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Wildon Home Furniture

Wildon Home Furniture

- all right,y'all gather round. gather round.welcome, gentlemen. what a beautiful and blessed dayfor an auction. all right, y'all,get on up there. - put that whip downand see what happens, though. - straight up. i don't care what plantationi end up on. i'm straight staging a revoltin this mother[bleep]. - hells yeah.

- we have lot a,lot b, and lot c. - uh, $3 on lot a.- $4. - 5! - $5 going once, twice,three times, sold. lot a goes to the manin the black hat. - i mean, good.- yeah. - [chuckles] i'm gladi didn't get sold, 'cause i don't want to be ownedby another human being. - whoever buys me, they betterkill me the first day,

or i'ma go buck-wildon the whole operation. - okaay? - next one,get up on up there, now. - oh, this--okay. both: [inhale] - $6 on lot a. - $7!- eight. - 9! - $9 going once, twice,three times, sold!

both: [exhale] - okay, well,you have to buy that dude. - it's a no-brainer.- i mean, that guy's huge. - a massive individual. - that's two of me.- anybody would buy him. - i'd buy that dude. - my question ishow'd they catch him? - next! - okay. oh, yeah.- yeah.

- $2 on lot a. - $2 going once, twice,three times, sold. - see, now,that surprises me. - that is interesting,to say the least. - i mean, well, it just seemslike at a certain point, it's like, do they even knowwhat they're looking for? - it's likethe whole criteria seems just a littleinconsistent. - i mean, at some point,i want to be on lot a.

- yeah, which--can a brotha get on lot a? - next. - oh, here we go.- here we go. - been a pleasure.- give 'em hell. - all right.- okay. - $8 on lot a. - going once, twice,three times, sold! - how does that happen?- nope, not true. - how does it happen?

- what you just said--that's gobbledygook. okay? that can't be true.'cause what can this dude do? look at him.what could he pick? a cotton plantis, like, this tall. - yes.- i'm say-- no offense, brotha,i'm just saying. - offense taken.- wha--[gasps] am i wrong? is he not short?he's short. but you are actually shortin real life, in the world.

- you're good, man.- enough. i will not havemy reputation tainted, sellin' superficial,bigoted slaves. - superficial? did that reallyjust come out of your mouth? - that's it!this auction's over! - auction's over?- whoa, whoa, whoa. no, it's--it ain't over.it's not over! i'm strong, y'all! i'm very str--i can sleep in a bucket.

- i'm fast, i got stamina,and i know magic. - my worst qualityis that i'm a perfectionist. - let me men--have i mentioned this? docile. i am agreeableto a fault. you should have seen the dudewho asked me to get on the boat when we came over here. - not a violent bonein my body. - i just walked right on,no big deal. never seen a boatin my life.

Wildon Home Furniture

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