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Home Reserve Furniture Reviews

Home Reserve Furniture Reviews

justin: ...maybe a burn out or two or...? mark: i'm sure you'll figure something out. justin: just laying strips everywhere we goin this thing. stephanie: hey, guys, stephanie and justinfrom here with a new episode of hot lap for you. now, in this episode,we're gonna show you some work that justin recently did with our 2016 f150 truck. wehave some mustang news and, of course, a product break as well. justin: but first, while we were on our westcoast swing here with am, we stopped by to see our friends over at hurst. they gave usthe keys to their hurst elite series mustang,

had some fun, whipped some doughnies, and,yeah, check it out. while in california, we figured it'd be a great idea to stop and seeour friends here from hurst and with me today, mark emerson, from hurst. what's going onmark? how are you? mark: how you doing? justin: good, man. now obviously hurst, legendaryshifter company, been around since the '50s and you guys are still doing your thing prettymuch here today as well, right? mark: yeah, a lot of new products out forall the new applications. justin: that's awesome, man. i know this isa smaller location in the grand scheme of things but one that is still very busy, correct?

mark: yeah, we have our quality control hereand we assemble all the components, all the different shifters, and things that we offernow and then get them out to our shipping warehouse and get out to the customers. justin: very quick. can't wait to see thatstuff perform, but more importantly, i also understand you have a mustang here. mark: yeah, we got a mustang. justin: the hurst elite series mustang withall the hurst elite parts and we can check that out, maybe go for a ride? mark: we'll see what we can do.

justin: all right, let's do it. all right,mark, so what's going on in here, man? mark: well, this is our quality control here is where we inspect all the components as they come in before we send them out toassembling, get them out to the customer. so gary here right now is inspecting thisparticular shifter stick, making sure that everything is in the right location, all theangles are correct and everything, so when it's assembled and put into the vehicle, it'sgonna be the same every time. the throw is gonna be correct as far as percentage is,the reduction in the throw. clearances will be correct as far as, you know, not hittingthe console and not hitting the dash or anything like that. so we just make sure that everythingis the way we designed it, again, before we

package it and get it out to the customer. justin: that's pretty impressive. you do thatwith pretty much almost every lever that comes in here, i guess? mark: every lever and every component we checkas they come in and make sure it's the way we want it to be. justin: wow, that's pretty awesome. and thenfrom here, it does go to packaging which does happen in-house as well? mark: yeah, we assemble a lot of the componentsand then package everything up, get it off the warehouse.

justin: awesome. can we check that out next? mark: sure, let's go. justin: cool. gary, keep playing with yourstick. well, mark, we just left qc and what are we looking at here, man? mark: this area here is where we do all thepackaging of all the finished goods components, get everything all the bundled up and offto the warehouse so we can ship to the consumer. justin: i understand you're actually assemblingsome shifters over here, correct? mark: yeah, right over here, they're puttingtogether one of the ray shifters. so we can take a look at that.

justin: all right. mark: well, here we're assembling one of ourpistol grip quarter stick automatic shifters. as you can see they kinda work together doingone side at a time, making sure all the components go together correctly and everything afterthey come from qc. then they'll fully assemble the shifter. they will check that it functionscorrectly and everything before it gets packaged up and shipped out. justin: so hand-assembled, everything is done,quality check. so the guys at home are getting a proper working shifter... mark: exactly.

justin: ...the moment they unbox it. well,this is all very cool stuff. don't get me wrong, but i'm a mustang guy at heart. i hearyou have a mustang. i'm like a kid in a candy store. so we can go check that thing out andsee some of your parts? mark: yeah, it's right over here. justin: all right. what you got going on backhere, man? i hear some welding going on. i wouldn't think that happened here. mark: yeah, we do a little bit of everythinghere. right now, nick, one of our welders, is working on an r&d project, working on somefuture items that are gonna be coming out soon.

justin: nice. mark: so i can't tell you exactly what itis just yet, but we'll let you guys know when it's all ready. justin: we'll have to stay tuned. mark: yes. justin: all right. let's go back to this mustangreally quick. now before we get into all this, man, why breakout from shifters and all thatstuff, why go into exhaust and springs? i mean, because this isn't typically what youguys are known for, correct? mark: correct. but you have to remember, youknow, back in the '60s, hurst was teaming

up with a lot of eoe's in making cars verse olds things like that. and even for a while here in late 2000s, hurst was makingtheir own performance vehicles again while we were selling complete cars. and so we wantedto kinda go back and offer the customer the ability to kinda piece together their ownvehicle, in a sense. have something similar without the high-end cost associated withit. justin: cool. so you get some of the highlightsfrom those cars, but for the everyday consumer. mark: exactly. and they can buy, you know,the one with the package complete or they can go ahead and just piece it together ifthey want to over time, whatever is the easiest. justin: well, let's break down this packagebecause i think on the surface here, i know

you have some aesthetic stuff going on withthe appearance. mark: yeah, first thing that a lot of peoplewill notice is we have the hurst performance logo, the quarter panels ones also side windowsand the ones on the back as well. we also have the formats. they're offered, in thiscase, to be the red ones just like the stickers and we've also got them in gold as well. justin: very nice. the appearance stuff isall cool and all, but i like the functional like parts that move, right? starting withthe shifter, could we hop in and take a look at that thing. mark: yeah. we got our competition plus shifterin here.

justin: let's take a look at it. all right,mark, so this is something that's very familiar looking to me. i've had a few of these inmy cars over the day. what's going on with the hurst shifter here in the mustang? mark: that's our competition plus for the'15 through '17 models. real nice unit, you know, obviously, it has that kind of retrohot rod race car look to it with the chrome stick and the white knob there. it has a 38%reduction in shifter travel, a lot more precise shifting, a lot firmer feel when you're kinda has the retro stick there for the reverse lock out. justin: kinda pull up and then throw it inthe reverse there?

mark: yup. justin: i like that a lot. mark: yeah. real cool shifter and that's kindagreat way to help round up the package. justin: and a classic look, too, right? ifit ain't broke, don't fix it. justin: i know we have some other big partshere in the hurst kinda package. can we check those out? mark: yeah, got them right over here. justin: all right. cool. all right, mark,so looks like we got some stuff going on here, some interesting stuff, of course. let's startwith these springs, man. what's up with these?

mark: yeah, these are our first lead seriessprings. they are linear rate spring, drop the car about one inch, so reduce the gapbetween the tire and the fender and give a little bit more of a performance look to thecare. they're not competition springs, but just really good enthusiast springs. nice,comfortable ride is retained when you're just kinda driving on the freeway normally andthings like that. but when you get to a nice twisty road or something, this do performa lot better, a lot less body roll and everything. justin: because a lot of guys in the aftermarketwill go for a progressive spring, but i think a linear spring's nice because i think thespring itself is a little bit more predictable. you have a standard spring rate, you knowwhat you're gonna get as far as spring rate

is concerned. and the one inch drop, again,just the magic number i think with the s5. it's looks great. mark: yeah, it's a great look. not too lowwhere you're hitting everything on the road, but just enough to really change the lookand the altitude of the car and obviously the handling as well. justin: absolutely. and my favorite part exhaust,man. let's talk about this a little bit more. mark: this system here, it's all 304 has a lifetime warranty on it. it's all mandrel bent as you could see here,so there's no kinks in the system. maximize the performance of the engine, uses our x-pipeto help balance out the system, retain the

good sound and also it helps to kinda controldrone a little bit more. these are hurst elite series mufflers. we partnered up with flowmasterthat kinda helped designed these things for us and they have, you know, a good comfortablesound inside. you don't get a lot of drone while you're cruising, they stay fairly mellow.but when you get on it a bit, they come alive, so to speak. justin: really? mark: a really nice deep performance tone,good rumble at idle, just a great overall sound with them. justin: that's awesome, man. well, in my personalexperience, there's no really better way to

test these parts than to get behind the wheel,drive them a little bit, thrash on them. looks like a relatively nice day here in sacramento.what do you think we can take this thing out, have some fun? mark: sure, i think we can work somethingout there. justin: any recommendations for fully testingthese parts out? maybe a burn out or two or...? mark: i'm sure you'll figure something out,right? justin: i like where you're going with that.well, let's hit the road. well it's a lovely day to be out in a mustang, wouldn't you say?and we're gonna go for a little spin. this isn't the craziest mustang we've ever beenin or the most modified, by any stretch of

the imagination, but it's a mustang, we canhave fun, right? on the surface, very simple parts, so startingwith those springs, the hurst elite series springs. just a magic number when it comesto lowering springs, right? one inch, both front and rear, enough to keep that rate butat the same time get rid of that wheel gap. and these are a standard rate spring, thesearen't the progressive rate spring, so what you see is what you get. we've had experience with the hurst shifterin the past, it's awesome. it's a nostalgia piece and it works in a mustang because themustang is kind of a nostalgic car. sure, they keep pushing the design forward, butit still hangs under that retro feel and i

think the same can be said for hurst as acompany. sure, it's a modern shifter, it's a multi-linkshifter, it's built well. but it still looks like the same shifter i had in my four-speedone seat car back when i was 19. it just works and it's a great looking shift knob and it'sa even better feeling shifter. it's honestly everything you want out of a short looks the part and it still nails its number one job of reducing your throws. but the star of these parts, in my opinion,the hurst elite series exhaust is just a really nicely made part. there's no secret it's madeby flowmaster, but it's different. it's different than your typical flowmaster stuff

and there's a reason for that. they take some different approaches with the hurst elitesystem. you can point out a flowmaster muffler in a lineup of mufflers. they just have avery distinct look, much like their distinct sound. the elite series is not that. it's a stuffedmuffler with a packing material, unlike flowmaster which uses more metal and just solid's a deeper tone, but at the same time it's a unique tone and one that i think is uniqueto this particular exhaust. and i think the hurst elite does a good job of distinguishingitself amongst other exhaust systems, flowmaster being a big one even though it is made bythe iconic brand. so it's a great sounding exhaust to go with just really nice partsthat accentuate the performance-packed gt

that we're in. this is awesome, not a bad day at the office.and to complete the experience, i'm just gonna have some in-and-out burger. why not? well,you know, the guys at hurst said their best way to test this stuff out is to do a coupleof burn outs, so let's do it. what do you say? oh, yeah. no complaints here on the springs.let's see how it goes the other way maybe. thanks to the guys at hurst. we had a blastbut we're out of here. stephanie: this episode's product break isgonna feature the new rt3 spec 3 chin spoiler for 2015 and newer mustangs. now, love it or hate it, this thing offersa different and bold look for sure. it's gonna

integrate the fog light area into the actualchin spoiler and give you one solid piece in the front end of the mustang. it also perfectlymatches the set of rtr side splitters just in case you guys are wondering. and if you'reinterested, you can always head over to the product page and check it out more for yourselves. all right, guys. contest announcement timeand a pretty cool contest at that. american muscle is giving you a chance to totally transformyour mustang with my help. we're giving away $7,000 worth of free parts from american muscleand a free install as well. so you guys pick the parts to make your dream mustang, i makesure they get to you. gotta go to in order to enter. contest starts february1st and it ends on march 31st. you guys can

enter once a week up until the end of thecontest and that's at guys, make sure you enter. i can't wait toreview the final part list and see what kind of mustang you wanna build. justin: this is a 2016 ford f150 and no, thisisn't your typical review. now, i am gonna talk about a few things new for 2016 alongwith comparing the work course 3.5-liter ecoboost to the newer 2.7-liter ecoboost, but that'swhere the review in a traditional sense is going to end. from there, we build. so hangout with me as we quickly kick around a few specs, talk about some basic impressions andthen give this thing the mods, the lift and the power needed to be a fitting member ofthe am fleet.

so what is new for 2016? well, honestly, nota lot. this is still the aluminum body truck on that light weight steel frame that kindarevolutionized the truck market last year when the f150 was redesigned and re-released.but other than that, there are a few a new things for the model year including new colors,including shadow black and lithium gray. a few new trim packages including the returnof the limited and the sync 3 infotainment system, none of which apply to this truckhere. with the one lone exception of the pro-assist trailer back up feature, another new thingfor 2016. now before we go any further, let's addressthe obvious and that is the fact that this blue flame xl is a base truck in every senseof the word. i mean, we're a set of vinyl

seats away from being a full blown fleet truckhere. but nevertheless, there are a few features to talk about, including the sport packagewhich does give us color match, front and rear bumpers. this truck does come equippedwith a 331 locking rear differential. it also comes with a 36 gallon extended range fueltank and the six and a half foot bed and super cab configuration. powering the truck, we have the tried-and-true3.5-liter ecoboost power plant making 365 horsepower, 420 pound foot torque backed bythe 6r80 transmission, a proven combination ever since being introduced back in 2011.but this model year, 2016, actually marks the final year for both this engine and transmissionin its current configuration.

the 2017 model year trucks will actually usherin an updated 3.5-liter ecoboost power plant equipped with new turbos, a new valve trainand a few other goodies, raising the torque output 30-foot pounds in the process, whilehorsepower will remain the same at 365. again, ford is ditching the 6 speed automatictrans for 2017 in favor of a brand new 10 speed automatic trans, a big change for theblue oval. ford actually claims improved acceleration and fuel economy here with the new trans.and, honestly, it makes sense because that many gears allows for a numerically lowergear ratio on the rear, improving high weight fuel economy in the process. so, again, guys, 2017 is a very exciting timefor the f150 which, unfortunately, leaves

us with a lame duck model year here at the2016, for lack of a better term. but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun so whatdo you say we get to work? all right. first up, let's talk about thisnew ride height, guys, because, honestly, the truck, yes, it's sitting a lot higherand that's thanks to the zone offroad four-inch full suspension lift kit that we did installwith this particular truck. in my opinion, four inches, it's tjust he magic number whenit comes to the newer f150s in regards to ride height. because, yes, the truck looksawesome, obviously it's leveled out a little bit more. we can stuff some bigger wheelsand tires under here, which we'll talk about in a minute. but, at the same time, it's notcrazy, it's not over the top and you don't

need a damn step ladder to get in and outof the thing. on top of that, the truck really doesn't drivemuch different from a factory truck. sometimes those bigger lift kits, i'm talking six inchesplus, depending on your suspension, the truck can act a little goofy on the road, maybefeel a little bit more top heavy, that's certainly not the case here with the zone four-inchkit. and believe me, guys, i would know because i have the exact same lift kit installed onmy personal 2015 f150. it's been installed for over 20,000 miles now and i have absolutelyno complaints. now, those leveling kits, sure, they're great,they have their place, they are definitely affordable, they're gonna be a lot easierto install. however, the full suspension lift

kits like the zone offroad kit here comeswith everything you need to properly get the truck in the air. i'm talking cross members,drop knuckles, you name it, it includes it. and it's gonna maintain proper suspensiongeometry including those cv angles. sure they're gonna be a lot more expensivethan those leveling kits, they're not gonna be as fun to install, believe me, but thepayoff is definitely worth it. the payoff here in this case, guys, is theability to stuff a much bigger wheel and tire under your truck and that's certainly thecase now at our rig. check these things out. twenty by nine fuel trophy wheels, they'rematte black option with their gun metal trim ring, they call it anthracite on the site,it's kinda got the full b-lock look going

on. i personally think it's a sharp this fuel wheels are wrapped with a matching fuel mud gripper tires. it's a 35 by 12 รข½by 20. some guys might prefer the look of a slightly bigger side wall using a slightlysmaller wheel. i think the 20s look great here on our truck. full disclosure, we did try a set of 33s onthis particular rig, didn't look terrible, it just looked a little small, in my 35s are definitely where it's at because, let's face it, guys, these are big trucks.they have bold lines and therefore need a big wheel and tire to compliment that. butmaybe one of the best things about the wheel and tire and lift combo that we went withhere is the fact that there's no rubbing anywhere,

lock to lock. and a big portion of that isdue to the 20 by 9 wheels that we're using. they feature a plus 20 offset. what's thatmean? well, there's really not gonna be a wholelot of poke here with these wheels, instead, they're gonna fit very much like a factorywheel. however, with the one big benefit of not having to modify or cut or crash bars,something myself and a lot of fellow f150 owners know all too well. now the lower yougo or the more aggressive you get with those offsets, the more you have to worry aboutyour rubbing. well, that's not a concern of ours. now the lift, wheels and tires added a goodamount of appearance on their own to our otherwise

stock looking truck here, but we did alsoadd some subtle and not so subtle appearance parts to this thing as well. let's first startwith one of those not so subtle parts. the bush whacker, max covered pocket flareset, definitely gonna be for the truck owners out there who prefer that little bit morewild styling as these things are one of the most aggressive in bush whackers line up.they do come with complete with a fake hardware of full rivets. some people might like that,others might not. they do also come in this matte black finish here, which in my opinion,pulls in our trophy wheels really well. however, if you're not a big fan of that big contrast,you can always spray these things to match your truck. and the best part is they installeasily with no drilling.

we also installed the raxiom horizon led smoketaillights to the f150, just to give the rear of the truck a little bit more, i know, i know, probably not everyone's favorite type of beer out there, but thereare some cool things to talk about, so just bear with me. now, this is a unique appearance here, ora unique approach to a smoke lens, because what raxiom did was use a lightly smoke lensin conjunction with a black housing. so it gives the light a much darker appearance butwithout hurting the output of the actual led or the light itself. but maybe the coolestthing about the horizon taillights from raxiom are the dual infinity center reflectors, aswe're calling them, which the best way i can

describe these things, guys, is that if you'veever been in a room with a mirror on both sides, you see your reflection, if you lookinto them, that light just seems to go on for infinity. and it's definitely, again,not for everybody out there, but it is certainly unique. now the next part isn't much of an appearancepart, but it's a very useful part and we really don't have to go too far to see it. it's thetonnopro tri-fold tonneau cover for the six and a half foot bed. now, because the xl iskind of a budget build that we have going on here at the shop, we figured we tonnoproon because it serves a purpose but without breaking the bank.

now this thing literally takes five minutesto install and can be removed just as easily thanks to the tri-fold design. and that'sgreat if we ever need a haul around a toolbox, furniture, bumper, things like that, reallydoes come in handy. now speaking of purposeful mods, we also installeda set of a barricade three-inch side steps to help us get in and out now that we havea little bit more altitude with that zone offroad kit. there's really not a whole tosay about this, other than they're affordable, they're black, they're built well and theyserve their purpose. now even though this is primarily gonna beour shop truck, our parts hauler or our toe rig, doesn't mean we can't make things a littlefaster and just a little bit louder, right?

i mean, come on, guys, we are a mustang companyfirst. giving things more power is kind of in our dna. so first up, yes, we threw an exhaust on av6 and, no, it doesn't sound that bad. i get it, v8s will always sound better. nobody isarguing that. however, the 35 can sound pretty good given the right system. the right system,in this case, is the magnaflow mf series cat-back which does dump before the passenger siderear tire as you can see here. a very cool look and one that gives the v6 just a littlebit more tone but without being over the top. well, guys, as you can see the truck is overhere on the dynojet. we did swap out those heavy 35s in the rear for the stock wheelsand tires, just for a more accurate number

here on the dyno, already knocked out ourbaseline numbers as well. pretty average numbers, about 308 horsepower, 340 pound feet of torqueagain at the wheels. truck is advertised at more than that, of course, but that is flywheel numbers that you're hearing now, we went to work installing some modificationsagain for the power stuff here, starting with the engine evolution cold air intake. a reallynice intake, it's built very well. it is a sealed air box here with a dry filter inside.and one of the nice little things about this intake, it comes with a built-in kind of builtreminder so you don't have to open that thing up every few months and check the condition,it will tell you when it's time to clean that filter. now it is a no-tune required intake,but come on, what's the fun in that?

we're gonna throw on one mpt tunings, 93 octane,custom tunes here, two are 2016 35 ecoboost. these tunes have been known to really wakeup these ecoboosts power plants. so we're gonna upload the tune, fill this thing upwith 93 octane, run it again here on the dynojet, take it out for a spin and we'll break downthose numbers. all right, so here we are. we're in the 20163.5 ecoboost. it's mainly a part hauler, it's gonna be doing most of our towing duties,because, let's be honest, the 3.5 in the f150 line up...i mean, these things are just superiorin towing compared to the 5.0. not superior in sounds, we all know this. this isn't anythingnew. and yes, we did throw in the magnaflow. but at the same time, this has got a mellowtone to it, the magnaflow, the mf. it's one

of my favorites for the ecoboost for thatreason. it doesn't try to make the truck anything it's not. it doesn't try to make it soundlike a v8, although if you can make a truck sound like a v8, you'll be on to something. just laying strips everywhere we go in thisthing so...oh, yeah, rips. thanks to the guys at mpt. these guys know what they're doing.they had the ecoboost stuff figured out. this is another one of their prx tunes, it's aperformance extreme tune, therefore, it's gonna hit hard, man. the power is definitelythere. they're probably one of the best tuners when it comes to giving you options. theyhave performance, they have towing, they have economy. they have hybrids of all three. thetruck rides really good. it handles good.

like i said, when you keep things kind ofsimple, in this regard form a lift standpoint, you're not really throwing the truck for aloop as far as geometry, things like that. it still behaves, the road manners, all thatstuff, very similar to a factory ride quality. but let's talk dyno numbers. now baselinepull with this thing, no modifications, no tune, it put down 308 horsepower and 341 footpound of torque, pretty standard stuff really for these things. but with the mpt tune, the93 octane, prx tune uploaded, that truck is now making 370 horsepower and 410 foot poundsof torque at the rear wheels. now that's pretty substantial, guys. in fact,you're looking at gain of 62 horsepower and 69 foot pounds of torque peak, just over thosebaseline numbers, but as usual, bigger gains

underneath the curve. eighty-two horsepower,74 foot pounds of torque, and that's power you're gonna feel way down low, light to lightwhen towing, whatever. and that's what you really wanna pay attention to. well, like they say, "all good things mustcome to an end". in a smaller build but with a purpose for the old shop truck here. thanksfor watching guys. and for more truck builds and mustang builds, you know what to do. keepit right here at all right, guys, we've got some absolutelyhuge news in the mustang world. yes, the 2018 mustang has been released and i'm gonna coverthis thing both exterior and interior changes along with everything else we have learnedin the recent days.

but let's go around the car, guys. let's breakthings down and let's start upfront because honestly, everything from the windshield forwardis completely new and it's the most polarizing part of the entire car. now, before i decidedto go complete crazy with the sharp angles upfront here, changed up the headlight designcompletely, changed up the grill a little bit and lowered the nose of the care nearly20 millimeters, all in an attempt to give the car a meaner or more aggressive appearance. there are a few things i'm digging up front,including the new hood for 2018, featuring some vents. similar to those found on the'03 and '04 cobras, a big departure from the vents found on the '15 through '17 cars. ialso like some of the new led lighting upfront

including the tri-bar gills. again, they wereon the '15 to '17 car, but for 2018, they've been given a new angular look. some things i'm not a fan of. well, i'm stillon the fence about the new shape of the headlights themselves and i'm really not digging thegloss black grill, because, in my opinion, it's kind of contrasting with some of theother plastic parts found upfront, namely, the black area around the lower grill andthe chin spoiler area. the gloss black with the matte black, again, just kinda clashesand just doesn't really flow. under that newly redesigned hood for 2018,you're gonna find a more potent coyote and egoboost engine. those are gonna be your twochoices. and as we reported in the last month's

hot lap, that 37v6 has been put out to pasture the ecoboost is gonna pick up a little bitmore torque, but the coyote is definitely the big story here, guys. picking up morepower and more torque, thanks to the new style fuel injection. it's giving a combinationof both direct injection and port injection along with a pretty sizeable bump in compression,going from 1101 to a 1221, thanks largely in part to that di set up. now, obviously, more power is to be expectedhere in addition to a higher revving engine, but i'm hoping that number is somewhere northof the 450 range to make this thing a little bit more competitive with the alpha chassis camaro.

as far as your transmission options, guys,well, your manual six speed will be back, of course. no specifics yet, but what we haveheard is that you're gonna be seeing a twin disk clutch option in addition to a dual maskfly wheel for the gt, while the automatic option will be that 10 speed that we toldyou guys about earlier in a hot lap episode. but let's move on to the side of the car andnot a whole lot has changed here. this is a great time however to mention your new wheeloptions, up to 12 according to ford, including what we're showing you here. and one realwinner, in my opinion, this 19-inch ford aluminum options, which to me resemble the ccw505. moving on the rear of the car, which i thinkwe can all agree is a complete homerun with

the 2018 mustang. little changes to the bumperand to the taillights, of course. they've been given more of an angular look and matchthose tri-bar leds found in the headlights. looking at a couple of different spoiler optionsas well, but the biggest win in the rear of the car is no doubt the standard quad tipexhaust system on every single mustang gt, with the optional active exhaust system, muchlike the gt350 and 350r. and as a cherry on top, ford finally ditched that goofy colormatch rear balance on the '15 to '17 cars. stepping inside the car for the very firsttime, you'll notice some subtle changes throughout the interior, but without a doubt the biggestchange is this all new, all digital 12-inch gauge cluster that looks absolutely's gonna give you a few different options

in regards to configuration, give you a standardmode, a track mode, a combination of the two. and, guys, i think this is a huge win forthe mustang and is something i'm personally excited about. so when are you gonna be able to get yourhands on a 2018 mustang? well, they are hitting dealer lots come fall of 2017, but i'm guessingyou're gonna see a lot of these things at your local shows in the spring and summertime months, leading up to the big release in the fall. now as far as final pricing andhorsepower figures, well, as soon as we learn more info, we'll be sure to bring it to you,guys. keep it locked to our blog for mustang news here at

as my final thoughts on the 2018 mustang,at least as of now, well, i'm with you, guys. i didn't think this thing was all that greatlooking at first, but after a few days, it started to grow on me. so ultimately, i'mgonna reserve final judgment until i see one of these things in person. well, guys, we hope you enjoyed our brieflittle tour of the hurst facilities out in california along with our test drive and ourshop truck build. i know some of you are a little bummed because she wasn't in it thatmuch this time around, but sounds you got some big plans next month. stephanie: i do. i have a lot coming out formy car. i'm actually looking at some pretty

cool parts sitting over there, but i'm notgonna give anything away right now. if you guys wanna see, you're gonna have to watchnext month's episode of hot lap. but, for now, thanks for watching and for all thingsmustang, keep it right here at

Home Reserve Furniture Reviews

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