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Home Stretch Furniture

Home Stretch Furniture

i love the greyhounds because they're mybig couch potatoes they are affectionate but not needy they are lazy but they getbursts of energy i like to take long walks and these dogs i came to find outthey don't need to go jogging they don't need to go running on the beach theydon't need to go for long wild rugged heights in the mountains they do lovelaying on the couch with me and watching tv or read while im reading they are atmy fine but never it never feels like a clingy type of personality and that'salways been really appealing to me another important thing to me aboutgreyhounds is the barbarous screens each of them and really understands and knowseach individual greyhounds personality

so badly for the greyhound is placed ina home environment barbara has a really good idea about the greyhound is goingto be most suited to whether it's a green has a strong pray drive and isgoing to want to go after or a greyhound that's much higher and is going to needa little more coaxing or to be even to be left alone a little bit more in orderto get used to living in a home barbara in the home stretch program theyprovide an invaluable service for helping needs greyhounds go from livingin an institutional track this setting to learning wow this is new never walkedup steps on the greyhound i've never walked up and down steps i've neverridden in the passenger car i've never

may be seen a cat the greyhounds havethis wonderful opportunity to learn and experience all of these new thingsbefore they go to their forever home it's not in my mind about how beautifulthe dog is in so many of them are so beautiful i don't need a dog thatmatches my furniture but i wanna dog that's going to be with me that's goingto accept love from me a love me in return and that is the most important i thinkof home first he was so happy to be in thehome and he just stretched his long body the fooling the sofa and took a big sighand looked at me with this look such

measures such happiness thank you it's been such a joy my idea of havingto take greyhound long walk i would pick up the leash and he wouldn't look at mefrom the sofa as if to say have a good time let me know when your home i'll behere oh don't wake me if i napping so it just was really pleased be surprisinglyso from my point of view

Home Stretch Furniture

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