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Sears Home Furniture

Sears Home Furniture

can you tell me why you should never rentto own anything? if you miss a payment, they can take everything. that’s why it is called a rental. but itlets me afford to get things in the house now, and that repo won’t land on my creditreport. you pay as much in a year as it would costto buy the darn thing, up to twice as much as new. and a lot of the rental appliancesand furniture are in worse shape than if you bought it new. what can i do then if i can’t afford new? have you considered craigslist?

i’m afraid it has bedbugs, fleas or both. try garage sales. then at least you’ll havethe person’s address in case it’s a piece of crap. that doesn’t work when i need a workingwasher or dryer. the laundromat should fit in your budget,if you’re paying rental place rates. that takes up too much time. go to the sears outlet place. they have scratchand dent appliances for sale. that sounds like the scratch and dent grocerystore, and i wouldn’t dare shop there. the dishwasher motor and washing machine gutsshould work just as well. it’s only the

shiny smooth outsides that are scuffed up. how much do i save? you could save anywhere from 20% to 60% onthe price of a new one, more if it is last year’s model. if you’re really desperate,you could put it on a payment plan or credit card to buy it. i can’t stand credit card interest rates. you pay just as much or more per year if yourent to own and then miss payments, getting assessed with fees. when is rent to own ever a good idea? shouldyou do it if you only need furniture for a

few months? in that case, pay extra for a furnished apartmentor live on a futon and card table until you can afford the furniture. i don’t want to live like a starving student. it’s just until you can upgrade to mid-americangarage sale.

Sears Home Furniture

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