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Horizon Home Furniture

Horizon Home Furniture

hey cruisers, i’m sheri with cruise tipstv. welcome to our deck by deck video tour ofnewly refurbished carnival imagination. when entering the ship on deck 7, you’llimmediately see the grand atrium, with traditional fantasy-class glass elevators and the centrallylocated, atrium bar. i love the grand atrium. it’s a twisty tangle of neon, usually bustlingwith activity. for good reason too. on either side of the bar, you’ll find thevery popular shore excursions and guest services desks.

nearby, the internet caf㩠is designed withan open floor plan and ocean views. it may seem pokey compare to land connection,but it should do in a pinch. just off the atrium area, you’ll find thehallway, which serves as the art gallery. moving up to deck 8, we’ll show you aroundthe 2-level dynasty show lounge, located at the front of the ship. the show lounge is large, and well laid out,with a combination of traditional and rounded booth type seating. there are plenty of tables to place your drinksduring the shows, and bar service is available. the seating is comfortable, and most willget you a good look at the stage.

because the view is quite spectacular fromabove, we actually started on deck 9 promenade, but you can enter on deck 8 near the funshops. here’s a quick look for you shopping enthusiasts. moving back, toward the center of the ship,the curiosity library is a warm, inviting place to read, wait for a table at dinner,or play a board game. the furniture is comfortable and homey andthere are several large windows to catch some sea views. continuing toward the center of the ship,the mirage piano bar has this circular piano focal point, crazy fun bar stools and a funkymood.

there’s more seating by the windows, andof course purple and yellow spheres seemingly floating everywhere. just past the mirage bar, is the pride diningroom, which was used for anytime dining on our sailing. you’ll find banquette seating and fun lighting,but no real private seating (be ready for a little chit chat with your neighbors). there are tables of all sizes, from groupsof 2 to 12. now, let’s head forward for a look at thespirit dining room. the layout is similar to pride, but this diningroom is used for fixed time diners.

as we look around, you can see just how similarit is, but here’s a pro tip for you. if you’re not sure which dining room you’rein, look up. pride has angled or triangular lights whilespirit’s lights are rounded. and here’s another tip that can save youa lot of walking: the two dining rooms are separated, and they sandwich the galley, sothere is no thru access. you’ll need to go either up or down a levelto get from one to the other. if you’ve got kids or you just love games,here’s your spot. there are your standard shooty games, andeven an air hockey table, but there’s no ticket system, and games are quite pricey.

the right side wall is mostly lined with “moneypit” type games. here’s a tip for you: the arcade can behard to find. head to pixels photo gallery and you’llfind the arcade tucked away by the dynasty lounge entrance. all right, all of you sweet tooth cruisersout there. here is a look at the first new spot addedin the 2016 refurb’. it’s “cherry on top.” they’ve got candy and lots of it, but theyalso have a few souvenir type things as well. during our visits the staff was always superfriendly, and hey there’s this cool hand-washing

machine – perfect the little ones. let’s keep things rolling and try our luckat the el dorado casino. as you can see, imagination’s midship casinois packed with gaming goodness. there are slots galore, blackjack, craps,roulette and more. just outside the el dorado you’ll find thedream bar. this is a great place to grab a quick drink,meet up with friends or even take in some live music. the dã©cor is terrific here, lot’s of goldand a real “ancient egypt and the pharoahs” vibe.

next up, we have the first of two loungeson imagination named after fantasy paradises. we’ll see xanadu a little later, but now,take in the swirly spiral fun of shangri la. there’s lots of comfortable seating here,but who wants to sit when you’ve got a crazy spiral dance floor? gourmet snacks … enough said. if you get tired of buffet coffee, you’llprobably end up at vittorios sooner or later. this is another great place to just hang out… maybe do a little people watching. illusions nightclub has just about everythingyou could want. neon lights, check, big inviting bar, check,dj booth, check, comfy chairs, check, and

a spacious dance floor, check. i think we’re done here. now let’s get a look at another venue addedin the 2016 refurb’. it’s the alchemy bar, and it’s one ofmy personal favorites. i like the comfortable “living room” feelhere, the martini tasting, and the fun glowing drink menus. but what i really love is having the mixologistshandcraft a custom drink to fit my mood. it’s a fun place and a welcome upgrade. right next to the alchemy bar is the xanadulounge.

this lush space is kind of a multipurposelounge hosting all sorts of events, but primarily serves as the home of late night comedy andkaraoke. there’s plenty of comfy seating, a bar andeven a dance floor. and if you’re the karaoke type, here’sa look from behind the mic’ just to get you prepped. if you’re looking for ocean breezes, hottubs and cozy loungers, look no further than the serenity, adult only retreat. it’s a terrific place to relax, maybe jumpin the hot tub, and just enjoy the view. oh, and there’s this little shower thingyhere too … so yeah, bonus.

now on to deck 10here’s another addition from the 2016 renovation. it’s the poolside redfrog rum bar. carnival says the frog keeps the fun hoppingday and night. of course the frog brings a little somethingextra to the party with caribbean rum-based concoctions. yep, always a crowd pleaser. if rum’s not your drink, you need only walknext door to the blueiguana tequila bar. they’ve got slushy tequila drinks galore,and ice-cold mexican cerveza. yeah, sounds like the frog might have a littlecompetition!

now that we’ve talked about some of thepoolside drink options let’s get a look at the pool. it’s bookended by two inviting hot tubs,and surrounded by lounge chairs. it can get pretty hopping here, and the stageand dance area keeps things lively with music, games and other activities. another awesome 2.0 enhancement in 2016 wasthe addition of guy’s burger joint. not only are the burgers rockin’ good, butit’s centrally located poolside for that quick and easy “burger and fries” fix. pro tip time: on sea days the cool ocean breezecan quickly cool your precious burger and

fries. to avoid “the chill”, rush your treasureto the nearby horizon grill, and enjoy it safely inside. if you’re not in a burger mood, but stillwant poolside culinary gratification, check out the neighboring blueiguana cantina. it features freshly made tacos and burritoswith your choice of fixings. this was another part of the 2016 refurbishment,and it really works well alongside guy’s. the addition of these two hotspots seeminglyhelps keep the crowds down in the buffet, which is a good thing.

and speaking of the horizon buffet, here itis. with its circular neon lights crisscrossingthe ceiling, this place always reminds us of something from a jules verne novel. to keep the lines short, horizon has stationswith different types of food. you can find standard buffet fare here, inaddition to pizza, sandwiches and of course, ice cream. it can get crowed at times, but here’s atip for you: you can often find a quieter place to enjoy your meal outdoors on the sidesand rear of the restaurant. now it’s time for something for the kids.

first stop camp ocean. at camp ocean, kids are entertained in age-basedgroups. it’s games, sports and all kinds of ageappropriate activities supervised by carnival’s friendly counselors. next up, it’s wet and wild fun with waterworks. waterworks is all about slides. there are slides here for even the littlestcruisers. check out this pint sized dual lane for tots. of course, there’s a big kid version ofthe dual lane as well, but if you’re serious

about waterslides, you’ll want to checkout the twister. what’s it like, well let’s take the longwalk up and check it out. so yeah, it’s kinda like that, but now wehave to check out the dual lane. and that’s that. it’s time now to visit the spa. here’s a look at the entrance. now on one side you’ve got the men’s facilitiesand on the other there’s massage and the ladies facilities. but first, here’s a quick look at the salon,a treatment room, and the ladies steam room

and sauna. here’s the ladies locker room, and now themen’s. the door at the end leads to the gym. so let’s take a look in there. this is a pretty nicely equipped gym. there are free weights, lots of machines andplenty of treadmills with ocean views and some with tv’s. during our visit all equipment was in excellentcondition. there is also an group fitness room.

the last stop on our tour is the city sportspark. there’s a small but adequate jogging track,and of course mini golf. this is a fun place to hang out, even if you’renot into mini golf or jogging. that’s it for this episode. if you haven’t already, check out our dailyvlogs from our sailing on carnival imagination. and, if this is your first time with our channelconsider subscribing and follow us on instagram, facebook and twitter by searching “cruisetips tv”. we have weekly cruise and vlog videos. as always thanks for watching and until nexttime, we’ll see you on the high seas.

Horizon Home Furniture

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