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Home Furniture Mart

Home Furniture Mart

re mart. >> ketv michelle bandur is back from the store tonight with the latest >> julie and david, just befor 5:00 someone shot employee jared clawson in the parking lot. he is in critical being treated at nebraska medicine.

the nebrask furniture mart rallies behind clauson and his work family. just as he's done for the past ten plus years, jared clawson arrives for work someone had other plans. >> he was walking into work, that's about all we know right

now. >> store manager scott baker headed straight to the hospital when he got the call. among 1700 employees in the omaha store, 37-year-old clawson stood out, loyal, family man, he has twochildren. >> he's part of the furniture

mart family. we've got our best wishes for him and his family and stick behind them. >> baker has no idea why this happened to clauson at his story. possibly a robbery but too early to say until the victim is

well enough to say after treatment. >> baker hopes he can ease the fierce of customers and coworkers. >> we have the employee assistance program on-site right now if anybody wands to speak with them, in particular the

team he was on, we're having a special meeting with them. >> while his work family hopes he row cover ecovers from the violence, baker says he's surrounded by his large family. >> they're all there, waiting. >> waiting for him to recover

from the shooting and waiting for police to catch the shooter seen driving away in this suv. police gave us these pictures fr security video, looks like a 1995 to 2000 green explorer. the gunman is a tall, thin white man with shag i blonde hair.

Home Furniture Mart

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