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Home Goods Furniture Store

Home Goods Furniture Store

- hey, guys!- hey, guys! - welcome back to cheap to sheep! cheap to sheep? (tracy laughs) - welcome back to cheap to chic. (upbeat music) - today, we're doing a home haul. - woo! we went shopping,we got some home stuff, and i'm looking at it, andyou're about to look at it. - so, i think it's safe to say

that some of our favorite places to shop for home decor would be - t.j.maxx.- target. - homegoods.- t.j.maxx. (girls laugh) - on top of that, we're real excited to get into the, like, thrifting finds. - the kind of consignmentshop type pieces, so that's going to be fun, and that's also going to be some fun diy stuff.

- we're going to show you today some of the things we picked up from places like t.j.maxx,homegoods, and target. - first thing we got is not even - from any of those places.- what? - it's the thing thatour butts are sitting on. - oh my gosh, you guys, wehad to have some seating because it's weird notto have somewhere to sit. - our butts- on.

- we went to rooms to go and found some adorable couch anda love seat and they are, from the description on the website, like, mid-century modern. - which we're kinda still trying to decide how we wanna go with this decor route. we have ideas but we'regonna kinda bring you guys along with us in the decision of that. - as it evolves intowhat it's going to be.

- but, just to kinda tie intothat, we felt it important to have a big piece toput in the living room so we could start to buildall the decor around it. - segue into, what's behind us and what you might have seen us sitting on in the first apartment tour. those are stools that we got from target. - we got an amazing deal on those stools. i believe they might have been

somewhere around a $60-70 range, originally, over $100 a stool, so, target's like a place for barstools. - when you're getting stools like that, i mean, we needed threefor the space that we have, and a lot of the time stools can run you anywhere from $150-200. - [stefanie] there are someexpensive stools out there, and we were not willing to payanywhere near $100 for them.

so, we got really lucky andwe got a good deal on them. time for some little bits and bobs from homegoods and t.j.maxx. - one of the things that i knew we wanted was a really nice kind of, like, leaning mirror that goes against a wall. - if you guys didn't know, mirrors can be like ridiculously expensive. i'm talking $100, $200, like, expensive.

especially, the bigger the mirror - right.- the heavier the mirror, the more expensive it is. so, those places are greatplaces to find mirrors, and i believe we got ours for, what, $59? - yes, and one thing thati will caution you guys on is make sure you checkthe surface of the mirror when you get it, because we did see a couple of mirrors therethat had scratches on them.

luckily, the one that wefell in love with did not. it's this gorgeous ivory and grey-silvery, kind of, like, girly. sort of a floral pattern,and i just love it. we have, like, this love affair with grey you're going to find out. - it probably has nothingto do with the fact this apartment has grey in it already. - it's not the only thing.

you've been loving grey for, like, ever. - (mumbles) as soon as we got this place, i was like, we're goingto get this and get this, and it was wood stuff and grey stuff, and trace was like, so we're going to have a really grey apartmentwith all things wood. - (laughs) and i told her i'mnot that big of a fan of grey, but the more we're kinda, like, finding pieces- and mixing and matching

- yeah, the more i'mkinda warming up to it. so i'm really excited. it's kinda expanding my,like, home decor ideas. - there was a funny, like,little thing she found and it said, like, thishome was filled with love, and she was like, thishome is filled with wood. - (laughs) yeah, 'causethat's how we kinda thought it was going to be at first. we're making ourdecisions on things slowly

because, especially with costs,like getting shipped to you, you don't want to make asnap or impulse decision on something, and youget it, and you're like, oh, that's not quite what i wanted. so we're going slowly. - we're getting there.- yeah. - bathroom stuff. we knew wehad to get some bathroom stuff. - on our first video on this channel, somebody said that they really loved

to decorate the bathroom first and then the bedroom, and ifeel like that's kind of how we - i go, like, kitchen and bathrooms. - yeah.- and i don't really decorate kitchens, but i'm like, oh, i can get a soap dispenser, oh, i can get some candles. i can get some towels for the thing. - funny note: kitchensand bathrooms sell houses.

- speaking of bathrooms,we have shopped target. we have shopped tons ofplaces for bathrooms, but we found that homegoodshas kind of more unique pieces that i feel like those other places don't. - and more affordable pieces.- yes. - in the bathroom, wehave a couple of spaces where it's kinda bigger,like, more counter space, and we wanted to fill it up with things that were decorative as well as useful.

so, we wanted to get somejars that you can put, like, - odds and ends.- yeah. - like q-tips and cotton balls because i feel, like,those things are useful and i always forget that those are needed. plus, it almost gives the ball, the ball?- (laughs) - not the ball. it almost gives the bathlike a spa-like feel

because you have, like, all these, like, necessities on the top.- yeah. - you've got your soap, your lotion, and it's just likespa-like and i like that. - and then we found these cutelittle trays to go with it. this is the first set that we have. this kinda has thatkinda grey, whitewashed wood effect going on,and this little basket was only $9.99.- not bad at all.

- when you're talking aboutit as a piece of decor with these two things in it, this was $6.99 and then this was $6.99. this whole little set is so adorable. these at target were, like, $12. - $13 bucks, yeah.- $12. - and that shocked me 'cause i was, like, it's just a glass jar. the ones at target werejust silver and clear,

and these even have, like,little notches around here with this shell, like, idon't know what you'd call it. - it's like a pearlized shell.- yeah. and then, like, cute little tops. so these even have, like, detail. even the jars have afaceted, like, surface to it. so, for that price and forthe detail, it's like a steal. - yeah, i just loved it.- no, we did not steal it. - (laughs) and i lovethe kind of contrast of,

which is how we kinda seeour loft coming along, is having, like, the kindamore fancy, chic elements with the more kind of rustic, ruggedy, like, just, it's a nice contrast. - a good mix of both because i feel, like, if you go overly girly,just, like, in my space, i feel like overly girlycan be, like, too frou-frou, but then too shabby canjust be, like, don't care, so you gotta have a mix of both

if you're going for that look.- yeah, yeah. - so, this one is, i don'teven know how i'd describe this one, but this is aheavy, heavy marble one. $12.99, and this is like heavy marble. - yeah, yeah.- it is, in fact, actually marble becauseit is genuine marble. it says it right there on the thing. - i couldn't believe that this piece, it's gorgeous, like, peoplewant marble countertops,

and i think we've gotfaux-marble countertops in our bathrooms.- i forgot what it's called. - i don't know, butit's not real. (laughs) - but we got thesesuper-cute, like, clear green, it's like a green class, idon't know what you'd call that. and this one says dean'shigh grade coffee, which i think is so coolbecause it's almost like repurposing stuff.- right. - even though we didn't do it ourselves,

it still gives that look ofa repurposed, like, item, and i think that's the coolest thing ever. - with this set, i feel likeit's almost reverse, so, like the marble elementis kinda the chic part, and then the glass is,because they're kinda the repurposed look, looklike you picked them up at a thrift store or consignmentor something like that. - i love them, and both ofthese have the dean's coffee, and then this one, which has kind of a

- hammered, but not.- hammered surface. - it's glass.- it says mason's patent and then it has somedate and stuff on it, so. - i just love them. ithink they're adorable. - and as soon as we get stuff done, we'll kinda show you the process and, like, what we chose, why we chose, how much everything is in there, and it'll come together room by room.

- i know that i love flowers, but i also know that i kill things. that sounds terrible.- (laughs) you kill things. - because i kill flowers. i kill plants. - we're busy girls. plants are not high on the priority list because they're not, so, artificial. - so, we have pickedup a ton of artificial, like, plants and flowers.

- it actually got to apoint where we were like, whoa, babies, slow down.- yeah, whoa, nelly. - you don't even know whatyou're doing with the place here. - where are you going to put those? you might have too manyplants for not enough places. this one is from t.j. maxx.- t.j.maxx. - it was $6.99 and it also comesin a gorgeous orange color. - it might even come in another color. i'm not entirely sure becausei think we had to, like,

hold ourselves back fromgetting all of them. - we got the nice reddish-orange color. - yeah.- it was gorgeous, and see where it is later. - speaking of flowers, wewere obsessed with these, and could not say no. this is what i like tocall a splurge at t.j.maxx. - yes.- or, actually, homegoods because that's where we got it,

and it's these flowers right here. how pretty are those flowers? - i think they're adorable. so it's kinda, like, asoft peachy-pink rose, and then this looks likefiller-slash-hydrangea. i don't know that hydrangea - grows like that.- grows petals like that. yeah, so.- it's a hydrangea look with, like, a rose, so verygirly and vintage-y looking,

and these bad boys were$20 and that's as much as i would pay for some flowers like this, because i think therewere some that were $25 that were beautiful, butwe were like, no, too far. - okay, like we said: lots of flowers. - (whispers) and that's noteven all of them, oh my gosh. what do we do? - more t.j.maxx. these are $7.99. these are $70. $70.99. $7.99. (laughs)

- not $70.99. - $7.99. so pink, multi-color,and then there's also a solid white option. i feel like this is,like, ikea-ish prices. - yeah, for sure. - [both] and we don't have ikea. - it's like two or threehours away in atlanta, and we're going to make a trip there

because i feel like, ya know, they have some great stuff there, so, we have to go. - (laughs) they probablyhave more flowers. - they probably do.- yeah. - alright, more flowers. yay! these are so very unique.so, so very unique. actually, they are unique. these little bad boys right here, and i love them because,why do i love them?

- you love them becausethey're on a little wood plank. - i love the wood. i like that and then ithink it's really cute with the clear little, almostlike tealight candle thingies. - it looks like they're water.- water. and these were $14.99.these were a slight splurge. but i felt like becauseyou were getting flowers and this wood piece, it was very different from the stuff we were already getting.

so $14.99 was not too bad. - okay, so, stefanie's obsessed with wood. we're both obsessed with flowers, but i am ridiculouslyobsessed with succulents. oh my god, i think they arethe most adorable things ever. i just want to eat them,but not in plastic. - eww!- i don't want, i don't want to eat succulents, but they just look, i don't know, i just love them.

and there's an adorable one at target that i really wanna get. - she's been having to hold herself back. it's been a hard one. - so, these are t.j.maxx. these were on clearance.- this was not. - and these were $6,these little succulents. - these were not onclearance, but they were $10, which we do a thing when we shop,

and we show a pot to each other, and we go, how muchwould you pay for this? - and if i guess around the right amount, like, i would not spend more than $12. - and i'm like, they're $9.99. it's like okay.- okay. - we can do that. so, it may not work forevery one, but i do think it's a good way.- you put a value on it,

and you say i'm willing tospend this much amount of money. if it's way over that, thenyou're like, no, it's not worth how much i feel like i wouldwant to spend on that item. so, we also have a thing that we do where it's like, do you want this? we're like, i really wantit, but i'm not sure. then you can't have it.- you can't have it, yeah. - it's like, are you upset? and if you're upset, then you know

you can't live without it. it sounds silly, but just try it. - it's similar to buyer's remorse, but it's not buyer's remorse. - yeah, and we have our phrase, and it's: if you love something,you don't set it free. - you buy it. (laughs)- you buy it. (laughs) - you guys thought wewere done with plants. - we're not.- we're not done with plants.

this is our, oh, itpoked me in the eyeball. this is like a greenery-type thing, and it's got, like, thatshabby-chic-y, like, i'm really cute.- aged. - i've been through it, something. i've been through something. so, how much would you guys pay for this? - what is it worth to you? - what is this worth to you?

- and leave it in the comments! (laughs) and go comment right nowbefore you watch the rest of it because if you watch it that's cheating.- (whispers) cheaters. this is $9.99 from t.j.maxx. i just liked it because i liked it. - here's something else i will say. i believe that there is adirect kind of correlation between size and price.

so this is a pretty big size item. - i'm shocked it wasn't $15.- exactly. just to give, like, a reference. - this was $20 and $10. so, honestly, i would've expected that to be more than $9.99.- right. - so, it was actually more like i was, it's almost like you get for a deal when it's less than what you expect.

- exactly. it looks so cute with us. it's like our little co-star. - what should we name it? i think we should name it - planty.- no, not planty. - spike.- i think we should...spike. - ow, it just poked me in the eyebrow. - it's a girl.- spikette. - spikerina.- you guys name her.

- i don't know.- down below. - what would a home bewithout some candles? - not a home i want to live in. - especially some bath & body works ones, and candles by victoria. - okay, if you guys are o.g., then you would know candles by victoria. we're o.g. so we know her andshe's super-sweet and amazing. and she's been makingcandles for a long time,

and she saw that we were getting - she makes candles long time. - (giggles) she saw that wewere getting our loft space, and she was like i need tosend you girls some candles. - and i've got more backhere. they're delicious. - this is such an amazingone that she does, and this is the strawberrylemon shortbread. - i cannot wait to burn this.- i just want to eat it. i can wait because thenit's not going to be

as pretty and it's so pretty. - but i just know that you'llget the shortbread smell. like the real bakery smell.- bakery. - it's so pretty. like,it looks like food. no, don't. - candles also from bath & body works. we got these prettyquickly because our mom gave us a coupon and so, we were like, we'll take the coupon and see what's doing

at bath & body worksand it just so happened to be the last day thatcandles were on sale, and we'll get some candles. so, this one is love and sunshine. (hums) this is tracy's favorite.- i love it. - she loves it.- i don't typically love floral candles,see it has juicy fruits, bright blooms, sunny, cheerful citrus. so, it's like flowers andfruit. it's delicious.

- these can be a little pricy, but if you collectthem, then you have them and they're worth it. coupon these because these were for couponsand that's what we did. we like to get thesebecause it takes those, which, those are already cute.- right. - but it can make themlook completely different. so, you can put it inthere if you want to have

more of that, like, actually,this is more of a shabby look, and then you can use this ifyou want a little bit of color. - okay, so we loved the way this looked, and it kinda matchesthe pearl shell design that was on the designjar from the bathroom, and then this is an easter candle, but i'm sorry it'scotton candy-marshmallow. i'm not going to say no. it's so delicious.

- you don't just haveto have that on easter. you could have that all-year-round 'cause cotton candy is yummy. - and then if you didn't want to see it, - it's not easter, anymore.- you could just put it in your jar and you don't seeit and it's just decorative. - two more big things that we got. we fell in love andlooking at it right now and i'm like, hey, what's up, you're cute.

we were walking out of homegoods and we saw a coatrack and wewere like, we wanna coatrack because it had a very vintage-y, like, just really cute coatrack. - like shabby romantical. - and something thatwe did before we got it was we googled to see about how much coatracks cost at other places, and they were the same or more.

and we were like, well, welike the design of this one. everywhere else is goingto be the same or more, so you're getting in the car with me, you're coming home. - another really fun itemthat we found at t.j.maxx - also, a semi-diy.- it is, kind of, and it's also kind ofsomething where it was like, you're going to have thoseitems where you're like, i really don't care how much this is.

i just really want to have it. - slash, it's a unique itemthat you wouldn't just, like, find in every store, like. - yeah, and if i passedit up, i would have cried. so, it is that tree over there. - i like to call it our ghost tree. - because it's white.- i didn't tell you that, but i've decided that i'm going to call it ghost tree.- i just went with that.

- and it's glowing because we were like, what better way than to wrap it in lights, and then it's like christmas in spring. - alright, guys, that iseverything from our haul today, but we have homework for you guys. - homework.- you have to do this. let us know what types ofthings you want to see. we're already working on some diys. the brain's churning.

- but if there are specificthings that you guys would like for us to try to tackle and do diy-style, please leave a comment down below. you can also tweet us and facebook us. all the links will be down below so you know where to find us. - don't forget to give athumbs if you enjoyed it. - click subscribe so youdon't miss any of our videos. they're all coming really soon.

lots of them. i can't even contain myself. - if this is the firstvideo you've seen of ours, we will have the apartmenttour linked where you can kinda see whatthis place looks like. it's a before, we can'twait to have an after. but there's going to be a lot of videos between now and then.- so excited! - yay!- yay! - we'll talk to you guys very soon.

in the meantime, eleventhgorgeous, t.n.s. we're there, so you should be, too. - bye, guys!- bye!

Home Goods Furniture Store

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