is like, thisused to be red and wood so we thought, rather thanrip the whole darn thing out he re-tiled the bottom. actually we had extra backsplash from the kitchen i think it looks great.

and then he painted the wholething white, eventually. and this is like second hand furniture. that one's second hand,that piece over there and we painted them in a yellow chalk paint. that's the other part ofthe sofa that's downstairs. but that's the thing with older houses. like, we lived in a modernspace when we bought the big sofa so it fit, it was cozy. but in this smaller space it looks weird.

it looks out of place. it suits this little set up. like its very cozy to sit around and you visit in the evenings. and that's just an electricfireplace but it works for now. i love our little tripod lamp. that's one of my favorite things. i think the tree is so cozy. i had the tree over inthe window last year

but i like it over here. it's very cozy. i think this carpet is insane. but anyways, this ismy cabinet, my vanity. you guys have seen uphere before of course, i'm washing her quiltthe day you see her room. this is her room, she likes to hang her onthings from the walls, and of course its a littlebit messy but you know.

and then, there's alwayslaundry to do, am i right? and then my bedroom isjust across the way. of course, the dog and thekids have been playin on it. i've yet to hang anythinglike a picture that'd be nice. from this angle i do have a little closet. soon i will have a bed frame, soon. it's just a small littleupstairs, it's almost like a story and a half. and then we have thisbathroom that we put in

just over here. this used to just, you cansee that angle just go there, and there was a little doorright about here in there. so now this is the space. hard to see because it'snight time and we don't have very much light in thisarea but you can see here this is a pocket door framed in here so that's gonna be nice. looks really nice andthen of course we have

our shower tile all in there. so this is our bigrenovation we did last year and it has the bathroom on this side. so you've got the bath and the shower which is basically thesame as the one downstairs. of course i just had ashower so this ones damp and then we have acabinet that we've placed just behind the shower area. so that's our new bathroom.

and of course, the stairsthat go down stairs. so i will eventually hangpictures and various things. you guys see these spaces all the time and its funny because thisisn't the biggest home i've ever lived in i'll tellya that much but there's something about the waythat this home is set up. it's certainly not openconcept and i've lived in big open concept placeslike our place in malaysia, oh my god.

i'll link it below, the housetour i did when i moved out. that place was massive. i think it was like 34 hundredsquare feet on one level. five bedrooms, one, two,three, four bathrooms. like it was madness, right? but there was nowhere tohide there was nowhere to just catch a moment to yourself. like, everybody was inyour space all the time. and i don't love that.

can i be totally honest with you? i like to go into my ownlittle nook and sit at my desk even if the kids are watchingtv, like they're still behind me i like that i cansit in the living room and have a conversation with someonewhile my husband's in the (toddler yelling)(amanda copies toddler) kitchen doing crafts withthe kids or something. you know, like(toddler talking loudly) hi jack.

one thing i thought aboutdoing is actually blowing out this wall. behind this wall is justthe staircase right ? (whispering) let me showyou, dean is sleeping. it's just that. so you have this windowright back here which i think would give beautiful light soobviously you have a banister coming down but it wouldbe all open so that's one thing i may do 'cause its not,

i'm pretty sure thisisn't a supporting wall. this one is. so this one cant go anywhere. but that one isn't. so that's something i'mthinking about doing. i feel just like to bring in the light. 'cause this is a bit of a dark corner. doesn't feel dark becausethe tree's there but just something i'm thinkin about.

but otherwise, like, i love old registers. i love the big baseboards. i love these creaky wooden floors. although if dean has hisway we'll replace them. (laughs) but there's justsomething about this house and when i asked theneighbors, the people that we bought it from were theoriginal owners of this home and i said were they nicepeople because it's such a

warm energy in this home and makes me feel a little bit emotionalbecause this was the first house that we bought ifeel like when you've lived overseas you can sometimesfeel a little bit like you're floating aroundthe earth like a nomad and to put roots in the groundand to make this our home, and we have really greatneighbors and its just been a really good experience. (toddler yelling)

and such a feeling ofaccomplishment especially for dean all the work that he's done to this house is unbelievable like, iam so grateful for him. (toddler yelling)seriously. from little things, likehe's painted the doors. our doors have all been refreshed. he made those whitecurtains there and that curtain too like he's just, he's amazing. so that's a tiny little house tour.

i mean, you're gettingthe full deal today. just i remember sitting therelike a year and a bit ago and just going oh mygod what have we done? we moved into this placethere was so much work to do. i just felt like it wasit was this mountain of roughage and i was not prepared for it. yeah. and its been challenging,we've had our moments but i tell ya, when dean likeputs his mind to something

he just bangs it out like (toddler yelling drowns out dialogue) like it's just, it's crazy so, yeah, oh wait, on thingi'll tell you about that little space i did mention it in avideo a long time ago. realize how big this spacewas like, it's so messy, i just don't wanna show you. but it used to be just a cabinet.

like a regular sizedcabinet in there and the plumbers when they cameinto to do our bathroom upstairs 'cause we did puta bathroom in upstairs, that's the one major reno we did. they had to put theplumbing through that area and when they opened it up,they realized there was like a foot and a bit extra space. well i said take thatoutta there, blow it out, and just frame it back inand i'll make a pantry for

upstairs and this has beenthe greatest thing ever like that's one thing deanwas like oh i don't know like maybe we should justput the cabinet back in or whatever. the things good and it'ssuch a cool piece to have in the kitchen and it reallysuits this old style house. but anyways, i love my house. i of course love modernhouses too they have their own you know, their own perks.

you've got the tall ceilings,and like all the little things the look and feel that you like but. this house has so muchcharacter and it's so warm and we had the most amazingsummer in this house the memories like the tire swingin the back yard and the neighbors just all playingand it's just been so good. so, i'm a little like sappyand warm and the things (toddler crying) okay i've ranted enough.

gotta help my baby. and that was it. that was the house tour. isn't it crazy the amountwe were able to get done? it blows my mind. thank you so much for watching this video. thank you so much for beinga part of my videos in 2016 and on to 2017. happy new year guys.


Comforts Of Home Furniture

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